Are the experts on Pawn Stars paid for their time?

Discussion in 'The Mainboard' started by Talking Head, Feb 22, 2011.

  1. Talking Head

    Talking Head The Bag Man. Donor

    I mean, do they make money when they come and look at these items? A lot of times the items aren't worth shit, so do the owners still have to pay the experts for their time?


  2. Aaron Hernandez

    Aaron Hernandez Championships since 2006: SEC - 8, Others - 2 Donor

    i always wondered this too.

    like the show.

    love the memes.
  3. Lambert

    Lambert Well-Known Member Donor TMB OG

    Yeah I have always wondered this myself. They could be paid or maybe in exchange for providing their opinions the pawn shop guys do favors for them too.
  4. Dairy Queen

    Dairy Queen Give me some good old lobotomy Donor

    i don't know...the publicity is huge
  5. carlin08

    carlin08 New Member TMB OG

    Love PS.
  6. supercity

    supercity TMB's house honky Donor

    It's a TV show. They shoot all the expert segments at one time (or over several days) for a season. They just change clothes. The people that come in to sell a product, are all prescreened and scheduled. None of this is on the fly. So the time they come in, which is staged, usually is weeks before the shoot the segment on the sale part of it. Some parts are filmed same day -- those are the ones where they are buying a car in the parking lot, etc. They are still prescreened but there is no need to have an expert come in, etc. But the cast have already determined the value of the product they are buying and have their notes on what they have to say.

    The pawn shop actually makes a fuck load off selling t-shirts and shit. That's where the $$ for them is -- merch for the peeps that come to see their store but don't want to buy a honus wagner...
  7. colonel_forbin

    colonel_forbin Well-Known Member

    really disappointed me when i found out. its more like a museum than anything and apparently everything is roped off and you just walk through it
  8. cdaysker

    cdaysker Quarry TMB OG

    If you aren't buying or selling anything, you are only allowed to be in the store for 30 minutes and then they kick you out.
  9. supercity

    supercity TMB's house honky Donor

    they get paid to appear as experts. it is a tv show.

    all the reality shows are staged. LA Ink is really bad.
  10. Lambert

    Lambert Well-Known Member Donor TMB OG

    Wow yeah, that is disappointing.
  11. Lambert

    Lambert Well-Known Member Donor TMB OG

    I understand that but figured they used these experts even before the show since they wouldn't be able to appraise everything themselves.
  12. noleguy03

    noleguy03 Well-Known Member

    I just watch it for the stuff that is brought in, same with American Pickers.
  13. 1

    1 Hound is my bitch Staff Member Donor

  14. Dairy Queen

    Dairy Queen Give me some good old lobotomy Donor

    jersey shore is legit as well
  15. Talking Head

    Talking Head The Bag Man. Donor

    The Old Man is pretty damn funny.

    Yeah, this makes a lot of sense. It's still real to me damnit!
  16. Aaron Hernandez

    Aaron Hernandez Championships since 2006: SEC - 8, Others - 2 Donor

    somebody with a lot of free time, travel to college station and stage a reality show with dump for our amusement.
  17. colonel_forbin

    colonel_forbin Well-Known Member

    at first i was like wow what a cool show. then i found out everything else.

    now i'll just stumble
  18. Arkadin

    Arkadin Doctors orders, go fuck yourself Donor

    Sad ark
  19. Barves2125

    Barves2125 "Ready to drive the Ferarri" - Reuben Foster Donor TMB OG

    Well, at least I know Bear Grylls is keeping it legit.

  20. colonel_forbin

    colonel_forbin Well-Known Member

    less stroud bro.
  21. Barves2125

    Barves2125 "Ready to drive the Ferarri" - Reuben Foster Donor TMB OG

    is to Bear Grylls as Josh F. is to George Strait.
  22. Irish226

    Irish226 Well-Known Member Donor

    Somewhat related, whatmdo you think the web redemption people on Tosh get paid? A couple grand?
  23. TheChad

    TheChad Boiled peanuts are good

    Just watched Les chewin on some beetle nut in the Sir Lanka jungle. He was fucked up to say the least.
  24. fsuno1fan

    fsuno1fan Member

  25. OZ

    OZ Old balls

    If any watches chumlee on the show and couldn't tell it was staged a good bit they are pretty gullible. With that said it is very entertaining and you do learn a lot from the show.
  26. fsuno1fan

    fsuno1fan Member

    well the show is filmed in Cali, so they prolly get a couple grand plus a free vacation if they come on the show
  27. noleguy03

    noleguy03 Well-Known Member

  28. GGCD

    GGCD The most wasted of days is one without CUM Donor

    I have a friend who is on a reality TV show similar to Pawn Stars (workers at a real-life store are filmed and the footage is edited into a show).

    On top of her salary she earns a $5000 bonus for being a part of the show. This show is not as popular as Pawn Stars, I imagine, and her role on the show is far smaller than the main characters in Pawn Stars.

