Bar Rescue

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  1. tee kay

    tee kay I don't know what ima do bout these damn youngins

    i would be banned if i lived near it
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  2. KJROD20

    KJROD20 You don't turn your back on family.

    Love this show, been watching since it first aired. Jessie Barnes is smoking hot and Mrs. Taffer ain't too bad either.
  3. Sterling A

    Sterling A You can lie, but your boner can't.

    I got to be honest, Hotel Impossible is my favorite show out of all of these
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  4. Drew

    Drew Miami, Xavier, ASMFC, Nasti Nati

    Big fan of Taffer and his in-depth marketing research
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  5. wes tegg

    wes tegg Do I make you O'Dorney?

    Fucking Taffer. I'm ready to run through a brick wall.
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  6. Beeds07

    Beeds07 Youre a pro. Look at me...Pro

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  7. Beeds07

    Beeds07 Youre a pro. Look at me...Pro

    I read that shitbag owner went right back to running it the way he used to after Taffer left.
  8. NoleNBlue

    NoleNBlue Ya happy now, bitch?

    There was never any doubt he would
  9. oldberg

    oldberg Cr_p

    on right now fwiw
  10. oldberg

    oldberg Cr_p

    is it that big of a fucking deal to change the name? i mean nobody goes to it anyway so you would think changing the name would help :idk:
  11. Arkadin

    Arkadin The Russian Grim Reaper is here


    gbr nfm
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  12. hudson

    hudson Oh, you know...stuff.

    watching the pirate bar episode...I had trouble not laughing when the one guy said it was his dream to be a pirate waiter.
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  13. OZ

    OZ Training to be tiging. SEC SEC

    A lot of reality shit you don't simply believe.

    Taffer, when they people take him serious (and his history) are actually pretty fucking legit. From everything I have read it is as close to real tv as you get.

    Of course some dive bars are going to not be the good old dive bars when he leaves. What the serious locals don't realize, the good dive bars don't need him
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  14. Hank Scorpio

    Hank Scorpio Globex Corporation, Philanthropist, Supervillain

    There's no greater calling.
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  15. Hank Scorpio

    Hank Scorpio Globex Corporation, Philanthropist, Supervillain

    Pirate one is the best, although I almost feel the makeover he gave the bar was more of a rib against the staff since it was the complete opposite of everything they wanted.
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  16. hudson

    hudson Oh, you know...stuff.

    A little bit, but it was also the perfect fit for the area and clientele they were hoping to attract(and by they i mean an sane bar/business owner would do). Love how just a short while later it was back to walking the plank. If she loved being a pirate so much the only logical choice was to sell the new bar and move to Somalia.
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  17. Sterling A

    Sterling A You can lie, but your boner can't.

    I just don't know how people can be so stupid with their own money
  18. IanC

    IanC Hurr Derrrr herrrrrr, Bork! Bork! Bork!

    They are just stupid to begin with. Their money is just along for the ride.
  19. TheoB

    TheoB New Member

    Blanche all the way...

    ANTWONE ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Taffer jokes have become a staple in my every day life
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  21. Irish226

    Irish226 New Member

    shoot for the stars, land on the moon.
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  22. wes tegg

    wes tegg Do I make you O'Dorney?

    I walked past Metal & Lace in Austin last weekend. It was closed (day time), but you can bet your ass I'd have gone in if it was open. Fucking Taffer.
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  23. Sterling A

    Sterling A You can lie, but your boner can't.

    all his designer chicks are babes

    Show Spoiler



    this is clay matthews gf casey noble


    the other designer on the show carrie drosnes


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  24. Hank Scorpio

    Hank Scorpio Globex Corporation, Philanthropist, Supervillain

    Or fucking Tampa at the very least. We surprisingly don't have any pirate themed bars that I'm aware of.
  25. TylerFlip

    TylerFlip New Member

    Bar Rescue just did two bars in my home town
  26. Why?Pokes

    Why?Pokes Surf Wyoming

    Successful or not that dude is a huge twat. My favorite part of every episode is when he accuses the staff of "stealing" because they don't water down the drinks enough.
  27. BRC


    it's not watering down the drinks, it's pouring the drinks correctly... while getting an over poured drink might be great for the customer (in the customer's mind), it's horrible for the business for two reasons: decreased length of stay and less potential revenue out of that bottle of liquor
  28. wes tegg

    wes tegg Do I make you O'Dorney?

