B1G Region Food & Beer Thread: we added Rutgers to try NJ wieners (not those wieners, marcus)

Discussion in 'The Mainboard' started by ~ taylor ~, Sep 26, 2013.

  1. 20/20/20/20

    20/20/20/20 they don't think it be like it is, but it do

    I don't like tomato juice so I don't like Bloody Marys.
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  2. Bo Pellllinis

    Bo Pellllinis GBR NFM

    I don't like tomato juice but bloody marys can be delicious if done right. It shouldn't taste like pure tomato juice. Tomato should be the base for all the other flavors, similar to pizza or pasta sauce.
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  3. FactsRule

    FactsRule Mmm ... Coconuts

    psu34 Champ

    Either of you guys want to explain Canada's love for the Bloody Caesar?
  4. ~ taylor ~

    ~ taylor ~ И ам нот фриендс витх Пелицан.

    Bloody Mary's aren't regional, but we do the best.
  5. IanC

    IanC Hurr Derrrr herrrrrr, Bork! Bork! Bork!

    I like to add (among other things) blue cheese and summer sausage in my Bloody Marys.
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  6. James the Saint

    James the Saint WE SEC NOW

    I love all three of these things but I almost puked on my work laptop at the thought of this.
  7. pez

    pez Poon Pooning

    Sausage I can see but blue cheese in a drink just seems filthy.
  8. One of the best things about B1G food is the influx of German/Polish/Czechs in the area

    Not only do their offspring produce great lineman

    They produce awesome game day sausages at the local meat markets

    Love me a good white wurst on a bun with some mustard and onions
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  9. FrankReynolds


    bloody marys are fucking disgusting.
  10. phunkybuck

    phunkybuck Your pennies have been in my ass

    Yeah if I'm tailgating for a noon game, it's going to be Maker's or beer.

    Actually that goes for any tailgate.
  11. teague888

    teague888 Free mahi mahi! Free mahi mahi!

    Four loko was the goat noon tailgate drink
  12. IanC

    IanC Hurr Derrrr herrrrrr, Bork! Bork! Bork!

    Blue cheese can go on anything.
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  13. Fat Bitch

    Fat Bitch CheeseSteak,MozzSticks,ChickenFingers,FrenchFries

    I love bloody Mary's and they are a staple at all my tailgates once it starts to get cold. Never heard of the Ceasar but I will be trying that for sure. I love clam.
  14. FactsRule

    FactsRule Mmm ... Coconuts

    With bacon bits
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  15. ~ taylor ~

    ~ taylor ~ И ам нот фриендс витх Пелицан.

    Blue cheese olives? Great in a bloody mary, and I don't even like olives. I might have to have a bloody with my pizza this weekend.
  16. Bo Pellllinis

    Bo Pellllinis GBR NFM

    Stouts, coffee especially, are best morning beer.
  17. spagett

    spagett Got ya, spooked ya

    Possibly the most teague post ever
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  18. pez

    pez Poon Pooning

    Well there you go. Olives are the devils food
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  19. FrankReynolds


    im choking down vomit thinking of olives in a bloody mary
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  20. Bo Pellllinis

    Bo Pellllinis GBR NFM

    None of your opinions are good.
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  21. ~ taylor ~

    ~ taylor ~ И ам нот фриендс витх Пелицан.

    I don't care for them, except as a conveyor of blue cheese.
  22. ~ taylor ~

    ~ taylor ~ И ам нот фриендс витх Пелицан.

    He's basically a farmer.
  23. FrankReynolds


    I can't help you if you think Bloody Mary and Olives are good. Only god can save your soul.
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  24. ~ taylor ~

    ~ taylor ~ И ам нот фриендс витх Пелицан.

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  25. FrankReynolds


    this makes no sense to me.
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  26. ~ taylor ~

    ~ taylor ~ И ам нот фриендс витх Пелицан.

