Coffee snobs?

Discussion in 'The Mainboard' started by supercity, Jun 30, 2010.

  1. Mambo Gook Hail Southern!

    Damn iphone
  2. * J Y * TEXAS


    I woke up the other day and used my gf's french press. I literally grew a cunt on my face, which slowly faded away throughout the day. It made me want a regular setup so that I can march around all day and people can see what a huge cunt I really am.

    Where do I start? French press? Burr grinder? Intelligentsia? Consider yourself the obgyn of coffee. I need a nice aromatic papsmear every morning.
  3. broXcore headphone bleed make the shit sound real

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  4. The_Baumer Do you even know what an idiom is?

    Intelli is so five years ago... but seriously, some of my favorite roasters are Klatch, Stumptown and Metropolis.
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  5. The Sports Duck can you watch your tv on a slingbox in france?

    i have this grinder. conical burrs ($$) are a must if you want to get cunty.


    it set me back 200, but it's really easy to use and you can grind from super coarse for french press to super fine for espresso and turkish.
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  6. The Sports Duck can you watch your tv on a slingbox in france?

  7. 3NolesFan3 There's no cure for being a cunt

    I really enjoyed reading this post.
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  8. supercity TMB's house honky

    smuggy but true.

    i sorta cornered full metal cunt -- my client provides Kean and Klatch all their green beans and we roast together now on his Diedrich roaster. so cunty i smell like fisherman's wharf

    That said, cheapest is burr grinder (don't overspend) and get a chemex and Hario -- do pour overs. I prefer them over a french press. Or do the technovorm if you're doing volume coffee.
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  9. 3NolesFan3 There's no cure for being a cunt

    Jesus and I felt like I had "made it" when I finally bought a Keurig.
  10. The_Baumer Do you even know what an idiom is?

    Yeah, if you're roasting your own green beans, it doesn't get much more 3rd wave than that. I was going to get a Behmor and start playing around with 12 oz. batches. I feel it's a slippery slope and once you go start, there's no going back.
  11. IanC Hurr Derrrr herrrrrr, Bork! Bork! Bork!


    I just got this DeLonghi grinder. Been pretty happy with it.

    I have been sticking with Metropolis and intelligentsia lately just because it is convenient to get at WF or Treasure Island. I really want to try Kickapoo Coffee. They won Roaster of the Year a couple years back from Roast Magazine, and they are from my home state Wisconsin. Anyone ever had it?
  12. * J Y * TEXAS

    French press came in. Smug levels have risen a level.
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  13. * J Y * TEXAS

    Have a hario kettle on the way. Been looking at the baratza encore, will pull the trigger soon. What coffee am I buying? I like a medium to full bodied coffee but not too strong.
  14. Richard Fan of the Braves and University of Alabama

    just started drinking coffee this month, and this is my setup. Hope this little habit i started doesn't end with me being cunty and buying really expensive equipment just for my morning beverage.

  15. * J Y * TEXAS

    Best Kona coffee?
  16. * J Y * TEXAS

  17. IanC Hurr Derrrr herrrrrr, Bork! Bork! Bork!

    Most of my go-to coffee spots do not have Kona beans.
  18. supercity TMB's house honky

    the El Salvs are in season. There's an "especial" floating around that is perfect. the bourbon

    don't do kona buy the rusty's farm - it's the real deal
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  19. Joe Carroll The artist formerly known as StinkyP1nky

    I still want this.
  20. * J Y * TEXAS

  21. The_Baumer Do you even know what an idiom is?

    I just ordered from Atomic. They're out of MA. I've never tried their stuff before. I bought two of their espresso offerings and a Nicaraguan.
  22. The Sports Duck can you watch your tv on a slingbox in france?

    been lusting after a technivorm for a while now. already have an espresso machine, french press, and an aeropress. don't know if i can justify dropping some more change for a drip.

    also want a super cunty reg barber tamper :ohdear:
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  23. * J Y * TEXAS

    My next appliance purchase will be this guy.
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  24. Steve Anus Every man has a price, for the Million Dollar Man

    Got myself one of these and I'm really enjoying it.

