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Discussion in 'The Mainboard' started by HoosDaMan, Jun 28, 2011.

  1. BMR I'm like Jessie in this bitch, I'm so excited.

    I would straight up ask Aaryn to be In a final 2 alliance. Nobody would vote for her to win.

    I guess the cover would be that it was a secret alliance and I would treat her like shit the entire game :idk:
  2. beerleagueman New Member

    they are getting more uncomfortable with her in the house b/c of this...her family is too close to's been repeated a bunch but the MVP twist was a great idea if Elisa was never in the house

  3. Quick Nanananana

    Gm got put up as replacement. Boring week ahead
  4. Cawgs or Gie! The next Jordy Nelson, obviously.

    By America? The house still thinks this is the "MVP" doing this right?
  5. stangd I love scotch. Scotchy, scotch, scotch

    This season has been a mess, so much shady shit going on by production.
  6. stangd I love scotch. Scotchy, scotch, scotch

    Almost to the point where I just don't care anymore.
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  7. beerleagueman New Member

    a few internet polls had Amanda next with the most votes, I bet production didn't want to risk that showmance ending after CBS did that family segment...they shouldn't call it a reality show with some of the shady shit going on this season with Elisa and now this
  8. audrew Master of Education

    Yep. Aryan, Kaitlin, and Gina Marie are convinced Elissa is MVP and nominated herself to begin with.

    Also, a quote from Gina Marie:

    "I came to play, I take it as a compliment, Send me home, Let's go, Bring it, You wanna be shook? Think I'm gonna beat you? Means I'm a good player. And I'm good looking too. And I got pink sneakers. Who's cooler than me? Nobody!"

  9. audrew Master of Education

    I think it's hilarious. GM thinks the MVP tried to backdoor her because she's a good competitor(HOW?), but it's really America just hates her racist ass. Also, she's not going to get any votes to get kicked out.
  10. Cawgs or Gie! The next Jordy Nelson, obviously.

    She'll be rollerblading with her douche in no time.
  11. audrew Master of Education

    She's not going anywhere. Aryan and Kaitlin are targets 1 and 2. Nobody gives a shit about GM. She's the dumbest person in the house (photo finish with Elissa) and she can't do any endurance stuff.
  12. beerleagueman New Member

    GM already looks like one of those crazy old ladies that lives alone & owns 8 cats. She's really gone downhill since Day 1, that accent :donotwant:
    pics (open)

    she's probably getting evicted but still would rather look at this instead of GM for a few more weeks, the house seems to forget that GM has said racists stuff also


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  13. kezarmyaj cover of cat fancy nearly ruined my career

    so goodnight sweet aryan? her interview with julie should be delightfully uncomfortable.
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  14. Cawgs or Gie! The next Jordy Nelson, obviously.

    She could eat that Fro-Yo like she was suckin' a dick though.
  15. Beowulf69 I can't swim but the fall will probably kill me

    scat star in the making.
  16. kezarmyaj cover of cat fancy nearly ruined my career

    it was pretty hilarious to see how bloated these skinny girls got after all that yogurt. gm looked pregnant
  17. Cawgs or Gie! The next Jordy Nelson, obviously.

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  18. The Best Alive Interfere w/ dese nuts!

    Not necessarily. There seems to be a divide right now going on. Howard, Spencer and Candice are trying to draw Kaitlin in but the other side sees that. Amanda, McRae and Andy and possibly Helen want Kaitlin gone right now.

    While the vote will probably wind up more solid when people figure out who's going home right now it looks like Jessie is the swing vote(Mainly because Elissa hates Aryan even though it's impossible to tell where her head is at, she's been talking with Howard a lot and may side with them this week). Jessies not super happy with the way Amanda tries to run everything so she might side with Spencer and them potentially but either Aryan or Kaitlin could wind up going home depending on how things shake out.
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  19. EdmondPanties High cost of living

    this show was ruined by the MVP vote.

    this show was ruined by pussy ass guys letting women run shit.(looking at you spencer and mcrae)

    someone mentioned it, but howard/spencer/racist/candace/judd/kaitlin/jesse need to target amanda and mcrae and break up that shit right now. then howard/spencer/judd can run shit and get to the final 3. They'll never do it though because they are all fucking stupid.
  20. EdmondPanties High cost of living

    also, im guessing the gay dude used to be fat? he's got double decker titties.
  21. Duvel Single Malts, Strong Pale Ales

    Yeah, he had said he was a few times.

