**2014 MLB Season Thread: RAISE THE JOLLY ROGER**

Discussion in 'The Mainboard' started by ruteelrice, Mar 18, 2011.

  1. fattmante Getting likes at STG3's expense

    Big Game James vs. CC Sabathia on Opening Day :ohgosh:
  2. nofatchix Pitchfork Assassin

    Not too shabby.

    Last year was Verlander vs. CC.

    This year we get Verlander vs. Lester.

    Couple of nice opening days in a row for Tigers fans.

    Sucks for Alex Avila though.
  3. MG2 This pic is not an endorsement of Lions coaches

    Has Verlander ever pitched well on Opening Day? The only two I can recall were last year and his Toronto start a few years back, and he wasn't very good in either of them.
  4. nofatchix Pitchfork Assassin

    Yeah I don't remember either. Has he started a home opener yet? I'd imagine he has at least one. Either way, that's gonna be an insane day down here.
  5. teel My team's OC can keep your food cold

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  6. fattmante Getting likes at STG3's expense

    Hope Maddon stays here a very, very long time
  7. What's the status of Pineda and the Yanks' rotation.
  8. duc15 Run through the tape

    he had a lot of bad luck last year with injuries. He had an issue with his hand that took away some of his power and then he got hit in the face off a bad hop at 1st to go along with his dad passing away. I'm expecting a bounce back year from him.
  9. nofatchix Pitchfork Assassin

    So, I went back and looked at his opening day starts, and it appears the answer is no not really:

    2011 Opening Day: @NYY 6IP 8K 4BB 3ER 114 pitches
    2010 Opening Day: @KCR 5IP 6K 1BB 4ER 93 pitches
    2009 Opening Day: @TOR 3.2 IP 4K 2BB 8ER 80 pitches
    2008 Opening Day: KCR 6IP 6K 1BB 4ER 97 pitches

    I think that 2008 game is also the only home opener he's had on opening day (he might have pitched a home opener where we opened the season on the road; don't feel like looking all that up), which answered my other question.
  10. MG2 This pic is not an endorsement of Lions coaches

    Hoping you guys are right, because that's kind of how I've felt about him. If he doesn't have a breakout year to some extent (and I'd call him doing what he showed to start last year over 162 a breakout season of sorts), I'm counting on Paul Goldschmidt in 3 different leagues. Not ideal.
  11. MG2 This pic is not an endorsement of Lions coaches

    His opening day starts have been a lot like his playoff starts. He's just always looked jumpy on the mound. Hoping he can settle down early this year, because he's usually done pretty well v. Boston the last couple years.
  12. teel My team's OC can keep your food cold

  13. zeberdee the city is my church

    Cole Hamels, the guy ruteelrice didn't think was as good as Mike Pelfrey.
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  14. 850 New Member

  15. teel My team's OC can keep your food cold

    wow i definitely never said that
  16. zeberdee the city is my church

    it was like 4-5 years ago, but yes you did. (I have a tremendous memory)
  17. teel My team's OC can keep your food cold

    that would have had to have been in 2008
  18. zeberdee the city is my church

    yea once Hamels went into beastmode in the 2008 playoffs the point couldn't be argued, it was before that. (could have even been on rivals while you were arguing with itzsessil, I'm not totally sure)
  19. teel My team's OC can keep your food cold

    I used to have a boner for Pelfrey, he was so nasty at times and went through these stretches where his sinker looked like Brandon Webb. He's just a weird, finger licking human being who's a huge pussy though. I probably would say something like that back then. Most of the time he has the yips and is his own worst enemy.
  20. Cornelius Suttree Et in Arcadia ego

  21. Joe_Pesci Ducks, Cowboys, Blazers

    mlb.tv question: i know it streams in 1080p, but how many games are actually filmed in 1080p?
  22. The Sports Duck can you watch your tv on a slingbox in france?

    mlb.tv is 1080p? i thought it was just a stream of the broadcast. it is funny when they throw it to the local news/weather/etc and it's just dead air. every time that happens i pray in vain that an announcer will curse or say something embarrassing. alas.
  23. Joe_Pesci Ducks, Cowboys, Blazers

    it's advertised as 1080p. i only ask because i was looking into mlb extra innings as well but if i can actually get mlb.tv in true 1080p then it's a no brainer (bandwidth limits on cable/dish only allow max resolutions of 1080i/720p and 60hz refresh rates iirc, for those wondering why i care)
  24. The Sports Duck can you watch your tv on a slingbox in france?

  25. cal BOATS

    Josh Hamilton set personal bat-toss record as bat goes sailing deep into stands. Midseason form there. At plate, not so much. #rangers

    jeez who'd he kill this time?
  26. SCrebel New Member

    Livan Hernandez in the house. Game over N.L East.
  27. 49ers169 Administrator

    Match you with the likes of Aaron Cook and Vicente Padilla.

    This season could be an epic train work with Valentine managing and situation with Bard.
  28. ochosissoko cradle of fuckin civilization

    alex gordon signed an extension with the royals. 5/50 in full, 4/37 guaranteed i think
  29. 49ers169 Administrator

    Sox announce their rotation today, entering the year it will be this:
    1) Lester
    2) Beckett
    3) Buchholz
    4) Doubront
    5) Bard

    Really nervous about them wrecking Bard but will be fun for MG2 to follow I am sure.
  30. teel My team's OC can keep your food cold

    Hopefully it has a different result than when the Yankees tried to make Joba into a starter. Didn't Bard suck in the minors as a starter? I don't get it.
  31. 49ers169 Administrator

    When he first started in the organization he struggled with confidence issues and had a mental wall to get over. They turned him into a reliever and he climbed up the ranks pretty quickly.

