Funny halloween costumes

Discussion in 'The Mainboard' started by Hoss Bonaventure, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. Hoss Bonaventure

    Hoss Bonaventure Chickadeedeedee little birdie, let's dance

    I know its early, but I go all out on Halloween. It also happens to be our homecoming game this year so its going to be badass to say the least. I'm considering either Kenny Powers or Alan from the Hangover (with baby strapped to my chest).
  2. 34

    34 hug it out

  3. Chewie

    Chewie Gggggaaaaaaarrrrr

    I googled funniest costume to try and look for one and laughed at this one even though it's fucked up...

    The Hurricane Katrina costume...

  4. StinkusP1nkus

    StinkusP1nkus Trophy Points: 765 Staff Member

  5. Arkadin

    Arkadin Doctors orders, go fuck yourself

    That's fucking awesome
  6. Chewie

    Chewie Gggggaaaaaaarrrrr

  7. TheChad

    TheChad Boiled peanuts are good

  8. Chewie

    Chewie Gggggaaaaaaarrrrr

  9. Hoss Bonaventure

    Hoss Bonaventure Chickadeedeedee little birdie, let's dance

    what is that picture from?
  10. lsufball19

    lsufball19 New Member

  11. StinkusP1nkus

    StinkusP1nkus Trophy Points: 765 Staff Member

    Hurricane Katrina...low even for the MB.
  12. Hoss Bonaventure

    Hoss Bonaventure Chickadeedeedee little birdie, let's dance

    I thought that might be what is was from. I wonder how many dead Michael Jacksons I'll see this year
  13. Chewie

    Chewie Gggggaaaaaaarrrrr

  14. Buff_Ruffnek

    Buff_Ruffnek POPE of RAPEZY

  15. 00:06:00

    00:06:00 New Member Staff Member

    the left one -

  16. tjosu

    tjosu This is kind of like the breakfast club, huh?

    where did you find that?
  17. Chewie

    Chewie Gggggaaaaaaarrrrr

  18. phunkybuck

    phunkybuck Your pennies have been in my ass

  19. ohhaithur

    ohhaithur e-Batman

  20. tjosu

    tjosu This is kind of like the breakfast club, huh?

    you may have just found me a shirt
  21. Where Eagles Dare

    Where Eagles Dare The Specialist Show On Earth

    I did that in ~2002. It didn't go very well w/ the conservative religious nature in Auburn, AL.
  22. 00:06:00

    00:06:00 New Member Staff Member

  23. Where Eagles Dare

    Where Eagles Dare The Specialist Show On Earth

    Yeah, I was threatened by quite a few catholics. I ended up taking him off of my pants and just put him around my neck. Less offensive, but the point was still being made.
  24. dump

    dump Drowned in that pussy so I swam to tha BUTT

  25. Tigers

    Tigers Admin of the Year 2011-2014

    Clemson game is on Halloween, wearing a costume definitely.

    I'll probably dress up like bowanko
  26. Jack Parkman

    Jack Parkman New Member Staff Member

    FLA/GA is on halloween.....oh boy :woot:
  27. Chewie

    Chewie Gggggaaaaaaarrrrr

    Awe, shit, totally forgot the USC-Oregon game is halloween night. Wearing that Obama shirt might get me killed.
  28. I went as Jesus last year complete with robes, crown of thorns, etc, oh yea and stunna shades, fake bling, grill, and a pimp cup. Had a tshirt on under my robes that said "Praise Me"... apparently I got some second looks at the club as I proceded to get shit faced and proclaim my greatness. All while showing my tshirt and grinding on chicks on the dance floor. Gotta 1 up that this year.
  29. og543ss

    og543ss Why is it dumb to smoke crack?

    wow if that is true you are a real asshole :laugh:
  30. Oh it's true. We went through like 3 bottles of jager and my first Xanex ever before we went out. Needless to say I don't remember a lot. Apparently I told a few people that yes I do walk on water, fuck my dad, and some other choice segments. Ended up at the strip club too. Think I booked my first class seat on the jet to hell with that one. I'll see if I can still find the pics.
  31. Seavie

    Seavie Fan of: News feeds. TMB: REAL NIGGA SHIT

  32. phunkybuck

    phunkybuck Your pennies have been in my ass

  33. southside

    southside New Member

    Obviously stinky has no sense of humor
  34. Not the best pics but all I could find at work. The rest are on my laptop...


    Forgot about this.. apparently blessing people was my thing too...
  35. oknole

    oknole MC OG

    katrina costume.....

  36. Tiny Tom

    Tiny Tom Fan of: Rape, Ultra-Violence, and Beethoven

    dabut always delivers pics
  37. Black AND Gold

    Black AND Gold New Member

    Debut is balding more than Scott Van Pelt.
  38. It's dabut damnit, and leave my balding alone. I'm just gonna shave it off one of these days, no straight razor though, can't go cueball.
  39. Tilly

    Tilly Souf Cack

    Would agree with no cueball. I tried it and it didnt really work out. When Grandma is commenting about it, you know its time to grow it back out.

    And my hairline is worse.... :facepalm: (waits on one liner from Iron Mickey)
  40. bump for any more good ideas
  41. pittisit87

    pittisit87 New Member

  42. I don't want Powe trying to rape me.
  43. ncrebel

    ncrebel Administrator Staff Member

    im usually a banana fwiw
  44. I really need to start thinking now, need something that will top last year but that's gonna be tough.
  45. ncrebel

    ncrebel Administrator Staff Member

    yea ive been a banana 3 years running. probably gonna be 4 this year, just dont really wanna spend money on a costume. plus everyone loves it
  46. Tilly

    Tilly Souf Cack

    If you could get a group of your good friends together, go as a bachelor party. You could fuck with a bunch of girls all night. Bars may or may not hook you up with some shots. Random drunks probably would though. Girls are already feeling slutty so you could probably get some decent shows throughout the night. And best of all, its a pretty damn cheap costume to make.
  47. I like this idea. Would have to figure out who the bachelor would be as me and most of the folks I go out with are pretty known. Huntsville doesn't have a wide range of night clubs.
  48. Tilly

    Tilly Souf Cack

    Rotate man. One bar its you. The next its another guy.... Actually, now that I think of it, fuck you, I'm gonna try and get this together.
  49. That's just it, there's only like 2 night clubs worth a shit in this town on Halloween. The bars don't really do anything but the night clubs have big ass parties. Could just get a friend that doesn't come out to be the bachelor...
  50. Tilly

    Tilly Souf Cack

    Very true. Or random friend from out of town, guy who moved away, etc. Definitely the easy part. Just gotta make sure everyone is on the same page as far as the "fiance" is concerned. Just the basics like name, where's she from, would you smash, how big of a slut before the groom, etc.

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