    If it did, it probably wouldn't apply so well.
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  27. Bo Pellllinis

    Bo Pellllinis GBR NFM

    I'll just say if you can't enjoy antipasto that includes some good olives and olive oil I feel bad for you and your taste buds.
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  28. FrankReynolds


    It doesn't fit at all. I have a wide array of food interests (my waistline would agree). Olives are fucking terrible. As are Bloody Marys.
    I have no issue with olives oil, and i can hand antipasto. Its whole or sliced olives where I have my problems
  29. 20/20/20/20

    20/20/20/20 they don't think it be like it is, but it do

    I love olives. They aren't great on everything, but they are delicious.
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  30. psu34

    psu34 trained in the art of chaos

    We just call it a Caesar and the clam juice makes the difference. Sounds gross but it's a definite step up from a Bloody Mary
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  31. ~ taylor ~

    ~ taylor ~ И ам нот фриендс витх Пелицан.

    I'm not interested in facts, I'm just tossing random insults that are funny to me. You uncultured rube.
  32. FrankReynolds


    you're terrible and i hate your tie
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  33. og543ss

    og543ss 0/10. Shitty troll. I ain't even mad. #TeamOutlaw

    clam juice in a bloody mary has me intrigued... sounds pretty good
  34. ~ taylor ~

    ~ taylor ~ И ам нот фриендс витх Пелицан.

    Don't hate me because I'm more fashionable than you. We can't all get away with denim on denim (on denim).

    Show Spoiler
    on denim
  35. FrankReynolds


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  36. Champ

    Champ New Member

    What? Don't you guys drink that in the US?
  37. Ace Boogie

    Ace Boogie top lad

    I personally hate bloody marys, but my dad switched to using Clamato juice in his awhile back and loves it.
  38. Cza

    Cza Guest

    The King of the Bloody Mary's, The Chubby Mary, from Leland, MI ...


    Haven't lived until you throw a smoked chub in there.

    They don’t call Traverse City Fishtown for nothing–people drink their fish here. Mario Batali loves the Chubby Mary at The Cove restaurant, which is served with a smoked chub steeping in the glass. The drink, made with tomato juice, horseradish, lime and lemon juice, and Worchestershire sauce, soaks up the smokiness of the Chub: This is a garnish you will not forget.
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  39. PSU12

    PSU12 #WankinForFranklin

    -I like bloody marys
    - olives are the devils food
    - blue cheese and sausage in a Bloody Mary...seriously what the fuck
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  40. Blu Tang Clan

    Blu Tang Clan Going to Sea World to take my pants off

    Olives suck. Don't drink bloody marys.
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  41. Steve Anus

    Steve Anus Every man has a price, for the Million Dollar Man

    Huge fan of bloody marys
    Olives are only for classy people, so it's OK if some of you guys don't like them
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  42. jokewood

    jokewood all glory to hypnopug

    Hate tomato juice. Not a fan of any tomato juice-based beverage.

    Blue cheese and olives work in a martini.
  43. goose

    goose The Shah

  44. FrankReynolds


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  45. ~ taylor ~

    ~ taylor ~ И ам нот фриендс витх Пелицан.

    Science wins again.

    I do question their decision that Michigan's chief food is the pasty - they could have gone with coney dogs or Detroit-style square pizza or cherry pie or something else a little more ubiquitous. You can't buy a pasty below the 45th parallel.
  46. Bo Pellllinis

    Bo Pellllinis GBR NFM

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  47. Mr. Bean

    Mr. Bean New Member

    "Truthfully, nobody in Virginia gives a shit about Virginia ham, which is just another friggin' ham, only with 900 times as much salt as all the other hams, which are already pretty fuggin' salty. It's not like Virginia is any hammier than any other state, really. In fact, it's probably less into ham than most of its Southern brethren. The favorite foodstuff of Northern Virginia is the gluten-free white-soy-chocolate-macadamia-nut biscotti at every insufferable chain coffee joint in the world; in southern Virginia, the most popular thing to cook, by far, is a large wooden cross."

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  48. ~ taylor ~

    ~ taylor ~ И ам нот фриендс витх Пелицан.

    WOW. That's awesome.
  49. FrankReynolds


    Not a single thing incorrect about that statement.
  50. 20/20/20/20

    20/20/20/20 they don't think it be like it is, but it do

    dang he went HAM on Virginia
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