Did we travel back to 1994?: The official 2013 San Francisco 49ers thread

Discussion in 'The Mainboard' started by rick vaughn, Jul 13, 2010.

  1. Don Vincenzo Leave the gun. Take the cannoli.


    Some of those who have pursued Manning the hardest believe he's head to San Francisco. If so, congrats to the 49ers.
  2. Don Vincenzo Leave the gun. Take the cannoli.

    Morgan got a nice deal from the Redskins. Barrows now isn't expecting Ginn back.

    Oh well. Just sign Manning and draft a WR in the first round plz.
  4. EdNigma where my green boards bros at?

    look in he back. behind henne

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  5. Broteen Maintaining Integrity

  6. mc415 Hella 415

    ginn looks like he might be a Lion, he wants more PT at WR he said not just be a return man
  7. 49ers169 Administrator

    People already dreaming:

  9. Don Vincenzo Leave the gun. Take the cannoli.


    Alex Smith visiting the Dolphins today. :warn:

    Also, the McClain guy I quoted at the top of the page is apparently really plugged into the NFL. He used to cover the Titans going back to when they were the Oilers and has covered other teams, too.
  10. 49ers169 Administrator

    Visiting the Seahwks next according to Barrows.
  11. Tom Servo What a cool guy!

    rooting for Peyton to the 9ers
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  12. WESTCOASTNOLE New Member

    I'm thinking hoping that as long as Peyton makes his decision by Tuesday that it won't fuck us with Alex.
  13. Broteen Maintaining Integrity

    Oh well, would've liked to have had Manning but we weren't going to spend 5y/95m. At least they tried.
  14. Whammy Out Of Business Avid indoorsman, 4-3 defense enthusiast

    Alex Smith gonna get one of those "our bad" contracts like Sanchez?
  15. Broteen Maintaining Integrity

    Doubt the Niners do anything to change their 3/24 offer much. I think they were prepared to go with Keapernick in any other case.
  16. TAS Being fat. Eatin crawfish. Everything crazy.

  17. 49ers169 Administrator

    Honestly not too worried if Kaep is the guy. We aren't dealing with Singletary here, Harbaugh is the QB guru and if he is fine with Kaep that should be good.

    Is he going to throw 5 or less picks all year? No he won't but we should be a better overall offense in terms of talent and his arm and physical tools are greater than Alex's.

    Will it be bumpy? Probably to start but I don't see him being worse off with Moss than Alex was. Granted Kaep is more of a fixture for the future than Alex as well.
  18. TAS Being fat. Eatin crawfish. Everything crazy.

    You cannot assume Alex would again only have 5 INTs, so I think its foolish to hold kaep to that standard.
  19. 49ers169 Administrator

    Oh I think Alex drops off if he comes back here next year as well.
  20. Don Vincenzo Leave the gun. Take the cannoli.

    Whether it's next year or whenever (and now that Peyton is gone I'd like to see Alex with some continuity for once in his career), I'm pretty psyched to see what Kaep can do. Dude pretty much has identical vitals to Cam Newton, except Kaep has a much stronger arm. No telling how high his ceiling could be when you mix those vitals with Harbaugh. According to the beat writers, Kaep has a great work ethic and has been going hard all offseason.

  21. Broteen Maintaining Integrity

    Show Spoiler
  22. VoodooChild5 Fan of: Notre Dame

    I'm not sure I buy that "Kaep has a much stronger arm".
  23. Don Vincenzo Leave the gun. Take the cannoli.

    Good looking out. The video I posted turns into a fucking Nevada season review midway through.
  24. Don Vincenzo Leave the gun. Take the cannoli.

    I know that sounds homerish, but he's supposed to be a freak. He was a 90+ mph fastball pitcher in high school who got drafted. The beat writers in SF said his reputation for arm strength was well deserved once they saw him. Some of them were talking like it was one of the best arms they'd ever seen. I'll try and find some shit from back then. :idk:
  25. Don Vincenzo Leave the gun. Take the cannoli.

    OK, apparently he was the best at the combine, but I probably overstated it when I said "much stronger" than Cam. He, Mallet, and Cam were all close. I'm guessing the use of the word "galactic" indicates that he's got some serious shit going on with that arm.

    ProFootballTalk reports that Colin Kaepernick’s top throw was clocked on the radar gun at a galactic 59 MPH, putting him ahead of Ryan Mallett’s 58 MPH and Cam Newton’s 56 MPH.

    Of course, NFL Network’s Mike Mayock already knew about Kaepernick’s “huge” arm. At the 2010 Manning Quarterback camp, Mayock recalled seeing Eli and Peyton so awed they were “
    ” about the 23-year-old’s howitzer. Said Mayock after watching one of Kaepernick’s Thursday throws, “Did you see the RPMs there?
    Man, I’d love to work with that kid

    According to FOX Sports’ Adam Caplan, Kaepernick was “
    ” on Monday and “
    by far
    ” the best quarterback in practice on Wednesday. CBS’ Rob Rang noted Kaepernick’s “
    ” arm strength.

  26. VoodooChild5 Fan of: Notre Dame

    Yeah, I wasn't saying that his arm wasn't strong, just that Cam also has a pretty strong arm.
  27. dvnasty donuts make me go nuts

    Threw so many wobbly, Phillip Rivers type of throws at Nevada I'll need to see improvement there before I'm ever excited. Arm has never been his problem
  28. mc415 Hella 415

    there is something about his throwing motion i dont like, just doesnt seem like a natural "passer"...physically hes a freak
  29. dvnasty donuts make me go nuts

    100% agree. Obviously pulling for the guy, but he was not a good passer until his senior year
  30. Don Vincenzo Leave the gun. Take the cannoli.