    So they may not be compensated for their time, but they are likely getting paid by the network to do interesting things.
  29. Corky Bucek

    Corky Bucek Fan of: Fan of Section Staff Member Donor TMB OG

    Is this the one in Detroit? Hardcore Pawn or something like that?
  30. supercity

    supercity TMB's house honky Donor


    i still love the show because it's still cool even with it being staged. i like all the stuff they bring in with historical significance etc
  31. Clubber Lang

    Clubber Lang High Potentate Donor

    Its not a bad show, but have to change channels when the fucking larry the cable guy show comes on after it.
  32. FriarJuggs

    FriarJuggs 2.0 Donor


    They gave HIM a show?! :facepalm:
  33. IV

    IV I'm often wrong, but occasionally correct Donor TMB OG

    alright so tell me what is real and tell me what isnt
  34. The Banks

    The Banks TMB's Alaskan Donor TMB OG

    all mostly real, little scripted lines and stuf like that, but they set aside time where people bring in their real collectables and negotiate for them. notice the shop is usually empty when the people bring stuff in.
  35. IV

    IV I'm often wrong, but occasionally correct Donor TMB OG

    I gotcha so is it like a call ahead deal or what?

    And are the awkward ones where he tells people shit is fake real or fake?
  36. BhamBammer

    BhamBammer Showtime for Heisman Donor

    I wish I never would have opened the thread. I love that damn show
  37. Aaron Hernandez

    Aaron Hernandez Championships since 2006: SEC - 8, Others - 2 Donor

    im amazed at how stupid corey seems now that i know he has a research team for each item.
  38. Irish#81

    Irish#81 Portland Oregon Donor TMB OG

    Yep... Still love the show
  39. supercity

    supercity TMB's house honky Donor

    "mostly real"?

    how do you define this? the people are real, the desire to sell the product is real, the product is real -- but everything else is staged. The pawn star guys already know what is coming in, they know how much it is worth, they know how much they are going to offer. So to me, it doesn't really reflect reality. Just like if you think the American Picker guys just stumble upon picks while driving -- no they do not. People need to remember it is a TV show and watching a guy drive for 4 hours is not exciting.
  40. The Banks

    The Banks TMB's Alaskan Donor TMB OG

    to me the bolded parts are the important parts. i watch the show cause interesting people bring in interesting stuff with interesting stories behind them and i find out interesting facts about the items. im not watching the show to see how a pawn shop really operates.
  41. rv12

    rv12 Cowabunga Donor TMB OG

    Want to know the answer to the question about the fake shit.
  42. Hayden Fry

    Hayden Fry ANF- America Needs Farmers TMB OG

    American Pickers is staged but a good portion of the show is real as well. Mike and Frank were pretty well known in the community of antiques in Eastern Iowa long before they had a show. Any strong business will only succeed as long as you have a large enough network to help you through the process. In a very fickle industry like owning an antique shop, It is imperative that you gain as much knowledge as possible but that you also build relationships with collectors and other dealers. Same should be said for owning a Pawn shop that deals with historical scope like Gold and SilverPawn in Vegas. You can only know so much. You definitely deal with finders fees and give good deals to others in the business when they help you out. Its important to have these friends in a business that deals with a lot of ups and downs and swindlers. The amount of reproduction material out there in the collectible world is enormous. Antique Archaelogy is run very much like a regular antique shop. Its not the largest shop by any means. Many of the items they buy however are items they have a pretty good idea what clientele will be interested and buy with them in mind. Mike is a real good guy FWIW.
  43. Talking Head

    Talking Head The Bag Man. Donor

    Yeah I knew Pickers must be staged. Half the time they're driving supposedly hundreds and thousands of miles away from their shop, and they'll wind up picking a profit of about $300. That's not enough to cover gas let alone a hotel.

    Again though, I don't watch these shows because I think everything is really happening the way you see it. I just like watching for the historical value and it's entertaining. (Although the main guy on Pickers is annoying as fuck)
  44. oknole

    oknole MC OG Donor TMB OG

    I don't care if it's real or not. The Old Man needs a show of his own. Hilarious.
  45. Moxin24

    Moxin24 I love my 4 from Vicki Staff Member Donor

    Its a good show, and I don't mind that its staged but having a worthless mouth breather like Chumlee on there insults my intelligence.
  46. supercity

    supercity TMB's house honky Donor

    Mike and Frank are legit -- my bigger point was now they don't need to comb the countryside looking around. they have peeps calling them. so their little adventures simply try and recreate the life they would be doing but for the show. I have no problem with it. But the reality is the reality is staged. I am ok with it.
  47. Daniel Ocean

    Daniel Ocean I only lied about being a thief Staff Member Donor TMB OG

  48. The Banks

    The Banks TMB's Alaskan Donor TMB OG

    So anybody got cool shit that they think would be worth something good?
  49. Clubber Lang

    Clubber Lang High Potentate Donor

    Yeah not sure if The History Channel cleaned it up, but there was a good amount of revealing stuff about the show on their site's forums last year. Like the guys on it buying out a brother for the shop, old man planning on selling it off/retiring, the young guys not knowing how to run it, stuff like that.
  50. Cottonseed

    Cottonseed Member

    I tried to go to the pawn shop last year when we went to Vegas for a few days... needless to say, the wait to get in was almost two hours so I left. They had like a red carpet and velvet ropes and shit set up outside to make it nice while you wait... like you were about to go in and be on tv and shit. One guy told me that you actually probably want even see any of the cast guys if you go in... kind of a bummer.

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