Black Friday Shopping Prank

Discussion in 'The Mainboard' started by Clutch, Nov 28, 2011.

  1. Clutch

    Clutch Thanks

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  2. Krieger

    Krieger Pita Predator

    that really was incredibly funny

    the bald guy wrote better ones but was shitty at reading his
  3. OAK

    OAK a's, cal, lakers

  4. Barves2125

    Barves2125 Если вы будете сопротивлятÑ

    Pretty damn funny. Think I could have some amusing times with this.

    Clown Baby If you're down to try it, I am.
  5. I <3 bama cock

    I <3 bama cock Sharks are born swimming

  6. Gaknight

    Gaknight NO'leary

    those employees are terrible
  7. BhamBammer

    BhamBammer Showtime for Heisman

    This is the first I've ever heard of a two story Target
  8. Krieger

    Krieger Pita Predator

    they are making a three story one in the brookwood village fwiw
  9. BhamBammer

    BhamBammer Showtime for Heisman

    that's a low price
  10. Barves2125

    Barves2125 Если вы будете сопротивлятÑ

    Wait... you mean my beloved Colonial Brookwood Village?!?! For real?!?!
  11. Krieger

    Krieger Pita Predator

    yeah my brother works at the one on 280 and he said they plan on building one in the couple of years thats going to be multiple stories

    im pretty much the pelican of department stored
  12. Dick Trickle

    Dick Trickle New Member

    Oil painting of clowns storming the beach at normandy slayed me
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  13. TheChad

    TheChad Boiled peanuts are good

    Held up pretty good until left handed washing glove.
  14. slogan119

    slogan119 Her?

    Did me in, too.
  15. cal

    cal BOATS

    damn so y'all are like 10 years behind the west coast

    first two story target over here was like 03
  16. Seavie

    Seavie Fan of: News feeds. TMB: REAL NIGGA SHIT

    We got that fish problem. Lol.
  17. Krieger

    Krieger Pita Predator

    multiple storied targets are only made in cities or with limited space, apparently. they arent like technologically advanced or anything.

    i didnt realize how much my brother talked to me about working at the electronic counter in target until this thread.
  18. soulfly

    soulfly New Member

  19. soulfly

    soulfly New Member

  20. miles

    miles All I know is my gut says, maybe

    For whatever reason I laughed the hardest at "pre-made toast."
  21. Krieger

    Krieger Pita Predator

    i started losing it at mormon disco ball
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  22. wes tegg

    wes tegg Staff Member

    Disposable slacks was my undoing.
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  23. Corky Bucek

    Corky Bucek Fan of: Making America Great Again #Trump2016 Staff Member

    There's been a multi story Target in Buckhead in Atl for a long ass time.
  24. Buster Bryant

    Buster Bryant Fan of: Cubs, Chiefs, Hawkeyes, Lakers

    Definitely the best one.
  25. Babou

    Babou ocelot

    turtle mix
  26. sc_chant

    sc_chant Be A Dog

  27. sc_chant

    sc_chant Be A Dog

  28. fish

    fish Impossible, Germany

    Those stores look entirely too empty for it to have been Black Friday.
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  29. Principal McVicker

    Principal McVicker Not so New Member

    shouldn't have they caught on at eye removal kit and that lady is a moron
  30. southlick

    southlick Centaur

    Fancy boy lip glitter got me
  31. Clown Baby

    Clown Baby Ill get to Kokomo slow then take it fast

    Ive never been more serious about anything my entire life
  32. Joey Freshwater

    Joey Freshwater Slingin The Pipe Since 75

    I love that the woman pointed him to the direction of where "Infant Hair Dye" would be :loldog:
  33. JeremyLambsFace

    JeremyLambsFace Fan of: Coach Muschamp

    This is the Ron Paul workout video he mentioned:

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