    Jed is so gangsta now. Looks like Alex is losing leverage pretty quickly. Jed doesn't appear to be giving many fucks:

    49ers CEO Jed York told CSNBayArea.com that the ball is still in Alex Smith's court when it comes to a new contract.
    "We have a contract on the table and it's up to him," York said. "We'd like for him (Alex Smith) to be here, and we'll see where it goes."
    York was optimistic when asked if he expects Smith to be his quarterback.
    "I hope he is," York said.
    Jim Harbaugh and Smith were believed to have spoken Monday, but York could not confirm that a conversation took place.
    After Peyton Manning signed with the Denver Broncos Monday morning, reports surfaced Monday afternoon that David Garrard has agreed to terms with the Miami Dolphins, which gives Smith limited leverage in negotiations with the 49ers.

  31. Don Vincenzo Leave the gun. Take the cannoli.

    Looks like we upped Smith's contract a bit from the initial offer, but still sounds like a very cap-friendly number. Probably have enough money to go after Wallace if we want to, or we could just restock through the draft. Ginn still hasn't gotten a contract, either, so maybe he settles back in like Goldson did last year.

    Alex Smith gave in and decided to re-sign with the 49ers. But the team gave in a little, too. The Associated Press reports that Smith's new, three-year deal will pay him $8 million a season but as much as $33 million overall and $16.5 million guaranteed.
  32. Broteen Maintaining Integrity

    Have to imagine the 49ers brass wants Kaepernick to beat out Smith by year four, the last year of his contract.
  33. laxjoe My teams are bad and I do feel bad

  34. Don Vincenzo Leave the gun. Take the cannoli.

    Looks like we're negotiating a contract with RG Geoff Schwartz. Would be a pretty solid pickup, as he can also play RT if necessary. Seems like a good meat and potatoes type blocker who shouldn't cost too much.

    Man, I can't wait for the draft now.
  35. mc415 Hella 415

    yeah we need adam snyder type of OL who can play Guard or Tackle, b/c we know there will be injuries at some point and will need that versatility Snyder brought to the table
  36. Don Vincenzo Leave the gun. Take the cannoli.

    Damn, Schwarz took a one year deal with the Vikings. They must have overpaid like fuck compared to us for that one year. No idea how someone would choose them over us otherwise, especially since this dude apparently grew up in Cali as a Niners fan. Have fun in Frazier's swan song season, dude. Maybe he got dyslexic and thought they were the ones who went 13-3. :idk:
  37. Broteen Maintaining Integrity

    Whatever. This will be the first draft in probably over a decade the 49ers have no glaring positions that require a rookie starter. I see these positions as a position the team will likely draft a player at:

  38. Don Vincenzo Leave the gun. Take the cannoli.

    Agreed. Great position to be in now. If we don't go on Wallace, I'd like to see us come out of the draft with someone like Fleener/Hill/Jeffery in the first and then another WR who can also be a return guy in the third-fourth rounds. Some OL/DL/S depth will be nice to add, too.
  39. TAS Being fat. Eatin crawfish. Everything crazy.

    So, Alex smith, eh?

    Quite the letdown. Wish the peyton flirtation would have never happened so we're not going "what if" should Alex struggle to come up big.

    Here's to him making a believer out of me! :beerchug:
  40. THF Banned From Hogville for Being an Ass

    Just picked up Mario Manningham as well. 2 year deal.
  41. 49ers169 Administrator

    Think Fleener may have tested out of our reach today at his pro day. 4.45 in the 40 and given the change of importance on the TE position, doubt he makes it to us.
  42. Don Vincenzo Leave the gun. Take the cannoli.

    So yeah, apparently Mike Wallace is looking for more money than Larry Fitzgerald. Fitz got 8 years and like 126 million. Dude definitely has taken himself off the Niners' radar with that shit.
  43. ksim14 New Member

    Ginn got resigned to a 1 year deal. Glad just for the sake of his returns.
  44. TAS Being fat. Eatin crawfish. Everything crazy.

  45. mc415 Hella 415

    Glad to have Ginn back, now that faggot needs to stay healthy for the playoffs
  46. Don Vincenzo Leave the gun. Take the cannoli.

    Fuck yeah.

    Other than the pipedream of getting Manning, this has been just about a perfect offseason for Baalke. Jed York and his crew are crushing it right now.

    As an added bonus, my 5-wide sets in Madden next year will be Moss/Crabtree/Manningham/Ginn/Vernon Davis. :warn:
  47. Don Vincenzo Leave the gun. Take the cannoli.

    Harbaugh brought in his guy Josh Johnson with a 2 year contract. Guess Tolzien is hitting the pavement. Not a bad insurance policy in case Smith goes down and they don't want to rush Kaep into things.
  48. 49ers169 Administrator

    Surprised Ginn is coming back. Didn't think that was even in the cards.

    What position do you guys expect the Niners to draft in the first round this year?
  50. 49ers169 Administrator

    Tough to really say. At that point in the draft it has to be about value.

    I think if either DeCastro or Fleener slips to the 20s, I think they make a move for either.

    If they stay put, the best value is probably either corner or WR. Maybe a guy like Stephen but suddenly we have too many receivers on the roster.

    Give the roster, I would imagine them being aggressive early and trying to lock down a high priority guy. My guess would be DeCastro.

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