Ever get a cramp in your mouth....

Discussion in 'The Mainboard' started by StinkyP1nky, Jul 26, 2011.

  1. StinkyP1nky

    StinkyP1nky Quack Quack!

    ....from yawning?

    Shit hurts...made me feel like I was going to swallow my tongue

    RJF-GUMP New Member

    Audrew's mom gets a cramp in her mouth just about every night when I come over.
  3. BTH

    BTH New Member

    Only when eating your moms pussy. :mulletsmug:
  4. StinkyP1nky

    StinkyP1nky Quack Quack!

    Guys, this is not a time for jokes. Serious replies only.
  5. NilesIrish

    NilesIrish Fan Of: The "Fan Of" Section

    I did on the underside of my jaw one night. opening my mouth felt like someone was sticking a knife in my chin, it sucked.
  6. bags

    bags America Fuck Yeah

    my mother in law gets them, but she has lupus
  7. lsufball19

    lsufball19 New Member

    i have gotten i guess like a charlie horse in my jaw before when yawning or trying to eat a hamburger that's too big. it actually hurts like a mf
  8. i hate your team

    i hate your team Yes, it's true. I hate them.

    Yes used to all the time under my chin when yawning, I have not in years because I figured a way to stop it before it happens. My jaw would be sore as hell for hours after one of those jaw/neck clenching cramp.

    When I am having a big yawn, or think it is about to happen it take my thumb and massage the muscle very firmly and when the yawn is over there is no cramp.
  9. Franktus and 96 others

    Franktus and 96 others Alabama Crimson Tide, Atlanta Braves

  10. StinkyP1nky

    StinkyP1nky Quack Quack!


    This is the stage I'm in right now. I don't think I can eat (you make the joke)
  11. pearl

    pearl Fan of: White wimmens feet

    Underside of my jaw, painful as hell too.
  12. Dwight Schrute

    Dwight Schrute 7 out of every 10 attacks are from the rear.

    This. Happened to me during a presentation and it was quiet as fuck. I ended up saying something out loud a long the lines of "HOLY SHIT WTF IS WRONG WITH MY JAW"
  13. nhd

    nhd New Member

  14. Don't eat dick nigga
  15. goatnole

    goatnole Protected by The Lost Decade Shield

    This^^^^^^ exactly what I experienced.
  16. NYGator

    NYGator Hebrew's Master

    I used to get that same shit. I would have to jam my thumb up underneath my jaw to unlock it, and yes, it was sore for awhile afterwards.
  17. TLAU

    TLAU ᕙ(`▽´)ᕗ

    yes when yawning. hurts like hell. kinda mad i was just reminded of the feeling and rubbing it as I read responses ITT
  18. AHebrewToo

    AHebrewToo Albino Hebrew Extraordinaire

    I was going to post this exact post.

    I get them all the time. I can't stop them entirely, but I prevent them from becoming unbearably painful. It happens when I yawn without opening my mouth.

    My doctor said it's from all the gum I chew. :idk:
  19. Lou Holth

    Lou Holth Memory be fucked

    Take the dick out of yer mouth.
  20. NothingIsOT

    NothingIsOT Suck it Houston!

    har har
  21. Iron Mickey

    Iron Mickey Ya like dags, Glorious Comrade?

  22. Houndster

    Houndster Ball don't lie Staff Member

    Sounds like cancer to me
  23. Beowulf69

    Beowulf69 I can't swim but the fall will probably kill me

    Lot of posters coming out ITT. Case you don't get it I am saying you guys are gay and get mouth cramps by sucking cock.
  24. NYGator

    NYGator Hebrew's Master

    Your doctor is an idiot. I don't chew gum.
  25. AHebrewToo

    AHebrewToo Albino Hebrew Extraordinaire

    His first question was, "Do you suck a lot of cocks?"

    I said no, and he said, "the only other explanation is that you chew a lot of gum."

  26. arnold palmtree

    arnold palmtree New Member

    Seems like sucking a lot of cock would prevent this from happening.
  27. BTH

    BTH New Member

    Congrats. You're the first person to make that joke.
  28. StinkyP1nky

    StinkyP1nky Quack Quack!

    Actually he is doing the opposite..he's saying that if you did suck a lot of dick that your jaw muscles would be conditioned to not cramp up.

    Ergo, if you haven't posted ITT that it's happened to you, you're probably a cocksucker.
  29. BTH

    BTH New Member

    Can you read? He was the first person to make that joke.
  30. StinkyP1nky

    StinkyP1nky Quack Quack!

    I apologize. I had saddled thee with an assumed cloak of sarcasm, which apparently was not deserved.
  31. Franktus and 96 others

    Franktus and 96 others Alabama Crimson Tide, Atlanta Braves

  32. BTH

    BTH New Member

  33. goatnole

    goatnole Protected by The Lost Decade Shield

    Exactly how do you know that dick in your mouth causes this, from experience????

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