Girls With Beer Guts

Discussion in 'The Mainboard' started by KeroseneDream, Dec 16, 2009.

  1. KeroseneDream

    KeroseneDream New Member

    EVERYONE POST PICS OF HOT GIRLS WITH BEER GUTS. I go to college at Syracuse, and there are some real hot girls. I mean :blowup: . The only thing is that they when you end up getting with them, u find out they all have beer guts. This doesn't mean they aren't hot. In fact, some dudes call themselves "Pig Slammers" and try to fuck the girl with the biggest love handles or fattest gut. It doesnt matter because you have blondes with D's who just have a beer gut so it's whatever. Don't tell me none of you have ever rubbed a plump belly of a hot's amazing.

    I'm all asking members to come forward with stories of their beer gut experiences. The Freshman 15 was awesome for me because I witnessed some 90 lb twigs become some thick piggish blobs. The transformation was just absurd to watch. They would always eat ice cream after every meal.

    I wanna know what celebrities be chuggin the beer and getting the beer gut as a result. Post pics of hot girls with beer guts, college girls with beer guts, or your wife if she happens to have a beer gut
  2. og543ss

    og543ss Why is it dumb to smoke crack?

    no thanks
  3. RoyalShocker

    RoyalShocker A free born Royals fan

    I'm not sure about this thread, so I'll check back later.
  4. SC

    SC Just a pearl snap poet with bad tattoos.

  5. ttuman10

    ttuman10 drink it ya asshole

  6. jkun

    jkun UGA, Falcons, Braves, Tennis

    sophomore year one day I was up reading the newspaper at like 8 in the morning, hadn't gone to sleep since the party the night before, and eventually some people woke u p and i just said, "I fucked a fat chick last night" cus i had. thats my only story, I stay away from fat girls.
  7. wes tegg esq.

    wes tegg esq. New Member

    Dude, pace yourself. You can never come out too strong from the gate. How are you going to keep up this kind of quality?
  8. KeroseneDream

    KeroseneDream New Member

  9. The Nightman

    The Nightman New Member

    the pixels...
  10. texaspride

    texaspride New Member

    You start a thread asking for people to post pics of girls with beer guts but you don't even provide pics? wtf?
  11. TylerFlip

    TylerFlip New Member

    Slut guts are awesome.
  12. wes tegg esq.

    wes tegg esq. New Member

    Pics or GTFO. This is your thread.
  13. ttuman10

    ttuman10 drink it ya asshole

    Don't you yell at me cunt rag or I will be forced to have you smothered by one of those beer guts so desperately want to pleasure yourself to.
  14. tjosu

    tjosu This is kind of like the breakfast club, huh?

    this thread really sucks
  15. 00:06:00

    00:06:00 Didnt like me then, gonna hate me now Staff Member

    Sure man. We'll all fire up the google and facebook to find you pics of chics with beer
    guts. What the fuck kind of dumb son of a bitch are you anyway??
  16. wes tegg esq.

    wes tegg esq. New Member

  17. Weedlord420

    Weedlord420 Jabooty Football

    slut gut is an apt moniker
  18. SC

    SC Just a pearl snap poet with bad tattoos.

    Needs to switch to Bud Light IMO.
  19. TylerFlip

    TylerFlip New Member

  20. oknole

    oknole MC OG

    This thread, :idk:
  21. wes tegg esq.

    wes tegg esq. New Member

  22. [​IMG]
  23. texaspride

    texaspride New Member

    I would rather see fat ass bitches than what west egg is posting. :blech:
  24. stangd

    stangd I love scotch. Scotchy, scotch, scotch


  25. KeroseneDream

    KeroseneDream New Member

    Ok...I'll get the ball rolling to prove that I get with some nice guts. U tell me to post pics? I say fine...I've been with so many guts.

    This is a pic of my girl Tiff. We're getting pretty serious but we've been casual for the past 4 months. When I first met her she was 155. Now I'm proud to say shes 185. This is thanks to me taking her to T.G.I.Friday's and Outback Steakhouse 3-4 times a week. I've had to take her shopping at the plus size store for women.

  26. Malik Zulu

    Malik Zulu your girl chose me

    OP has a fetish and needs new fap material.
  27. acheely

    acheely New Member


  28. acheely

    acheely New Member

  29. wes tegg esq.

    wes tegg esq. New Member

  30. ttuman10

    ttuman10 drink it ya asshole

  31. 00:06:00

    00:06:00 Didnt like me then, gonna hate me now Staff Member

  32. ttuman10

    ttuman10 drink it ya asshole

    that hook isn't gonna get it done. You're gonna need multiple harpoons.
  33. Babou

    Babou ocelot

    haha, what the fuck is going on here
  34. MANPOW

    MANPOW Junkyard Dog

    Ok....whos MB alter ego is this??
  35. wes tegg esq.

    wes tegg esq. New Member

    Had me until the TGIFriday's and Outback comment.
  36. Bowl Bound

    Bowl Bound Guest

  37. acheely

    acheely New Member

  38. acheely

    acheely New Member

  39. wes tegg esq.

    wes tegg esq. New Member

    All of those 'rexos are < 110. Get after it, brohemian rhapsody.
  40. ttuman10

    ttuman10 drink it ya asshole

  41. 00:06:00

    00:06:00 Didnt like me then, gonna hate me now Staff Member

    Hahah. nice spin on a classic.
  42. tne

    tne Now tagging people with spaces in their name

  43. Ball Gag Giorgio

    Ball Gag Giorgio do you like being chief of police?


    troll thread is a troll thread imo
  44. acheely

    acheely New Member

    Tegg you can have my sloppy skinny seconds still running around T-Town. Feed them well.
  45. Good Effort! Good Game!

    Good Effort! Good Game! Dallas Clark's biggest fan

    weak shit OP

    still pretty funny thread nonetheless
  46. UNIpanther98

    UNIpanther98 Vincit Omnia Veritas

  47. Dickbutt

    Dickbutt New Member

    Seriously might have nightmares... :ohnoes:
  48. 20/20/20/20

    20/20/20/20 something tasteful but not too bland

  49. Lambert

    Lambert New Member

    Ok this is weird....
  50. OHW

    OHW I certainly could have gotten into GA Southern


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