Desensitized 9/11 Photos

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    this MattyIce guy is a fool
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    The Amish make such good pastries. The Amish market near me has these awesome blueberry fritters.
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    Blueberry fritters you say? That's sounds better than these Apple fritters. Fucking jewish Amish around here put like 1 fucking slice of apple on the top of these things so it's 99% fritter 1% apple. Regardless, you're correct it's the pastry and the icing that make it amazing. It's like a giant glazed donut.
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    i was eating quiznos at the time i opened this thread.
    as if eating quiznos wasn't a bad enough choice in and of itself.
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    Thread derailed

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    Starting to look like the badass mother fucking symbol of "suck our dick" that it will become.
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    Can we stay on topic please?

    My grandpa would help the local Amish in the summer and I went with him a couple times. Even though it was preceded by 7 or 8 hours of back breaking labor, the fresh pastries and pies they would give us were undoubtedly the best desserts I've had to this day.
  8. I have no doubt there are other photos out there that aren't published. I remember a few photojournalists saying they took pictures of limbs and bodies on the ground they would never publish. TV and monotony makes people numb to reality. Seeing these pictures is hard to look at. To someone else, that was their husband that jumped out of the building, or someone's wife on the plane, someone's child in that field in PA. Its a very real reminder our world is a hostile place, and that hostility spills into our streets to affect us all.

    I'm going to share with you a video. This is in some ways far worse than the pictures. Its an audio clip of a 9-1-1 call made by a man trapped in one of the towers. You will hear everything up until his last words. It will chill you to the bone. It was played during the prosecution of Zacarias Moussaoui.

    Oh and please keep the theology discussions out of the thread. The last two-thirds of the first page were complete shit.
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    That's awful and I don't want to sound heartless, but that dude sounded like a huge dick to a powerless telephone operator.

    I can't imagine being in the situation and how scary that must have been, but it's not like she wasn't doing everything she could.
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    I don't think there is any rationality at a time like that.

    Equally sad part in that conversation is the conversation he has with the fireman, who I presume is heading to his floor to attempt to rescue him :(
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    Someone actually analyzed that video as the guy going through the 7 stages of grief. It was surprisingly accurate.
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    I can't promise that I would be polite in that situation.

    That clip is ridiculously sad.
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    The guy's scared and desperate at that point, you can tell by the tone of his voice. Can't really blame him imo
  16. Shocker

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    I forgot that he told his wife that he was fine and headed down after the first plane struck the other tower :(

    That clip probably touched me more than anything I've ever seen in regard to 9/11.
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    That is awful. The ending got to me in a big way.
  18. 2Poor

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    Agree 100%
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    Heard it before.

    Will not listen again.

    Fuck that. I deal with enough raw emotion at work, don't need more of it where the guy knows he's probably dying in mere minutes.
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    I can't really tell where all the stages are in the 5 min conversation.
  21. Merica

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    Yeah again I don't know how the hell i'd respond in that situation. I just have a customer who talks exactly like that guy in non-life threatening situations.

    I teared up a little watching it no doubt. So damn sad and makes the situation so much more real.
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    I get so mindfucked by that video when it shows his picture at the end and he doesn't look like someone from Jersey Shore.
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    Words cannot describe how awesome Manhattan truly is.
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    I must spend too much time on the internet. Those pictures didn't phase me at all :feelsbadman:

    Not that I didn't think they're terrible and incredibly sad.

  25. Fusiontegra

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    Even in a life-threatening situation, he's a New Yorker...
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  26. Fusiontegra

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    Haven't been since xmas last year. That's fucking amazing progress...looks awesome.
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    you're not funny.
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    Not all Christians are Catholic or Protestants :twocents:
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    Kill yourself for bumping that
  30. goose

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    That video was 10x worse than any of the pictures, wow.
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    It was in a comment thread on reddit, so it will never be found. Only search function worse than here and bing.
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    Yeah same here, but that video of the 911 call and the Heaven song with all the kids telling their dads about how they have grown up 10 years later absolutely destroy me. :tebow::tebow::tebow::tebow::tebow::tebow::tebow::tebow:
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  35. Pelican

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    First time I have seen this video posted.

    Show Spoiler
    in the last ten minutes.
    Show Spoiler
    but seriously I have no issue with it being posted again.
    Show Spoiler
  36. Lets get some AA turrets and laser cannons on the top of that bitch though.

    On second thought, tractor beam. Don't want to fuck the surrounding area up.
  37. Charlie Conway

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    I could handle the pictures but this video made me lose it :tebow:
  38. BuckeyeRiot

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    You're talkin to my boy all wrong here.
  39. goose

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    I thought it was hilarious
  40. srdrummond

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    I was out in the first 10 seconds with that little girl saying how much she missed her dad. Immediately hit stop and went and got some air. Shits too real and I have 3 kids myself so there is no way I would make it through the entire thing.
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    oh my god
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    Swag Champ has fallen
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    Have a friend that lost her father during 9/11. Worked on one of the top floors of one of the towers. Have always wanted to talk about it with her but don't know how to do so in a respectful and compassionate enough way that I would ever even try.
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    I fucking lost it right here
  49. TDCD

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    Not to sound insensitive but I'm trying to figure out the logistics of being on one of the top floors when it collapsed. Would the ground just kinda disappear suddenly and you start falling along with everything else? Hard to picture.
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