has the penn state cheerleader been discussed?

Discussion in 'The Mainboard' started by hamsterdam, Nov 5, 2012.

  1. Fran Tarkenton just want silver britches

    This is why we have the "recommend on facebook" feature
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  2. Craig Pettis Be careful, be kind, be good, and rep your hood

    through the interwebz and knowledge of numbers I know there are thousands of girls that look like this out there. Why the fuck can't I have bagged one yet?
  3. -Prime- New Member

    Kasey Lush is her name.
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  4. ohhaithur e-Batman

    Lush by name, Lush by reputation
  5. psu34 trained in the art of chaos

  6. Harry Twatter Brooks was here

    Those are excellent tits. Nice and perky, not too big so sagging shouldn't be an immediate worry. Want to lick.....
  7. -Prime- New Member


    those are from a few years ago

    still looks that good now
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  9. psu34 trained in the art of chaos

  10. OopsPowSurprise science

    no pics?
  11. psu34 trained in the art of chaos




    ^^^^^ her and her mom
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  12. Babou ocelot


    i would pee in her butt
  14. 19B I want to slip my tubesteak into your sister.

    Mom would get it too.
  15. Yanks711 TMB's Hoosier

    Damn, her mom is pretty fucking hot. Girl is wife material, gonna age great based on mom.
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  16. Xander Crews You people and your slight differences disgust me

    Such a porn star name
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  17. BigMattWW04 Fah Q


    ive met her a few times. She worked (not sure if still does) at another bar in town.
  19. bro Hey BROther....

  20. fsuNizz /nizzbrag

    Let's talk about her....
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  22. DMX New Member

    Wasn't expecting this from the BIG 10.
  23. devine hi, i am user devine

  24. Connor Norman Starting safety, UGA

    Out of all of them, this is my favorite for some reason.
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  25. Gaknight #ChargeOn

  26. WC Bad Company, 'til the day I die.

    cum to penn staaaaaaaaaate
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  27. skattles you my gf now?

  28. Gustavo Fring I do this.

  29. fsuNizz /nizzbrag

    I could get her a job ASAP in cali.....just saying.
  30. bcuga Nats Suck

  31. DMX New Member

    Because its awesome?
  32. Darren Rovell I AM THE CZAR OF TWITTER

  33. EdmondDantes [Callahan's Ugly Stepchild]

    id let her horse around with my penis
  34. Connor Norman Starting safety, UGA

  35. PaulKemp New Member


  37. Blu Tang Clan It must be 'Take a Worm for a Walk' week

  38. NoleNBlue Ya happy now, bitch?

  39. toomuchawesome You're a custom title.

  40. Jean-Ralphio CEO @ Entertainment 720 #flushedwithcash

  41. Boom MFer! Creator of the 'Official Dads of TMB' thread.

    I mean, she's ok. But how untidy is her room? Girl needs to clean up a bit before I would even entertain the thought. And is that her bedroom? Why does she have kitchen cabinets in her bedroom?
  42. GeneralPaton Courage is fear holding on a minute longer.

    makes me lose my shit every damn time
  43. pearl Fan of: White wimmens feet

    Let's talk about sex baby, let's talk about you and me
  44. tp819 New Member

  45. audrew Master of Education

    Her dad tweeted "get home" last night.

    Welp...off to the convent with her.
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  46. BrickTamland You're not Ron...

    Eye lashes are too long. 3/10
  47. PAHokieinRVA #BAP #LaceUp

    Lovely thread.
  48. skeezy Fan of: Hand drawn recruit pics

    Victim number five reference.... I'm just too flustered to think. Dat assssss
  49. WC Bad Company, 'til the day I die.

    I'm not sure if you're a bro level retard, or just a troll.

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