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Discussion in 'The Mainboard' started by HoosDaMan, Jun 28, 2011.

  1. TC

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    Exactly. Apparently Dan's "master strategy" forgot to take into account getting people to actually vote for him at the end. Nobody is gonna respect you when you're doing all this "I swear on my grandfather's chain, my wife, the bible" shit. He's pretty much the guy that planned a master bank robbery and forgot to take into account how he was gonna get out alive
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  2. BMR

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    I like both Ian and Dan. They were both deserving. I think Dan played a much better game in the house, but was banking on a jury (which was full of emotion) to be rational and vote for the best player. Ian wins easily because on top of the votes that he got from players that like him, he also got votes that were against Dan.

    Overall, it was a pretty good season. It started out kind of slow other than the the Willie fight, but it definitely picked up speed mid season. Glad for Ian, Dan, and Frank for all winning money because they were my favorites.

    and el oh el for Ian yelling out "JODI" for most popular houseguest on live television :laugh:
  3. RonBurgundy

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    I knew Dan didn't have enough votes to win, but 6-1 is embarrassing for that jury.
  4. BMR

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    Jenn City changing the vote surprised me a whole hell of a lot...Because she pretty much let everyone know she did not like Ian.

    Too many backstabs ultimately did Dan in. He still played a hell of a game to get that far. Best game in years. In one way it's a shame the jury was so bitter, but I can understand why they voted the way they did.

    And I think Danielle has Stockholm syndrome or daddy issues or something.

    Fact is she would bang out Dan and poke holes in the condoms.
  5. Duvel

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  6. woo-pig

    woo-pig Well-Known Member

    dan is just like russel on survivor, he played a good game to get him to the end. Only problem is the same people you lie and fuck over are the same ones that decide if you get the prize or not. I didnt think dan deserved it when he didnt control his own fate by not winning comps.
  7. woo-pig

    woo-pig Well-Known Member

    thats fucking awsum
  8. Dolorous_Ted

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    Almost everyone on that jury lied,and or deceived at some point,except maybe Shane. They continue on with the delusion that well,I really didn't play like that because it makes them feel better about just voting on feeling. Bottom line is most of them at some point did and were waiting for a moment when they would have to do it again. Dan was proactive and pretty much tied some of them into loops. They're mad about it. If he was Russell Hantz and straight up intimidating people at times,it would be different;but he wasn't that guy. It's pretty childish to get madder at guy because he swore on his grandfathers cross or his wife's name and somehow consider that a worse lie. A lie is a lie,deception is deception.

    I like Ian,and if Ian was a great player and a possibly deserving winner,then that only bolsters Dan's case. You have a case of the guy the people on the jury want to vote for: it is revealed right in front of them,that he too got fooled. Now add Dan's miraculously weaving his way to the end,the funeral and you have one of the best played Big Brothers ever. Ian was deserving if Dan wasn't next to him. Dan made it to the end,butthurt won the day.
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  9. BMR

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    Dan took it pretty well though
  10. CocknBalls

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    If you didn't watch the whole season then you may have also missed the part where Ian won 4 HOH's and 2 POV's
  11. Daniel Ocean

    Daniel Ocean I only lied about being a thief Staff Member Donor TMB OG

    Like I said and I posted that I had not watched the whole season so in no way was I attempting to say I am an expert on the season. I did read and saw that Dan threw some comps.
  12. HoosDaMan

    HoosDaMan Grumpy

    Dan's speech last night was total shit. His ass kissing was transparent. His cheesy lines played out.

    I'm glad Ian won. [​IMG]
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  13. RonBurgundy

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    Dan's speech last night was awful. You have been a back stabbing liar all season, no one is magically going to forgive you for kissing ass in your speech. Dan's speech should have been the cockiest speech of all time, telling every juror how he personally got them out of the game and how he played a tremendous social game manipulating the whole house to bend to his wants. He should have made a big deal about how he was THE BEST PLAYER in the house and by voting for Ian you are just voting for a lesser player who was a nicer guy. Dan's speech was trying to backtrack his moves and downplay them, he needed to embrace them and own them as the ultimate in manipulation gameplay.

    But wouldn't have mattered, he was not getting the votes. He should have went out with a bang instead of cowering for votes playing the "you were better than me" card. Weak way to end a strong summer
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  14. beerleagueman

    beerleagueman Well-Known Member

    Random thing that I annoyed me was Dan screaming at the camera during his confessionals. I watched most of this season but haven't watched every season like many of you but I just don't get how Dan is being worshiped as a great player when he never won a competition..shouldn't that have value? I'm a big fan of the mtv Challenge shows and there winning or being dominate at the competitions gives just as much or more value as the mental and strategic game
  15. RonBurgundy

    RonBurgundy care for a hard candy, young hogmolly?

    In BB you can't win back to back HoH's, so if your social game/alliances suck, you are getting evicted for being a threat and not having friends in the house (Frank).
  16. BMR

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    fucking slayed me
  17. beerleagueman

    beerleagueman Well-Known Member

    ashley should give Ian a pity fuck, get few nice trips out of it
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  18. Daniel Ocean

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    He didn't win because that was part of his game not because he couldn't.
  19. RonBurgundy

    RonBurgundy care for a hard candy, young hogmolly?

    @MissCleoBB14: Britney (to Jeff): "u could've put Dan next 2 a can of ketchup & ketchup would've won. NOBODY was voting 4 Dan!" #BB14

    Basically said jury was voting Danielle winner over Dan too. Wasn't about Ian.
  20. Moxin24

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    Just watched the finale. God I hate butthurt faggots. Dan played the best game of anyone I've seen since I started watching show five years ago. In any other year Ian ends up as the first jury member.
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  21. Daniel Ocean

    Daniel Ocean I only lied about being a thief Staff Member Donor TMB OG

    in other years he doesn't make it to the jury. Only reason he was not one of the first to get kicked out was will.
  22. Duvel

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    The house was a bunch of wishy washy, faggotty ass, pussies outside of Frank, Boogie, Ian, Wil, Britney, and Dan. If that group was the jury, I think the voting would have been better (not to mention an even more compelling season) but you take those players out early for a reason.

    Dan admitted that he didn't read the jury well enough (most people didn't) and in hindsight would have structured his speech much differently. Although, I may not have mattered regardless. People say BB3 was a much worse voting scenario than this one FWIW.
  23. beerleagueman

    beerleagueman Well-Known Member

    from the UK version

    Show Spoiler



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  24. Canesfan3234

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    Need to start watching UK version
  25. BMR

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    I forgot about this gif

    slayed me again
  26. TheoB

    TheoB Well-Known Member

    too late...she got voted out somehow.

  27. beerleagueman

    beerleagueman Well-Known Member

    need to find out when the Brazil season airs, would expect the same
  28. Moxin24

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    Man we're doing it wrong here in America
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