FIFA 12 PS3 Club Thread- 6100+ points.... Not bad

Discussion in 'Soccer Board' started by GBG_24, Sep 20, 2011.

  1. SkRoUsE Mexican, haha haha ha

    Anyone gettin on?
  2. triple-r Not the mama!

    Nuggets only in the 3rd quarter with 5:30 left. Will be on after.
  3. TheFirstFrancis New Member

    I'll get on if we have another person
  4. clemsontyger04 The Chad Running Shit

    Getting on after Eastbound and Down
  5. triple-r Not the mama!

    Which will likely be right around the same time Nuggets game is getting over for me as well.
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  6. SkRoUsE Mexican, haha haha ha

    Well I'm on n ready whenever
  7. triple-r Not the mama!

    Will wait til clem gets on and start it up.

    dray10__AF you around?
  8. TheSkeeter New Member

  9. triple-r Not the mama!

    You never said when/if you were getting on for sure :crossedarms:

    But 9:30ish is the time we're looking at.
  10. clemsontyger04 The Chad Running Shit

  11. triple-r Not the mama!

    looks like we're just waiting on UNIpanther98 to finish his game.

    Tag me when he is in the room, will be watching tv.
  12. SkRoUsE Mexican, haha haha ha

    4-3 D let's just play with 3, he's in the 1st half
  13. SkRoUsE Mexican, haha haha ha

  14. TheSkeeter New Member

    I'll will be on later. I got focused on homework and don't need to get out of that mode at the moment.
  15. TheSkeeter New Member

    alright, heading home now.
  16. clemsontyger04 The Chad Running Shit


    PlayStation Network Scheduled Maintenance Tomorrow

    + Posted by Matthew Harper // Sr. Manager, PlayStation Digital Platforms

    PlayStation Nation!
    My name is Matthew Harper, and I’m part of the recently-formed PlayStation Digital Platforms Community Management team. Our mission is to keep you better informed about everything that is going on in the wide world of the PlayStation Network, to make your voice heard within the company, and to ensure that you, the gamer, are at the heart of every development across PSN. Together, we will help guide the future of this platform.
    I’m here today to let you know that we will be performing routine scheduled maintenance on the network on Monday, April 16th, starting at approximately 6:00 am PDT / 9:00 am EDT. This maintenance will last roughly 13 hours, concluding around 7:00pm PDT / 10:00 pm EDT. During much of this time, users won’t be able to access the PlayStation Store, PlayStation Home, Account Management or play online. PSN enabled websites will not be able to service users, including this one.
    We will continue to provide as much information as we can regarding any future maintenance we need to schedule.
    Keep your eyes on the PlayStation Twitter feed for a notice when PSN is fully back online. We look forward to gaming with you all when the maintenance is finished on Monday night.
  17. TheSkeeter New Member

    I will give it to PSN. At least this is in the middle of the day when people are at work instead of on the weekends which is when they used to do it.
  18. clemsontyger04 The Chad Running Shit

    will not be fifaing this evening

    sorry friends
  19. TheSkeeter New Member

    None of us will, will we?
  20. TheFirstFrancis New Member

    If we have enough I would/will but I'm meeting a friend at 8 in the library to take a test together.
  21. triple-r Not the mama!

    I can if the servers go back up, although some have said that they've been able to play all day on Tiger.

    But I won't be on until after the Nuggets game so 930-10 CST. Just tag me if we are going to have enough around then.
  22. clemsontyger04 The Chad Running Shit

    fuck it, i will play if we can tonight
  23. TheSkeeter New Member

    Yeah, if we can, I'm down
  24. GBG_24 Ya'll ready to smash some fruit?!?

    If it's possible to play, I'll play after the Tigers game. It's the bottom of the eighth at the moment.
  25. triple-r Not the mama!

    Nuggets game has 4.6 remaining. Possible overtime depending on who gets the ball on this official review.
  26. triple-r Not the mama!

  27. triple-r Not the mama!

    me and GB sitting in the lobby

    anyone else going to play :\
  28. triple-r Not the mama!

  29. clemsontyger04 The Chad Running Shit

    I dont know.

    Not sure I want to play with just 3

    Do we know if anyone else is getting on?
  30. triple-r Not the mama!

    Don't know. TheSkeeter said he'd play but he disappeared and hasn't been on the forums in about an hour.

    SkRoUsE is on 2k12 but I don't think he'll get on :idk: though.

    UNIpanther98 probably isn't home yet.

    No idea where dray10__AF is
  31. GBG_24 Ya'll ready to smash some fruit?!?

    We'll be alright, just get online.
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  32. triple-r Not the mama!

    I need my FIFA fix clemsontyger04

    Had to study today, need fun time!
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  33. TheSkeeter New Member

    I've been at work I'm on my way home now
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  34. GBG_24 Ya'll ready to smash some fruit?!?

  35. TheFirstFrancis New Member

    Just got home, we have enough 4-3 D
  36. TheSkeeter New Member

    servers go out for anyone else?
  37. TheSkeeter New Member

    obviously not

    Y'all still playin ?
  39. TheSkeeter New Member

    See compadr, although I have "Cubs" disease today
  40. triple-r Not the mama!

    We're back in the room Skeeter

    get on dray10__AF
  41. TheSkeeter New Member

  42. triple-r Not the mama!

    restart system....
  43. clemsontyger04 The Chad Running Shit

    looks like yall are doing well tonight. I decided to just lay in bed and watch tv, but I will be on tomorrow night for sure

  44. triple-r Not the mama!

    clemsn pls

    Also fuck EA and their server bullshit

    I can't connect to ea
  46. triple-r Not the mama!

  47. TheSkeeter New Member

    So who playin?
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  48. TheSkeeter New Member

    Haha, I am
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  49. triple-r Not the mama!

    I'm going to eat something here, thinking 820-830CST if we can get enough. Need to make up for the lack of games played last night :yousoright:
  50. TheSkeeter New Member

    I'm ready ASAP

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