anyone have calcium deposits in their ear lobes?

Discussion in 'The Mainboard' started by Houndster, Jul 18, 2010.

  1. Houndster Ball don't lie

    they're not noticeable but they're annoying as fuck. how do i get rid of them?

  3. chanman Worth 6 million googles

    this is why dil lost his virginity before you
  4. HOOSINSC just a regular type dude... with a big ass dick

    Did you wrestle? I know a guy who had them shaved down by a plastic surgeon. Still looked kinda fucked up.
  5. Houndster Ball don't lie

    no i dont wrestle and theyre not big or anything, i just find them really annoying.
    he made it up
  6. tandin play don't care who makes it.

  7. 00:06:00 I suggest you get REAL good at sucking cock.

    LOL you lop-eared fucker.
  8. Tigers Admin of the Year 2011, 2012, and 2013

  9. sw .

    No. Glad I am not a freak.
  10. Houndster Ball don't lie

    i'm not talking about cauliflower ear, GOD YOU GUYS ARE SO STUPID
  11. ncrebel Administrator

    fuckin gross
  12. teel #becauseitsthecheese Blues Playoffs 2014

    at least stupid got us laid
  13. Football Mike Tight End ---> Wide Receiver

    I get them occasionally. You can't see them but they hurt whenever your earlobe is touched.
  14. Cornelius Suttree Et in Arcadia ego

    why can't Tigers be ignored?
  15. EdmondDantes [Callahan's Ugly Stepchild]

    cut off your ears, they are mostly for decoration anyway
  16. Houndster Ball don't lie

    thank god, i was starting to think i was weird as fuck. and yea this is pretty much what mine are like
  17. The Cuonz New Member

    I get this too occasionally


  19. EdmondPanties High cost of living

    I got a small one on the back of my head. It doesn't hurt though, so I pretty much :dealwithit:
  20. tandin play don't care who makes it.

    how the fuck would one know that they have a calcium deposit?
  21. Arkadin Meatball's Best Friend

    Kinda like bank deposits i think, someone would give you a deposit slip documenting the transaction
  22. Houndster Ball don't lie

    touch your ear lobe, if there is a semisolid feeling substance about the size of a pebble inside of it then its probably a calcium deposit
  23. DuffandMuff Fan Of: Tuckin' A Flask Into My Belt At FSU Games

    what is this I don't even
  24. Cornelius Suttree Et in Arcadia ego

    or it could be a piece of graphite from when you got stabbed in the ear with a pencil in 3rd grade
  25. EdmondDantes [Callahan's Ugly Stepchild]

    why would you want to
  26. BudKilmer New Member

    1. Bite down on wallet or leather belt
    2. squeeze with clamp
    3. scream like woman
    4. break calcium deposits up
    5. ???????????????????
    6. Profit

  27. tandin play don't care who makes it.

    nope Im AIDS free apparently
  28. HOOSINSC just a regular type dude... with a big ass dick

    Well that wasn't very nice at all. See if I ever try and help you again.

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