    At this point I am thinking Kaitlin goes home.
  22. The Great Gordo poster boy of underachievement

    I read that on one of her tirades where they kept cutting the feed she was cussing at production and even mentioning their wives by name.
  23. HoosDaMan Slut for the Stars

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  24. HoosDaMan Slut for the Stars

    also has all cams. I think someone linked it earlier but I missed it.
  25. TheoB New Member

    had flashbacks of 2 girls 1 cup while watching GM down that frozen yogurt
  26. BrooklynRU New Member

    the feeds are money right now.
  27. stangd I love scotch. Scotchy, scotch, scotch

    Can't see them, anything good?
  28. BrooklynRU New Member

    kaitlin, amanda, aaryn were all rolling on the grass with their legs spread as some sort of exercise.
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  29. stangd I love scotch. Scotchy, scotch, scotch

  30. beerleagueman New Member

    Looks like Aaryn's charm offensive on Judd might work to not get voted out, she actually has had a good social game this week while Katelyn just sleeps all day assuming she's safe.
    Show Spoiler


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  31. stangd I love scotch. Scotchy, scotch, scotch

    Oh god bless you beerleagueman

    I hate me some Aaryn, but I wanna see her naked dammit
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  32. Quick Nanananana

    I want Aaryn to stay. I love her.
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  33. beerleagueman New Member

    she's said some horrible things but so has GM while Katelyn basically egged her on but the CBS edit(and Elissa/Candice) just focus on her. I'm still waiting for 1 negative CBS edit on Elisa, Helen or Candice. As long as she doesn't bring the race stuff up again I'd much rather see her stay over GM or Katelyn but there's still a few days for everything to flip where she still goes

    here's an example that if Aaryn said this instead of Helen or GM they probably make a huge deal out of it and put it on the CBS edit for Wednesday or Thursday:
  34. Quick Nanananana

    GM isnt going anywhere but she is by far the worst. I just cant stand listening to her talk about anything.
  35. audrew Master of Education

    So close...
    Show Spoiler
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  36. Cawgs or Gie! The next Jordy Nelson, obviously.

    Her ribs are bigger than her titties.
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  37. UA412 New Member

    Gm has said much more worse things and does so more often. She's also so fucking stupid.

    Hope she goes this week.
  38. NP13 MC OG

    also has that horrible accent
  39. HoosDaMan Slut for the Stars

    I'm all for candice/ginamarie leaving. They add nothing. Ginamarie is trash and Candice has been dry humping Howard all over the house like a puppy.
  40. audrew Master of Education

    I'm confused as to who's going home this week. I know Helen, Elissa, Andy, Amanda, and MC are on one side...and I know Howard, Spencer, Judd, Candice and I think Jessie are on another.
  41. UA412 New Member

    Thought for sure it was Aaryn. Now i'm leaning towards the GM/Kaitlin side. No clue either, but haven't follow it that closely recently.
  42. The Best Alive Interfere w/ dese nuts!

    Kaitlin is going home. Helen, Elissa, Jessie, Judd, MC, Amanda and Andy all want to send Kaitlin home now. Howard, Candice and Spencer are more up in the air but they're worried about Kaitlin potentially having an alliance with MC, Amanda and so they want to boot her.

    Judd told How/Sp about MC/Am side wanting Kaitlin gone but How thinks it may be a trick to throw them off.

    Judd and Andy are in a fake alliance with SP/How with Cand along for the ride kind of and every discussion they have with them is getting reported back to Mc/Am/Hel.

    Judd was doing such a good job acting last night that Jessie was in the room with him How/Sp and she thought Judd was actually on their side for a minute.

    Judd and Andy are in a very good position currently because they're getting to play the other side of the house while actually remaining in the Mc/Am/Hel alliance for now.

    Should be a near unanimous vote for Kaitlin to go as of now.
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  43. Duvel Single Malts, Strong Pale Ales

    I know GM is not going home. She will most likely not have a vote against her.

    Currently, Kaitlin will be evicted. Elissa has even been convinced to vote her out over Aryan. Every person seems to have about 3 or 4 different sub alliances and their stories don't match up. But I think currently Helen, Andy, Jessie, Amanda, and McCrae will be voting out Kaitlin. Helen is so dumb that she is trying to convince Spencer and Howard to vote out Kaitlin as well when they don't need their votes.

    I can't remember a season with such loose lips.
  44. UA412 New Member

  45. Duvel Single Malts, Strong Pale Ales

    Agreed on Judd and Andy. I think Andy may have played the best game so far. He is extremely observant and is able to get in others' heads (both persuasion and reading where they are at). He was the first one to break down how it would have worked for Elissa to be America's choice even though she couldn't/wouldn't accept his logic.

    I am hoping for an Andy, Judd, Jessie final three. I can't come up with 9 people that I like/want to get to jury.
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  46. The Best Alive Interfere w/ dese nuts!

    Yeah, like that three a lot as well for final three. I like MC as well but he lets Amanda try to control things too much. that's going to bite her in the ass soon though probably.
  47. Duvel Single Malts, Strong Pale Ales

    Yeah, I would throw McCrae into the final 4 if Amanda drops soon. I am thinking one of Spencer/Howard or McCrae/Amanda goes home next week depending on who HoH is.
  48. Duvel Single Malts, Strong Pale Ales

    This is an interesting perspective on Elissa and Amanda:
  49. RonBurgundy Fan of: Non-results oriented football programs

    That reads like a 17 year old who hates Elissa and Amanda wrote that, not a member of a TV production crew.
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  50. audrew Master of Education

    Like an ass-flavored Popsicle....I ain't buying it
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