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  1. Roisin Dubh EMAG, EMAS

    Add "deliberately stomped on Scott Parker's head" to the list.
  2. El_Pato Nunca Caminaras Solo

    Balotelli gonna Bal :parrot:

  3. The Banks TMB's Alaskan

  4. Shocker A free born man of the USA

    This is a disgraceful thread. The young blood cannot even fall without you racist pussies crying foul
  5. El_Pato Nunca Caminaras Solo

    I thought this thread was more of a celebration of 'Telli. :idk:
  6. pointit! COYS

    Hope this faggot gets injured soon and often
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  7. TheSkeeter New Member

    That's just not nice.
  8. TobiasFunke-Analrapist Let's get re-chard-ed

    Get the fuck outta here with any Balotelli hate. The man is a saint.
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  9. tne Now tagging people with spaces in their name

    would expect nothing less from point it
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  10. DickPayne New Member

    So would it have been racist if parker called him a :w2d: after this?
  11. JB Hawk A mans gotta eat

    At least his stomping on somene is a lot more subtle than Suh stomping on someone.
  12. Roisin Dubh EMAG, EMAS

    Suh stomped on a huge offensive lineman's arm. Balotelli stomped on a skinny, 5'7" guy's face.
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  13. dfmPSU don't drive angry

    Importantly, though, it didn't mess up Parker's hair.
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  14. Barves2125 Viewer discretion is advised

    That so-called "stomp" is inconclusive. Fucking ridiculous it's being treated as it is. People seriously thirst for something to hold against him.
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  15. Roisin Dubh EMAG, EMAS

    Are you kidding? It's not like his leg is just falling to the ground and happens to graze Parker's head. He literally thrusts/kicks his leg backward into the side of Parker's skull. There's nothing remotely accidental about it. It was yet another thuggish play for the biggest scumbag in the sporting world.
  16. zeberdee the city is my church

    looks like he was just trying to regain his balance to me.

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  17. Barves2125 Viewer discretion is advised

    You, like everyone else who wants to see a stomp, see a stomp. But to say that it's a conclusive stomp is utter bullshit.
  18. Roisin Dubh EMAG, EMAS

  19. ochosissoko cradle of fuckin civilization

  20. Barves2125 Viewer discretion is advised

  21. pointit! COYS

    Is this faggot and his agent serious? Dude needs a serious reality check. And I hope he gets the fuck out of the EPL.
  22. pointit! COYS


    Because he is a huge douche, and does this all the time. A piece of shit is always gonna be a piece of shit, you can't change it.
  23. El_Pato Nunca Caminaras Solo

    How does Balotelli get retro-actively charged for violent conduct, but Rooney gets away with a straight elbow to somebody's face?
  24. Gotch Yarbrough Canada eh?

    Spurs fans are such whiny cunts
  25. soulfly New Member

    Balotelli noggin on someon's noggin. No biggie.
  26. soulfly New Member

    Yeah, but Pepe stepped on a Flea's hand and it was the stomp heard round the world.
  27. Roisin Dubh EMAG, EMAS

    I'm assuming that's in reference to Pepe stomping on Messi's hand in the Copa del Rey? That pissed me off. They need to make an example of these people (something far worse than a 4-game suspension, in Balotelli's case).
  28. soulfly New Member

    Mourinho is going to play him tomorrow. He's gonna get the Figo treatment.
  29. Roisin Dubh EMAG, EMAS

    TSO is a great character on Special1TV, but the real Mourinho is a fucking scumbag. You look at a team with the likes of Mourinho, Crissy, and Pepe, and you wonder how people can actually cheer for them. Same for City: how do you look at a team with Mario Balotelli as anything more than a laughingstock?
  30. zeberdee the city is my church

    hey guys, let's all hope Roisin Dubh doesn't hurt himself getting off his high horse.
  31. soulfly New Member

    Madrid fans/media are screaming bloody fucking murder right now. Lots of discontent with Mourinho, they want Pepe out, etc. Pretty embarrassing when your coach is poking assistants in the eye after your player just got done making a dirty ass tackle.
  32. soulfly New Member

    I will help him down from the comforts of my higher horse.
  33. Roisin Dubh EMAG, EMAS

    You're right, condemning head-stomping is so high-and-mighty of me. There's really nothing wrong with slamming your cleat down on an innocent (and defenseless) person's skull, and I'm just totally stuck-up to condemn such a thing.
  34. zeberdee the city is my church

    no it was when you asked how anyone could root for Real Madrid or view Man City as anything more than a laughing stock that made you sound like a pompous douche bag.

    and I don't like either of those teams the slightest bit.
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  35. zeberdee the city is my church


