Georgia Thread-Saint Richt is Holding us hostage, and Jesus is the Trigger Man

Discussion in 'The Mainboard' started by Waldo746, Jun 12, 2009.

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  1. Jake Scott Georgia

  2. dawgonit Drinkin' like a pirate do.

    hey merv
  3. dawgonit Drinkin' like a pirate do.

  4. Waldo746 New Member

    Tis what only 10 wins will get ya. Top 10 team thread but not elite
  5. Rainbow Brite I am haunted by Ghostzilla

    Just another example of the scumbag pieces of shit that inhabit the West Side of North Ave.

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  6. Doc Louis High Potentate

    Bump for Coach Pollock... wait no can't do that, the cops took his stash.
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  7. Eric The Viking Nitro, the All Knowing

    Hope they adopt a son together, and name him Mike. Mike Weir...My Queer

    I'd find it funny, at least.
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  8. Redav Arm Talent

    I know I rape like a motherfucker when I am coked up and smoked out.
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  9. Eric The Viking Nitro, the All Knowing

    Well, damn.
  10. Doc Louis High Potentate

    the trick is to balance it out. do a line or three to get pumped up for the rape, but then smoke up to calm the nerves and make it last longer, enjoy it.
  11. Redav Arm Talent

    Guessing ETV missed the Tech tennis coach article.
  12. DickPayne New Member

    Got damn Texas A&m grad too, geez has nothing going his way.
  13. Redav Arm Talent

    I actually was just thinking how awesome that guy's life must have been, before the raping obviously. Guy is 24, head coach of a major college program, and prob getting paid. Makes me :sadpanda:
  14. Fran Tarkenton just want silver britches

    3-point shot: Who replaces Frank Martin?

    March, 27, 2012
    Mar 27
    AM ET

    By Andy Katz
    1. SEC commissioner Mike Slive expects the men’s basketball schedule will eventually get rid of a divisional format when the league goes to 18 games and 14 teams next season. The SEC was already headed that way -- shedding its traditional East-West football breakdown -- before adding Missouri and Texas A&M. The additions shouldn't change the plan. A decision will be made when the coaches and athletic directors gather in Destin, Fla., at the annual SEC meetings in May. This would be a critical development for a number of the teams in the former “West” division like Alabama, LSU and Mississippi State, which have been hampered by playing schools like Kentucky and Florida only once.

    2. The Wildcats should look long and hard at Illinois State coach and former Kansas State player Tim Jankovich as well as Georgia coach Mark Fox, a former Kansas State assistant, to replace Frank Martin. Jankovich has strong ties to the region and was once a junior college coach. He nearly upset Creighton in the Missouri Valley Conference tournament. Fox will have Georgia relevant again here soon if he were to stay in Athens. The Wildcats won’t replace the persona of Martin so they better get someone who is natural to the region.

    3. Colorado State should seriously consider Montana’s Wayne Tinkle if it wants to stay relevant in the Mountain West-Conference USA hybrid deal. Tinkle has been a winner in Missoula from the moment he took the job. Tinkle will listen to the Rams if they call.
  15. DickPayne New Member

    Was an assistant but I see what you are getting at. Its like being a golf coach, all you do is pick the line ups and get paid.
  16. Doc Louis High Potentate

    Assistant coach. He'll never be head of a major college program.
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  17. Waldo746 New Member

    Love how usce gets martin and we got fox during our search. We should be able to get a big name but never happens
  18. Reggie Washington bulldawgs, braves, beer, burgers, bitches

  19. Redav Arm Talent

    Oh ok. Well that is a little shittier
  20. Cornelius Suttree Et in Arcadia ego

    I'd rather have Fox over Martin

    big time
  21. Redav Arm Talent

    For real?
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  22. Cornelius Suttree Et in Arcadia ego

  23. Baby Herschel Just your usual UGA RB hype...

  24. Eric The Viking Nitro, the All Knowing

    Holy hell, yes I did.
  25. Waldo746 New Member

    Why? Wealth of talent in Atlanta and he cant lock down top classes. Martin can
  26. Walt Disney #bLeSsEd #Pruitting

    If we give Fox the time he deserves...he will produce IMO

    It just takes time
  27. Fran Tarkenton just want silver britches

    I actually agree with you for once... Fox deserves more time

    Plus, I'd rather spend money on an actual indoor practice facility than a new basketball coach
  28. Cornelius Suttree Et in Arcadia ego

    Fox is a respectable college basketball coach that has gotten good results at a rather difficult place before

    whereas Martin is an AAU connection machine with weak interpersonal skills

    would you really want Bob Huggins' protege over Fox? Fox is younger, yet while Martin was coaching HS, he was already an established college assistant
  29. Redav Arm Talent

    Agree to an extent but Fox's refusal or inability to play the AAU game is holding him/UGA back.
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  30. Keef New Member

    We aren't going to it or not we aren't going to. Expectations need to be adjusted accordingly
  31. molsen Shit dem boys

  32. jkun UGA, Falcons, Braves, Tennis

    I will say martin has gotten a lot of pub and air time over the past 2 years, should help him recruit.
  33. Marv Suck Brick Kid

    Team Fox
    Show Spoiler
    if he can land Parker
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  34. Fran Tarkenton just want silver britches

  35. DickPayne New Member

    Please tell me he is not pulling an alshon
  36. Redav Arm Talent

    Picture looks like the start of a gay porn.
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  37. clemsontyger04 The Chad Running Shit

    I have no problem with the bark, but the guy barking at the baseball game right now needs to be taken out back and shot.

    Just a terrible barker
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  38. Cawgs or Gie! The next Jordy Nelson, obviously.

    How would you know?

    Show Spoiler
  39. Waldo746 New Member

    i resent that about my barking skillz
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  40. Tiger Tiger Woods Y'all The artist formaly known as Iptay All Day

    any of yall watching the game online have a link? no css on UVERSE
  41. Waldo746 New Member

    haha css crew going against the ncaa and yelling shit at the RFer
  42. Waldo746 New Member

    perno those losses to vandy are on you fuckhead. you left the pitchers in you dumbass. fire perno
  43. BC Inabinet

    yall are getting whooped by a collective group of ass clowns
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  44. BC Inabinet

    yall are getting whooped by a collective group of ass clowns
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  45. Connor Norman Starting safety, UGA

    Welcome to UGA Athletics.
  46. Waldo746 New Member

    anything to get our assclown headcoach out of town
  47. clemsontyger04 The Chad Running Shit

    The battle between coaches who probably wont be at their respective schools in the next two years
  48. Waldo746 New Member

    atleast we beat Ga Tech regularly
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  49. Waldo746 New Member

    why would yall can ur coach? perno is a joke
  50. clemsontyger04 The Chad Running Shit

    That hurt :tebow:
  51. Waldo746 New Member

    as it should. i mean its ga tech
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