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  1. Ikawgagoo New Member

    Glad we get to keep him but it is a ton.

    Pretty happy we aren't the team that payed Eric Wright either.
  2. MG2 This pic is not an endorsement of Lions coaches

    Anwar Richardson saying Ginn will be visiting today instead of tomorrow.
  3. Ikawgagoo New Member

    Since Heller was called our FB, although I don't believe we really used one, are we expecting to sign anyone? I know Vickers is on the market although he probably costs too much.
  4. DeToxRox Victim of the Rooney Rule

    Vickers just signed with Dallas.

    I don't see us adding a traditional FB. Most likely we'll sign a 3rd TE or draft one late. Either way it'll be a guy with versatility.
  5. Ikawgagoo New Member

    I don't doubt it. I'd love a guy like Vickers though so we could have some success getting tough yards running it with LeShoure if he gets healthy
  6. DeToxRox Victim of the Rooney Rule

    RavensInsider: Eric Winston's upcoming visits: Chiefs tomorrow, then Rams, Ravens and Lions, per a league source”

    Would be happy if he made it here but I doubt he remains unsigned before he visits.
  7. MG2 This pic is not an endorsement of Lions coaches

    I think it's kind of interesting that they're bringing in a right tackle who would cost that kind of money. First time in a while it seems they're looking that hard at an OL in FA.
  8. Ikawgagoo New Member

    About time. Would be a nice get.
  9. DeToxRox Victim of the Rooney Rule

    T Marcus McNeil and CB Jacob Lacey to visit Lions, according to sources

    Posted by ttwentyman on March 14, 2012 – 10:53 pm

    Former Chargers left tackle Marcus McNeil is flying to Detroit Thursday and will visit the Lions’ practice facility in Allen Park Friday, according to a league source.
    McNeill was released by the Chargers earlier this week due to his history with neck injuries and to clear cap space. He was a second-round draft pick in 2006 and has played in two Pro Bowls.
    He spent last season on injured-reserve with a neck issue.
    The Lions will also host former Colts cornerback Jacob Lacey, according to sources.
    Lacey has started 27 games for the Colts over the last three seasons. Lacey, 24, had 72 tackles and one interception in 15 games with the Colts last season. He started 10 games at left corner in 2011.
    Lacey was not offered a restricted free agent tender by the Colts.
    The Lions will host wide receiver/return specialist Ted Ginn at the facility Thursday.
    Ginn caught 19 passes in 14 games with the 49ers last season but excelled as a returner, scoring on both kick and punt returns.
    Ginn missed the end of the season with an ankle injury and the 49ers felt his absence in a loss to the Giants in the NFC Championship Game when the 49ers committed two special teams turnovers.
    Offensive lineman Eric Winston, 28, who was released by the Houston Texans on Monday, also is planning a visit to the Lions, according to Ravens Insider Aaron Wilson.
    Winston, a right tackle, started every game the last five years for the Texans. He’s also scheduled to visit the Chiefs, Rams and Ravens.
  10. MG2 This pic is not an endorsement of Lions coaches

    Seems we're going to be pretty quiet in FA, as a lot of the guys we've been linked to seem more like value plays than anything, mostly because they're coming off injuries:

    Geoff Schwartz - missed all last year with a hip injury
    Marcus McNeil - missed all last year with a neck injury
    Eric Winston - I believe he failed a physical with the Texans, which is a big reason he was cut, and just had a minor knee surgery
    LaRon Landry - missed a lot of time the last two years with injuries, and might be looking for a shorter deal to build up some value again

    Those are probably the biggest names we're after to this point. Lacey is a young guy who I read in several places was surprisingly not tendered a contract by Indy, so he probably falls into the "value" category as well.
  11. TC22 Wolverines

  12. Cornelius Suttree Et in Arcadia ego

    sucks that Tulloch's last two years in TN were under Chuck Cecil's reign

    he seemed incredibly limited in whatever the fuck defense we were trying to run under that idiot
  13. MG2 This pic is not an endorsement of Lions coaches

    From the NFC North blog about some OL stuff

  14. MG2 This pic is not an endorsement of Lions coaches

    I want this to happen, as I could totally see some sort of Stantonmania happening in NY if Sanchez got hurt and Stanton ran around Tebow style as his back-up and won a game.

  15. DeToxRox Victim of the Rooney Rule

    I don't like losing Drew. He was the reason for our preseason dominance damnit.
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  16. MG2 This pic is not an endorsement of Lions coaches

    I had been hoping that Buffalo would lose out on Mario, and then panic sign Avril in exchange for a first rounder. I'm not hoping the Bengals or Titans don't find a DE anywhere and make that move.
  17. MG2 This pic is not an endorsement of Lions coaches

    I don't see this one, but it's kind of interesting

  18. MG2 This pic is not an endorsement of Lions coaches

    A former agent had this write-up on the Calvin deal over at National Football post.

