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    Spin it!
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  3. MA

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    Do you think Balotelli intentionally stomped on Parker or do you think he was just trying to regain his balance?
  4. Barves2125

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    Not sure at all. Seems like a mix between the two. But if I had to choose, I'd clearly take into question his past "indiscretions" and assume it was a malicious kick.

    BUT, saying that is a conclusive "stomp" is (again) BULLSHIT.
  5. Gaknight

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    I always thought pointit was Rosin's new name. Damn I had no idea they were 2 different posters
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  6. pointit!

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    If he was trying to put his foot down, he would have done so, but his foot went back, and he knew exactly where Parker was. You are a blind fool if you can't see this.
  7. Sammy Meatballs

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    Spin it!
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  8. Wu

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    Balotelli is most definitely guilty of a stomp.

    That being said, he is awesome. Furthermore, I whole heartedly approve of violent conduct towards any spud.
  9. Arrec Bardwin

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    <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

    Balotelli is the villain football deserves, but he isnt the villain that Spurs douche faggot pussies want right now.
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  10. pointit!

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    Adding a lot to the thread :chan:
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  11. El_Pato

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    While you're ruining the thread.
  12. Roisin Dubh

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    Nope, still here.
  13. pointit!

    pointit! COYS

    How so? No one actually likes that piece of trash, do they?
  14. JB Hawk

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    I love the guy.
  15. El_Pato

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  16. El_Pato

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  17. JHarris

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  18. El_Pato

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    Balo crashed his Bentley today.
  19. Gaknight

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    He also had an affair with the Rooney hooker. I am assuming that is the same girl he was yelling Rooney at in a restaurant.
  20. El_Pato

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    Balotelli :billsnyderdancemachine:
  21. Cza

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    All ball.

  22. JHarris

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    He's likely coming back to Inter from everything being said in Italy. City still owe us 6 million from the deal which makes it easier.
  23. pointit!

    pointit! COYS

    So surprised the faggot got a red card
  24. Charlie Sadler

    Charlie Sadler one of the best living coaches in football history

    Show Spoiler
    The 21-year-old has become a figure of frustration at the Etihad Stadium this season. Despite his undoubted talent, his discipline both on and off the field has often let down his manager and team-mates.

    This had led to reports of his exit from the club in the summer as Mancini was said to have finally lost patience with the Italian striker, and he has now admitted that the former Inter Milan man could be sold, before revealing that he would not play again this season.

    When Mancini was asked if Balotelli could be sold, he told reporters: "Probably but I don’t know, it depends because Balotelli is a fantastic player. We want 11 players but with Mario on the pitch every time we play we risk him being sent off.

    "We have six games and he will not play in the next six games."

    The 47-year-old manager admitted that the striker is in danger of wasting his potential if he keeps up his poor attitude on the pitch.

    He said: "I finished my work for him today. I love him like a guy, I love him like a player, I know him, he’s not a bad guy, he’s a fantastic player but in this moment I am very sorry for him because he continues to lose his talent and his quality.

    "I hope he understands that he is in a bad way for his future and he can change. If Mario continues like this I probably agree but I hope always that he can change his behaviour.
    "Mario is young, he is 21 and I understand that when you are young you can make some mistakes. There are a lot of people who make mistakes. I hope for him, not for me, that he can change."
    Mancini also revealed he wants the Football Association to take further action against the Balotelli following his tackle on Alex Song that escaped unpunished from referee Martin Atkinson.
    “I think Mario should have been sent off after 10 minutes. In the last 15 minutes I had hoped he could continue to play but it was difficult for him," he said.

    When asked if the FA should have a look at the incident and take disciplinary action, he replied: “I hope.”

    The City manager also thinks Balotelli has caused problems in the ranks at the Etihad Stadium after falling out with several of his team-mates this year including Yaya Toure on two occasions.

    He added: "It’s clear he created a big problem but he has scored a lot of important goals.

    "Mario is Mario. When he does a mistake [it's] because he is young and doesn’t understand, but it’s also Mario when he scores two goals when we won 6-1 [against United].

    "It’s Mario when he scores a penalty in the last second against Tottenham."

    Show Spoiler
    Inter Milan director Marco Branca is refusing to rule out a summer move for Mario Balotelli.

    GettyImagesRoberto Mancini is reported to be losing patience with Mario Balotelli

    Cagliari 2-2 Inter Milan
    Mancini: I would punch Balotelli

    Balotelli left Inter for Manchester City in a €22 million deal in the summer of 2010 and, while he has netted 13 Premier League goals this season, it is reported that Roberto Mancini is running out of patience with the Italy striker's lack of discipline.
    Both Inter and AC Milan have regularly been linked with the 21-year-old, and Branca has suggested the Nerazzurri are considering a bid as they plot an overhaul of their ageing squad.
    "We'll see in a few months, but we never closed the door to him and never will turn our backs on a potential return," Branca told Sky Sport Italia. "We need to change next season and find the right mix between old and new, trying to understand what will be at our disposal for the transfer market.
    "We will certainly promote four or five players from the youth team and evaluate their capabilities in pre-season training."

    cliffs: mancini said he will probably sell balotelli in the summer and inter isn't ruling out his return
  25. bwi2

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    Doubt Mancini will be selling anyone this summer.
  26. Taques