    The organization just feels it is a worth taking and believes that he is over the issues he experienced early in his career. If it works, him at the #5 spot is better than him being a setup man and certainly more value to the organization.

    But a very risky move either way.
  32. Rammer Jammer Fan Of: Bama, Braves, Packers, MSU Baseball

    Atlanta Braves @Braves
    Braves have acquired third baseman Juan Francisco from the Reds in exchange for right-handed minor-league pitcher J.J. Hoover.

    I like this
  33. teel My team's OC can keep your food cold

    They also could have made him the closer and kept Reddick. It should be interesting to see how it turns out.
  34. Trofie New Member

    Joba still could have been a starter
  35. 49ers169 Administrator

    I think that should have been the plan of attack, I am admittedly a Reddick fan who thought he was progressing well last year.

    But from the front office's point of view having a guy like Bard's stuff as a 5th starter is enticing and Reddick showed a spurt of plate discipline and tough to be completely sold on that SSS.

    Related to that though it appears Andrew Bailey has an undisclosed thumb injury, so the bullpen is off to a strong start.
  36. tandin play don't care who makes it.

    he got beat up pretty bad when I watched him a couple weeks ago, didn't look good at all.

    now I know that's just one start, but I agree it is very risky.
  37. 49ers169 Administrator

    That is where the issue lies with me.

    Being a reliever his fastball was great velocity wise but still had to have location as it was straight. Now as a starter you have the fastball dropping in velocity and the secondary stuff has to keep improving or he is going to have outings like he did when you saw him (He has had a couple of those outings this spring).
  38. tandin play don't care who makes it.

    Yeah, 49ers I actually got to see him a couple times this year. The Red Sox new stadium is like 10 minutes from my office, and we have group season tickets right behind the plate like 6 rows up so I go a lot. Plus, a kid I played ball with in high school was on the Red Sox spring club, so I liked to go and see him.

    For me with Bard, I look at it just like you do. The fastball doesn't really play up as a starter because of how straight it is, and I'm not sure the secondary stuff is there. When the Yankees were going back and forth with Joba I railed against the idea of wasting him as a reliever, I don't see this situation as similar, I think he could be a really great multi-use bullpen piece.

    if the Red Sox think he can be a competent starter they should definitely try though.
  39. 49ers169 Administrator

    Desmond Jennings went nuts today with 3 HRs.
  40. teel My team's OC can keep your food cold

    Mets are close to extending Jon Niese to a long term deal. Yay new front office philosophy :woot:
  41. nofatchix Pitchfork Assassin

    So, this is pretty significant news. Was expecting him to get a completely ridiculous offer from the Dodgers next offseason. Would have liked to see him on the Jays, though.

    By Ben Nicholson-Smith [April 2, 2012 at 11:40am CST]
    Prince Fielder and Albert Pujols won't be the only first basemen to cash in with historic contracts this offseason. Joey Votto and the Reds are nearing an extension that will keep the first baseman in Cincinnati for a long time, MLBTR's Tim Dierkes and Ben Nicholson-Smith have learned. Dan Lozano of Icon Sports Group represents Votto.
    Terms of the deal are not known, but the total contract value could surpass $200MM. Votto will earn a total of $27MM through 2013 on the extension he signed last winter.
    Votto, the 2010 NL MVP, has evolved into one of the game's elite players since debuting in 2007. He followed up his MVP season with a .309/.416/.531 line, 29 homers and 40 doubles. The 28-year-old has been a seven win player each of the past two seasons, according to FanGraphs' version of wins above replacement.
    Just four deals in MLB history have surpassed the $200MM mark. Prince Fielder, Alex Rodriguez and fellow Lozano client Albert Pujols make up the select group.
  42. MG2 This pic is not an endorsement of Lions coaches

    Good for the Reds, if true.
  43. Cornfed Buffalo ...it smells like Dior and derrière

    Dear Ubaldo "Labia" Jimenez,

    I will bask in your agony this year when your arm finally falls off and you have to spend the rest of your miserable migrant life picking fruit in Florida.
  44. gowolverines8 DatBull 4 Life

    Its amazing how bad he sucks. He fell off the ledge.
  45. Cornfed Buffalo ...it smells like Dior and derrière

    fucking sucks we don't get the Indians this year

    that fucking twat is owed 1 to the dome piece after yesterday
  46. tandin play don't care who makes it.

    calm down killer
  47. The Sports Duck can you watch your tv on a slingbox in france?

    damnit. wanted votto in texas.
  48. fattmante Getting likes at STG3's expense

    BJ Upton out for a few weeks. Jennings will likely be CF and Zobrist in RF.
  49. Cornfed Buffalo ...it smells like Dior and derrière

    did you know today's record low was set back in 1956. it was -1 degrees.

  50. nofatchix Pitchfork Assassin

    Weren't you the president of his fan club a couple years ago?

    2010 xFIP: 3.60
    2011 xFIP: 3.71

    He's fine. He was just never as good as you made him out to be in the first half of the 2010 season.
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