    Anyone else use travel presses?

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  25. Iron Mickey Ya like dags?

    Didn't read thread. Does it contain a beginner's guide for coffee snobbery?
  26. IanC Hurr Derrrr herrrrrr, Bork! Bork! Bork!

    I have one but hav we yet to use it. How u like it? My employer got bought out by a large company which meant losing good coffee perks. I've been buying Starbucks every day, but have considered using this during the week. I just don't know if I want to go full cunt in the workplace. My biggest prob is that I don't like taking coffee on the train. If I drove to work it wouldn't be an issue
  27. Brewtus Everyone poops.

    Been recently using an Aeropress. That, plus some quality coffee produces a damn good cup of joe.
  28. Steve Anus Every man has a price, for the Million Dollar Man

    Well the reason I bought it is because I'm travelling for work about 50% of the year, and there is never good coffee in hotels, and I'm not always by a place to get good coffee. I love this travel press. I just use the hotel coffee maker for the hot water and bring my own coffee wherever I go.
  29. Broteen Maintaining Integrity

    Same model. Bring mine to work each morning. Leaks a little at the press if filled up and tilted or heavily bumped but would rather have it than not.
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  30. * J Y * TEXAS

    Just bought a Chemex. I live down the street from a Williams Sonoma and at 35 bucks I couldn't resist. What the fuck is wrong with me? I drank a full 8 cup French press every day last week. This isn't healthy. I'm going to be free basing this shit soon. Where does it end, shooting up espresso as condensed as you can get it?
  31. The_Baumer Do you even know what an idiom is?

    That would be called a ristretto. And yes, if you keep it up, that's where it ends.
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  32. * J Y * TEXAS

    TMB chooses the next coffee I buy.
  33. FactsRule Mmm ... Coconuts

  34. * J Y * TEXAS

  35. FactsRule Mmm ... Coconuts

  36. Hogview Fan of the Green board, Razorbacks

    Who in here fucks with the pour-over coffee?
  37. * J Y * TEXAS

    Boiling water for my Chemex right now.
  38. Hogview Fan of the Green board, Razorbacks

    Is their really that much difference in taste?
  39. * J Y * TEXAS

    You just get to control everything. If something is off its all your fault, but it's superior to a drip or keurig deal where you get to control very little. Here is what I try to control:

    Whole bean freshness

    Grind size

    Water Temperature

    Ground to water ratio

    Ground blooming

    Consistent and equal ground coverage

    I'm sure I'm missing stuff but the point is there are very particular parameters for all of those things depending on how much you're brewing and what you're brewing it in. When you get all of that just so, it just feels and tastes like you're getting the most out of your beans. I'm a huge fan so far. I also enjoy French press but it's a different experience. It's not as clean of a cup, little muddier and cloudier but some people prefer that.
  40. * J Y * TEXAS

    Found a pretty cunty local roaster that sells a single origin costa rican I'm going to try tomorrow.
  41. CVD's Cock Def not bugs

  42. supercity TMB's house honky

    Looks like I might be opening a coffee house and bakery in the next 3 months. Just started negotiations with a landlord -- my client - the green coffee broker - wants to partner so we'll get all our green beans at cost - so our margins will already be better than most. Pour overs exclusively.
  43. * J Y * TEXAS

    You're a hero to cunts everywhere. Cuntus javas majorus.
  44. supercity TMB's house honky

    My clitoris is bigger than a french press
  45. * J Y * TEXAS

  46. Broteen Maintaining Integrity

    Where do you plan on opening up? My work takes me to LA and OC often.
  47. chanman Worth 6 million googles

    Same general area? I probably should talk to you about equipment you are going to use. I'm not a coffee guy so that side of things is not my strong point.
  48. * J Y * TEXAS

    Super is there ever concern about these small single origin estates being in the drug biz as well?
  49. Where Eagles Dare Christ - Family - Money

    Finally got my air tight bean container, french press, grinder & kettle off my wedding registry. Making my first cup tomorrow.

    Give me pointers for :like: 's
  50. * J Y * TEXAS

    Get a really coarse grind for the french press.
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