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  36. Roisin Dubh EMAG, EMAS

    Read soulfly's post about Real Madrid. Their players and coaches are total cowards. Balotelli is a coward, too, and has proven time and again that he'll constantly do the wrong thing. Yes, City is winning, but they're doing so with the lowest life-form in sports.
  37. Barves2125 Viewer discretion is advised


    Not everyone see's the egregious American History X style curb stomp you do. Some of us think he just looks like he lost his balance and kicked trying to recover. Given, there was a player's head there but all of the video shows Balotelli is in the process of falling away from Parker and not looking at the ground behind him. One could even argue when viewing the above gif that Balotelli doesn't even know what part of what defender it is that makes contact with his left knee and thus causing the fall in discussion.
  38. Roisin Dubh EMAG, EMAS

    Big difference: Adebayor has cleaned up his act. He's been the consummate team player from the first day he stepped foot in Spurs Lodge, and he has in no way embarrassed the team. Balotelli and Mourinho have repeatedly shown their asses.
  39. Gotch Yarbrough Canada eh?

  40. Roisin Dubh EMAG, EMAS

  41. Gotch Yarbrough Canada eh?

    So what is pointit's opinion on Ade?
  42. MooreAlabama Surprisingly normal looking.

    You're in denial if you think he was trying to balance himself. If you're trying to stop yourself, you plant into the momentum, not away from it. It's not even a conscious decision. You'd have an easier time arguing that the kick back caused him to fall down than you'd have saying he did it to right himself.
  43. Roisin Dubh EMAG, EMAS

    RvP goes in cleats up into the back/side of Adebayor, which should be a red card (as the announcers said). Adebayor, angry that his former teammate just tried to injure him, had a momentary flare up of emotion. Honestly, the only thing that clip does is make me hate Van Persie even more.

    As I said: Adebayor learned from his mistakes (apparently) and has been an absolute saint at Spurs.
  44. Gotch Yarbrough Canada eh?

    Is your name pointit!?

    But lol at that spin job anyway.
  45. Roisin Dubh EMAG, EMAS

    I feel bad for anyone who can't see an incredibly obvious differences between the Adebayor/RvP and Balotelli/Parker incidents.
  46. Gotch Yarbrough Canada eh?

    Yeah, Spurs lost one of the games. We know the difference.

    Really hope you're trolling here.
  47. Roisin Dubh EMAG, EMAS

    You can't possibly be this stupid.
  48. pointit! COYS

    Lol Chad can't see the differences, to bad for him
  49. Barves2125 Viewer discretion is advised

    Certainly not in denial of anything. You can say it's a stomp all you want but, like I've said all along, to call it "conclusive" is utter bullshit.
  50. El_Pato Nunca Caminaras Solo

    Aguero: Balotelli should be praised, not punished for his eccentricities

    By Sportsmail Reporter
    Last updated at 8:59 AM on 24th January 2012

    Sergio Aguero has jumped to the defence of under-fire team-mate Mario Balotelli, saying fans should enjoy the unique brand of football the Manchester City striker has brought to England.
    Balotelli has been charged with violent conduct following his alleged stamp on Tottenham's Scott Parker during the enthralling 3-2 victory for the league leaders on Sunday.
    The Italy international, 21, also won and scored the penalty deep into stoppage time which sealed the three points to put City clear at the top of the Barclays Premier League.

    City slickers: Aguero has come the defence of team-mate Balotelli

    Aguero defends his strike partners record off the pitch and believes his eccentricities should be embraced, not punished.
    'Firstly we all know what a fantastic player he is. And off the pitch, everyone has their own path,' Aguero told The Sun.
    'But those of us who are really close to Mario know that off the field he’s a really good lad. Like a lot of players he has his own idiosyncrasies here and there.
    'Everyone knows him as a player from what you see on the field. But I know that off the field he’s a lovely lad.

    Why always him? Mario has been charged for this alleged stamp on Spurs' midfielder Parker

    Why always him? Mario has been charged for this alleged stamp on Spurs' midfielder Parker
    'He's a young lad, he takes care of himself and approaches his life as he wants.'
    Balotelli has also received support from midfielder James Milner who believes his value - in terms of goals – is worth far more the controversies which follow him.
    Milner said: 'Mario is good to have around the place. He scores important goals and hopefully can score a few more winners between now and the end of the season.

    Spot on: The Italian scored a penalty to send City clear the top of the league


    'Is it a welcome distraction? Maybe, as long as it is at the right time. You can always rely on Mario to set some fireworks off to get the headlines.
    'He is just very confident in his own ability. He has lots of that. He is fun to have around the place. I don’t think I have done an interview this season without being asked about him. It sums up what a character he is.'

    Read more:

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