2014 Big Ten Recruiting: Kill-ing it

Discussion in 'The Mainboard' started by Rabid, May 10, 2012.

  1. PSU12

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    our list for junior day for next week so far.. formatting got screwed up when i c/p from an article and then added names manually to it. Mostly PA/mid-atlantic area guys. Most of the top PA players though. More will be added as the week goes on.

    Alex Bookser - OL - Pittsburgh (Pa.) Mt. Lebanon
    Antoine White - Millville (N.J.)
    Brock Boxen - DT - Beaver Falls (Pa.)
    Chase Winovich - LB - Pittsburgh (Pa.) Thomas Jefferson
    Christian Lezzer - LB - Clearfield (Pa.)
    J.J. Cosentino - QB - Pittsburgh (Pa.) Central Catholic
    Johnathan Thomas - RB - Danvers (Mass.) St. John's Prep
    KJ Williams - WR - Bethlehem (Pa.) Liberty
    Luke Carrezola - TE - Langhorne (Pa.) Neshaminy
    Michael Grimm - OL - Bethel Park (Pa.)
    Montae Nicholson - Saf. - Monroeville (Pa.) Gateway
    Noah Beh - DE - Scranton (Pa.) Prep
    Robert Martin - RB - Harrisburg (Pa.)
    Ryley Angeline - RB/LB - Downingtown (Pa.) East
    Troy Apke - WR - Pittsburgh (Pa.) Mt. Lebanon
    Troy Reeder - LB - Wilmington (Del.) Salesianum
    Troy Vincent - CB - Baltimore (Md.) Gilman
    Jamil Kamara
    Marcus Whitfield
    Nate Stone
    Thomas Holley
    Anthony Davis
    Dravon Henry
    Delvon Randall
    Johnathan Hilliman
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  2. -Prime-

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    Al Harris and Troy Vincent kids are getting recruited, wow. I feel old now :feelsbadman:
  3. osuteke2

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    because you play with yourself
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  4. herb.burdette

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    What's your take on Nicholson? I really haven't heard much buzz on the Ohio State end of things for him in a while.
  5. PSU12

    PSU12 The Grand Experiment

    no clue really. Our 247 guy said he likes PSU but we had "work to do".....whatever that means. Henry and maybe even his teammate, Davis, are just as good. Nicholson is just bigger than those guys and more of a physical freak.
  6. winorlose9

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    Anyone listed with (Pa.) after their name is an MSU lock. Essentially, PSU is hosting MSU's entire 2014 recruiting class at their junior day.
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  7. herb.burdette

    herb.burdette Meet me at the corner of 8th and Worthington Donor

    This may have been discussed earlier, but nevdad on the OSU scout site was very bullish on Nicholson last Summer and early Fall, but I really haven't seen much on him since. It's still really early, but OSU does not seem to be that involved in Pennsylvania this year.
  8. herb.burdette

    herb.burdette Meet me at the corner of 8th and Worthington Donor

    I want to avoid the flaming and stick to straight recruiting talk, at least until Natron comes back.
  9. winorlose9

    winorlose9 Well-Known Member Donor

    If that's the case, none of the early MSU chatter is about PA recruits.

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    But we will still get all of the future Hall of Famers that PA is producing this year

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