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    mancini will be selling his place of residence is what he will be selling
  27. Jork

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    More likely that Balotelli will sell Mancini in the summer :twocents:
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  28. IronLung

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    :crossedarms: i have officially left the balotelli fan club for that tackle on song. could have done serious damage the way his knee bent back
  29. broXcore

    broXcore emaw Donor

  30. broXcore

    broXcore emaw Donor

  31. IronLung

    IronLung #systeme #tchakap Donor

    not spinning anything, he definitely could have ended song's season there.
  32. broXcore

    broXcore emaw Donor

    i was just kidding, same with my second quote.

    could have seriously injured parker back then, and same with song now.
  33. IronLung

    IronLung #systeme #tchakap Donor

    fwiw i thought it was dirty what he did to parker but i can understand arsenal fans forgiving him for the parker incident and tottenham fans not caring about the tackle on song... as much as i love his off the field antics balotelli is just too fucking dumb on the field and i enjoy seeing citeh lose too much to be a fan anymore.
  34. broXcore

    broXcore emaw Donor

    pretty much the same viewpoint that i have

    really want to root for him since he's Italian, but he makes it so damn hard
  35. Jork

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    4 really bad challenges / tackles by Balotelli in the match. The one on Song (see below), he went in studs up on Sagna (though I think he actually missed him), he went in studs up again and got Sagna just above the ankle (got a :yellowcard: for it) and then the scissor tackle on Sagna that got him a second :yellowcard: and an early shower :redcard:


    This is why

  36. broXcore

    broXcore emaw Donor

    wait hold up, he didn't get yellow for that ^
  37. Jork

    Jork Just a humble motherfucker with a big ass dick Staff Member Donor

    Nope. Atkinson didn't even call a foul. The FA surely will give him a ban for that.

    By "surely", I mean, they won't.
  38. JHarris

    JHarris []_[] Donor TMB OG

    Inter have met with his agent. The deal they talked about was loan then option to buy for 20 million.(14 million actually since city owe us 6 million)
  39. El_Pato

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  40. NittanyKnight

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    Flashbacks to GTA San Andreas.
  41. IronLung

    IronLung #systeme #tchakap Donor

    is that sakho who bumps into him?
  42. JHarris

    JHarris []_[] Donor TMB OG

    pretty sure it is
  43. seminolechase

    seminolechase Well-Known Member

    it is indeed
  44. broXcore

    broXcore emaw Donor

  45. Gotch Yarbrough

    Gotch Yarbrough Canada eh? Donor

    Raffaella no ti amo
  46. Tobias

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  47. Wu

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    Manchester City forward Mario Balotelli believes he is a "genius", and like many geniuses that is why he is so misunderstood.

    Balotelli rails against racists
    The Italy international has emerged as a cult figure since joining Manchester City from Inter Milan, with his antics both on and off the pitch gaining headlines on a regular basis.
    His behaviour has occasionally frustrated City manager Roberto Mancini, however, with a media backlash against his conduct coming whenever his performances on the pitch take a dip.
    Balotelli, though, says it is not easy to cope with the talent - both mental and physical - that he has been blessed with.
    "I think I am a genius, but not a rebel," Balotelli told France Football. "I have my life, my world, I do what I want, without annoying anyone. I believe I am more intelligent than the average person.
    "It is said that geniuses are misunderstood. So perhaps genius is so different that people don't understand.
    "The talent God gave me is beautiful and wonderful, but it is difficult because you are always facing other people keen to judge you.
    "There are few people with such talent, so there are few able to judge what I am doing."
    Despite the often volatile nature of his relationship with Mancini - who at one point in the Premier League title run-in suggested his charge would be sold in the summer - Balotelli insists that his relationship with the coach, who he also worked under at Inter, is one of the main reasons he wants to stay at the league champions for the foreseeable future.
    "Personally I would like to stay at City, who I am fond of," he said. "Yes I would like to stay."
    He added: "Mancini has known me since I was little. He truly knows me. It's more than a coach-player relationship, it's a deep friendship we have."
    Balotelli, who is in Italy's squad for the forthcoming European Championship, has now set his sights on establishing himself as the best player in the world.
    "My dream is to become in time the strongest footballer. I know I am strong, but if I go on working I know I can become much stronger," he said.
    "The Ballon d'Or is the most important title after the World Cup and European Championship. It is an objective. I think I could be able to win it one day but I still have to work a lot.
    "When I decide to score, I score. I know I am strong, but I believe it is not enough yet. I can kick fine, dribble very well, but I still have to improve.
    "[Lionel] Messi and Cristiano [Ronaldo] are out of this world."
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  48. JHarris

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    said if he encountered off-field abuse he "will go to prison because I will kill him".

    Speaking about the incident in Rome, Balotelli said: "These two or three lads were lucky the police came straight away because, I swear, I would have given them a proper kicking. I would truly have destroyed them. I hope that doesn't happen again.

    Will be an interesting summer. Good thing Destro is waiting in reserve
  49. SugarShaun

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    #Euro2012 #ENGITA Balotelli: "Hart said there are two different Balotellis? He is a lucky man as he knows two and not only one." -- Paolo Menicucci (@UEFAcomPaoloM)
  50. Barves2125

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    Super Mario putting two in the back of the net giving Italy a 2-0 lead on das Germans. Only halftime though.

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