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  1. JohnLocke Terminally Chill

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  2. IrishLAX2 Nation's Top Footballers

    They should probably stay away from man made bodies of water for a while.

    Or any bodies of water for risk of drowning
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  3. Fusiontegra Yeah, but how do you feel about Faulkner?

  4. JonathanCoachman The Coach

    Eric Mack is safe considering he can't fit in that hot tub.
  5. Vito Corleone such posting, wow

    I thought w2ds hated water
  6. JohnLocke Terminally Chill

    looks like van gorder is trying to implement nfl swimming trunks as well as nfl practice shorts
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  7. Smee New Member

    Notice they are in the 3 foot hot tub, none are brave enough to go into the 6 ft deep swimming pool next to it
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  8. Merica Quebecois was a cunt.

  9. Where Eagles Dare Christ - Family - Money

    Another pic from Emory Blake......

    Top Comment....

    ezondaiz52Damn ain never seen that many of ”those people” in water at the same damn time lol...
  10. Where Eagles Dare Christ - Family - Money

    Lmao y'all are crazy

    So, just like her big brother, she also sucks dick & gets run over by black dudes...just in a difference sense.
  11. FAULK Courage is a kind of salvation.

    i can fap to this
  12. The Milkman Send lawyers, guns and money, shit has hit the fan

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  13. JohnLocke Terminally Chill

    you gotta give it to them though...they really are family
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  14. DaveGrohl I'm an Alabama fan.

    Hope nobody has a beer bottle


    Show Spoiler

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  15. IrishLAX2 Nation's Top Footballers

    So that's cheely's new name huh
  16. Llama New Member

    I see atleast one floating snickers bar
  17. The Milkman Send lawyers, guns and money, shit has hit the fan

    That's a dick bro
  18. like
  19. JonathanCoachman The Coach

    Be sure not to chiz on the keyboard
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  20. Llama New Member


  22. 00:06:00 I suggest you get REAL good at sucking cock.

  23. Guns fffff

  24. Redav Arm Talent

  25. 00:06:00 I suggest you get REAL good at sucking cock.

  26. GeneralPaton Courage is fear holding on a minute longer.

    I'm in public, this made me laugh my ass off. People stared... :ohdear:
  27. The Milkman Send lawyers, guns and money, shit has hit the fan

  28. batwing No longer a faggot

    Where's Kiehl? I don't see any whites in that pic
  29. Arkadin Meatball's Best Friend

    theyre all under the water doing homo things
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  30. Rusty Shackleford RIP Rusty Shackleford

    No they just passed their swim test so they could go to the deep end.
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  31. Arkadin Meatball's Best Friend

    nope, homo things
  32. devine hi, i am user devine

    I love rivals this is what I pay for
  33. ndamem2000 Wow. Such Fan. So dedicate. Much cheer.

    Over/under 2.5 drownings. I'll take the under
  34. Jpripper88 Chryst and Saban

  35. wes tegg SHUT IT DOWN.

    I have made a mess with my dinner because of these three posts.
  36. AUB 2cool+2be=4gotten

    photoshopping the skybar queen rubster into this photo might be worth somewhere in the ballpark of 1,000 likes
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  37. wes tegg SHUT IT DOWN.

    oh god yes.
  38. Mister Me Too New Member

  39. Duke Buster New Member

    this was a shitty attempt at a detoxrox joke...and you then made it shitty beyond anyones wildest offense

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