GRRM confirms the word that a certain character yelled out [DWD spoilers]

Discussion in 'Game of Thrones (ASOIAF)' started by UA412, Jun 8, 2012.

  1. UA412

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    So at miscon GRRM read two chapters from the upcoming book and then he started answering questions.

    Some girl eventually asked him what did Brienne yell out? Well he then went on to ask the crowd if they figured it out and everyone started yelling things and then eventually someone guessed it. "Sword" and by that she meant that she picked to swear her sword to Lady Stoneheart. Then the girl asks about Pod and GRRM answers that Brienne did it to save the innocent life of Pod.

    The theory is that now Brienne is taking Jaime into some type of trap/ambush.

    I guess a lot of this could have been guessed already but at least there is confirmation that Pod is alive.
  2. zeberdee

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    good. Pod is the man.
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  3. Lawnole23

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    I don't think anyone knows exactly what she yelled up until now but everyone assumed she was leading him into a trap. I don't think Brienne allows that to happen though. She see the humanity in Jamie now and knows he's not the same man he was. I'm thinking Brienne takes him and then begs for him to be spared and zombie Cat tried to kill him anyways and Brienne then saves him but dies in the process and Jamie truly changes as a character at that point.
  4. GBG_24

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    That could happen, but I see Jaime unleashing his left-handed sword fighting ability. Both of us could be right. It could be that Jaime, Brienne, and Pod fight themselves free, and Brienne dies in the process, spurring the true change in Jaime.
  5. LT8

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    Seriously fuck zombie cat
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  6. Houndster

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    Fuck any version of Cat
  7. Fuzzy Zoeller

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    Why are we so sure Brienne dies? Not that I'm against that or anything.
  8. Jesse Palmer

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  9. Verbal Kint

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    I thought all that was fairly clear with Jaime running off with her. Doubt she would've done anything for Zombie Cat if she killed Pod
  10. DaveGrohl

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    Because she's one of the best characters. She has to.
  11. VoodooChild5

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    Let's not get carried away.
  12. DaveGrohl

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    I meant from a morality perspective, but she is one of my favorites overall too.
  13. slhorn

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    I found Brienne to be annoying. Yeah you're noble and true. We get it. You're still clueless and dimwitted. Having Jamie rescue you and meeting back up with Lady Stark were far and away the most interesting things to happen to you in 3 books. The rest just seemed like filler.
  14. Jesse Palmer

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    As sure as the Dragon flies.... every time I read her perspective, this flooded my mind.
  15. Fuzzy Zoeller

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    Yeah when I eventually do my AFFC/ADWD re-read if I don't find myself thinking "Wow, this is completely different the second time around!" I'm just skipping her chapters.

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