  19. Ikawgagoo New Member

    I'd hate to lose Hill but Garrard would be a nice backup if healthy.

    I'm liking CJ's contract more and more.
  20. MG2 This pic is not an endorsement of Lions coaches

    Lions signed fullback James Bryant. Played in the CFL as a DE, I guess. I remember the name from back in the day down at Miami. He was a pretty big recruit, I believe, but he ended up not doing much there and transferred to Louisville.
  21. Brewtus Everyone poops.

    I'm really hoping we sign Ted Ginn. First of all I'm a Buckeye, second of all it'd be great to get that speed and specialization at return man, and honestly he can't cost that much. Provide some nice competition at the 2-4 receiver positions too.
  22. Moxin24 Ukrane is game to you?

    Logan is fine, don't know why we'd sign Ginn if he costs more.
  23. buckwild BUMP

    That's a name from the past. He was a borderline five star I think....and he did something terrible on his official visit to OSU to get his offer yanked immediately....believe he got sent home too. I don't remember what he was rumored to have done though.
  24. MG2 This pic is not an endorsement of Lions coaches

    I don't remember much either. I just remember the name and swear he did some weird shit in his recruitment that made me think he belonged at Miami.
  25. MG2 This pic is not an endorsement of Lions coaches

    Marcus McNeil visit write-up from the Freep:

    Show Spoiler
    The Detroit Lions hosted free-agent left tackle Marcus McNeill for a visit today and remain in active negotiations to re-sign Jeff Backus.

    If the 34-year-old Backus returns for a 12th season in Detroit, where he never has missed a start but is rehabbing from a torn biceps, McNeill said that “probably will affect” his consideration of the Lions.

    “Of course, they have Jeff Backus, and he’s been a great pro for many years for them here,” McNeill said. “Of course I have issues, and it is a business here, so if they’re going to part ways, I would love to come play left tackle for Detroit. But it is a business, so you have to wait for them to make decisions first, and I’m pretty sure they have a lot more commitments and time put in already with Jeff, so he’ll probably be their first priority.”

    Unexpectedly released by the San Diego Chargers on Tuesday, McNeill said he plans to take a few more visits before deciding on his next team. He said he has visits with the Atlanta Falcons and Kansas City Chiefs set up for next week.

    “I don’t think I’m going to take that much time with my process, but at the same time, you want to make the best decision,” McNeill said. “It’ll be the first time I played on a different team, so it’s going to be a process of kind of narrowing down and just see who really wants me. It’s a process, but it should be a fun one.
    I can tell you that Detroit made a very good impression on me just off the bat.”

    The 28-year-old McNeill started most of his first six NFL seasons at left tackle for the Chargers, protecting quarterback Philip Rivers’ blind side.

    He missed 12 games over the last two years, however, and has a history of neck problems.

    McNeill said he was cleared by doctors in Charlotte, N.C., to resume playing last week, but according to the San Diego Union-Tribune, he was not expected to be cleared by team doctors, which prompted his release.

    McNeill said his neck is “100%” now and that he’s been working out since mid-January.

    He took a physical during his visit with the Lions and said he can see himself playing in Detroit next year.

    “If you just look at the team and where they’re going, it’s a place that a guy who wants to win and is ready to come in and contribute to a winning team, wants to be (part of) that,” he said. “They have a great young quarterback, great young talent on offense. They got Calvin (Johnson), of course, and then they’re very stout on defense, how they need to be.

    “That’s the formula for a championship team, a team that’s going to be able to win here in the future, so I wouldn’t mind being on a team of that caliber. And also the coaching staff, everybody I met today really seems like the type of people I would like to be around and really would take my career to the next level.”
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  26. MG2 This pic is not an endorsement of Lions coaches

    Stanton to the Jets on a one-year deal. We might start losing preseason games now, which is unfortunate.
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  27. Moxin24 Ukrane is game to you?

    I don't think our dream triumvirate of personal fouls is going to happen

  28. Constant Meh

    Shaun Hill resigns for two years. Nice surprise. I love him as a backup.
  29. MG2 This pic is not an endorsement of Lions coaches

    Lions, Jeff Backus Reportedly Agree To Two-Year Deal

    [IMG] by Sean Yuille on Mar 17, 2012 8:04 PM EDT in Detroit Lions News

    It turns out that quarterback Shaun Hill wasn't the only Detroit Lions free agent to be re-signed to a two-year deal tonight. Offensive tackle Jeff Backus is also coming back on a two-year deal, according to Tim Twentyman.

    The move to re-sign Backus comes just a day after offensive tackle Marcus McNeill visited the Lions. He left without signing a deal and said that his chances of ending up in Detroit would likely depend on what happens with Backus. Now that we know Backus is returning, it looks like McNeill can be scratched off the list of possible additions.