  29. petey23

    petey23 New Member

    Taffer was involved in a bar transformation here in Fargo a few years back.(pre Bar Rescue)

    I know a couple of the higher ups(customers of mine) that did not have much nice to say about him. The company that owns it has a few Bars/Restaurants(they own Swanson Health Products, Easy Riders Saloon in Sturgis, and they own 3 or 4 Hooters as well. One of the managers also owns the Strip Club in town seperately)

    Taffer referenced it a couple episodes ago when he talked about the one job he didn't finish and that he walked away from...although I don't know how accurate that was as this was done in September of 2007 and Taffer was still on board as President of Starmark Hospitality(company that owns several properties) in March of 2008.

    This is the place.
  30. devine

    devine hi, i am user devine

    thats not surprising as most of the people on this show are morons
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  31. Mambo Gook

    Mambo Gook Hail Southern!


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  32. southlick

    southlick Centaur

  33. southlick

    southlick Centaur

    Taffer's pissed off tonight. Lol at mushrooms growing in the cooler from mold.
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  34. Sterling A

    Sterling A You can lie, but your boner can't.

    Did anybody see last weeks episode. M T bottles?

    Brandi was hot as hell. Amazing
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  35. southlick

    southlick Centaur

  36. Truman

    Truman who wants a steak?

    DLed it - Hilarious. If i didnt know any better, I would think he was exaggerating how pissed he was.

    Also - the cooler with the mushrooms growing looked like the cleanest part of the kitchen :datsnasty:
  37. Drew

    Drew Miami, Xavier, ASMFC, Nasti Nati

    I want to know how the place passed previous health inspections, but it is Tennessee, they probably don't care.

    Edit: And no way in hell did that cook graduate from a culinary school
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  38. The Banks

    The Banks TMB's Alaskan

    Really enjoy this show
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  39. I have been watching from the beginning, fantastic show. Took a few episodes for John to grow on me, but when he did I now have the show on DVR.
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  40. dblplay1212

    dblplay1212 New Member

    $5 titty shows :laugh:
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  41. bturns

    bturns Woo Pig Mutherfuckin' Sooie

    Taffer is so great. I would love to see someone finally swing at him and watch him just go apeshit on someone then explain why and how his version of beating the guy up benefits his bar.
  42. dblplay1212

    dblplay1212 New Member

    What's the deal with them doing the same city for several weeks in a row this year? They did 4-5 in a row in Vegas and now have done back to back in Murfreesboro, TN. Vegas I get, but Murfreesboror, TN for 2 weeks?
  43. He lives in Vegas, he must like helping out his home town.
  44. dblplay1212

    dblplay1212 New Member

    Yea, I got those. The two in TN were random, though.
  45. Jigga

    Jigga Jeff Driskel

    Saves on travel for the crew
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  46. wes tegg

    wes tegg Do I make you O'Dorney?

    You mean Baaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrred.
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  47. Kirk Fogg

    Kirk Fogg "Tell them what they've won Olmec!"

    Reading the descriptions of each bar at "The Hub" is fantastic. They make Studio 54 at its peak sound tame...

  48. DaveGrohl

    DaveGrohl I'm an Alabama fan.

  49. Jigga

    Jigga Jeff Driskel

  50. Corky Bucek

    Corky Bucek Billy likes to drink soda

    Heard him on the radio in ATL before the season started, he said that they have it narrowed to 3-4 bars in an area and set up the "hidden cameras" and all the stuff you see before he goes in. The bars know that he could pop in and do a show, but it isn't a guarantee as they pick one. Sounds like this year they ordered a ton of episodes and logistically it makes sense that they just stay in those cities and film at a couple of the bars.
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