    Although nothing is ever a sure thing, the move to re-sign Backus has been expected ever since the offseason began. While he did suffer a torn bicep in the playoff game against the New Orleans Saints, Backus should be ready to go by training camp. Sure, there was the thought of the Lions changing things up and going in a different direction, but Backus will be back in 2012 for his 12th season with the team.

    The Lions could still draft an offensive tackle in April to build for the future, but with Backus under contract for two years, it appears he is expected to start at left tackle through 2013. After that, it's anyone's guess.
  30. MG2 This pic is not an endorsement of Lions coaches

    Also, Winston signed in KC today. Don't think that one was ever happening for us, although he was going to visit on Monday. If we're still looking at Schwartz on the OL, this might help us because I think he was going to visit KC. Not sure if teams are looking at him as a guard or tackle, though.
  31. MG2 This pic is not an endorsement of Lions coaches

  32. DeToxRox Victim of the Rooney Rule

    David Hawthorne is visiting Tuesday.
  33. Manny I love lamp.

    So uh totally unrealistic desire for Jonathon Stewart engage.
  34. jwpearl I shall fetch a rug

    Wow, Burfict. From certain 1st rounder to potential undrafted? Who wouldn't take a chance on a guy like that late
  35. MG2 This pic is not an endorsement of Lions coaches

    Every time I see our roster, signing Avril for huge money makes less sense to me.
  36. Moxin24 Ukrane is game to you?

    Its hard to fault them. Without a pass rush our secondary gets shredded even worse than it did last year.
  37. dathalfnukkahd dat nukka high definition

    So who are we going after in the draft? hopefully a CB and OL.
  38. MG2 This pic is not an endorsement of Lions coaches

    I understand why they'd want to keep him. I just don't know that it's going to make us better by doing it because of how much space he's taking up combined with what he provides. Our secondary is scary right now unless we strike gold in the draft or lose Tulloch and use that money to sign someone like Tracy Porter (who isn't really good either).
  39. MG2 This pic is not an endorsement of Lions coaches

    Laron Landry signed with the Jets today for one year and $4 million. @DeToxRox is pleased with this news.
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  40. DeToxRox Victim of the Rooney Rule

    Thank Tebow
  41. MG2 This pic is not an endorsement of Lions coaches

    Titans apparently close to a five-year deal with Kamerion Wimbley. If it's for anything close to the $35-40 million range, the chances of Avril signing anything long term go from "slim" to "none", in all likelihood.
  42. DeToxRox Victim of the Rooney Rule

    5 years, 35 mil for Wimbley. 13.5 of it guaranteed.
  43. MG2 This pic is not an endorsement of Lions coaches

    Avril was probably already asking for something in the 5 years, $50 million range. I'm guessing that deal only cements his (and his agent's) opinion that his worth is in that range. I can't see us paying him that.
  44. Moxin24 Ukrane is game to you?

    So best case scenario for us, Avril has a decent but unspectacular year so we can resign him at a reasonable price next season?
  45. MG2 This pic is not an endorsement of Lions coaches

    He could have 4 sacks this year and still make $8-10 million a year on the market next year if he's not franchised again if the cap goes up like expected.
  46. buckwild BUMP

    Lions agree to terms with CB Jacob Lacey; re-sign DT Andre Fluellen

    Posted by ttwentyman on March 20, 2012 – 10:41 am

    The Lions have agreed to terms on a one-year deal with free agent cornerback Jacob Lacey, according to sources.
    Lacey, 24, has started 27 games for the Colts over the last three seasons playing primarily left corner. He had 72 tackles and one interception in 15 games with the Colts last season.
    Lacey visited the Lions’ Allen Park training facility last week after he wasn’t offered a restricted free agent tender by the Colts.
    He will more than likely compete to fill the starting cornerback spot vacated by Eric Wright, who left after signing with the Buccaneers.
    The Lions have also re-signed defensive tackle Andre Fluellen.
    Last season, Fluellen had 11 tackles off the bench for the Lions. He appeared in 13 games and forced one fumble.
    He’s been a valuable reserve for the Lions over the years because of his ability to play all four positions along the defensive line.
    Fluellen was third-round pick by the Lions in 2008.
  47. DeToxRox Victim of the Rooney Rule

    Lacey is pretty bad but he's still young. He'll probably make an okay 3rd or 4th DB. He's been in the T2 his entire career so we'll see how he handles more press coverage.
  48. DeToxRox Victim of the Rooney Rule

    As far as Avril goes, he has more value to us on the field but if you can get a first for him then you have to trade him. I think Willie Young and Lawrence Jackson could combine for 12-14 sacks in this scheme, with these DT's.
  49. MG2 This pic is not an endorsement of Lions coaches

    I think KVB's age and injury history also plays a role in not wanting to risk letting him go without a draft pick.
  50. DeToxRox Victim of the Rooney Rule

    RT “@ProFootballTalk: Stephen Tulloch signs five-year deal with Lions, per league source.”

    Safety dance

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