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Discussion in 'Game of Thrones (ASOIAF)' started by Trip McNeely, Jan 19, 2011.

  1. zeberdee

    zeberdee you can't pause toast

    Clash of Kings is really getting good. I thought it started a little slow, but I didn't put it down last night until my eyes started to close.
  2. Arrec Bardwin

    Arrec Bardwin The purest of hebrews

    Just wait.
  3. Marv

    Marv Suck Brick Kid

    Samesies. I about on page 600 I believe.
  4. Good Effort! Good Game!

    Good Effort! Good Game! Dallas Clark's biggest fan

    I'm on 500 or so, its really picking up
  5. bmw8591

    bmw8591 New Member

    Wait till A Storm of Swords. I've really only just started, a few hundred pages in, and it's already killing my MCAT studying :/
  6. Houndster

    Houndster Ball don't lie Staff Member

    google "clash of kings torrance "

    I never understand how regular users of the internet can't find things with google at their hands
  7. NYGator

    NYGator Hebrew's Master

    Finally finished all 4 books. Goodbye, show fags...

    (you wish)
  8. Cawgs or Gie!

    Cawgs or Gie! The next Jordy Nelson, obviously.

    Not that I can't find it, but that I would prefer one that regular torrance users know is legit and safe. A little wary of downloading random shit without trusting the host/site.
  9. Houndster

    Houndster Ball don't lie Staff Member

  10. ugafish

    ugafish Not a new member

  11. Houndster

    Houndster Ball don't lie Staff Member

    That's what I'm hoping.

    And do you guys want to move this thread over to the board after everyone gets acclimated and whatnot?
  12. ugafish

    ugafish Not a new member

    I think, just to keep everything consolidated.
  13. UA412

    UA412 New Member Staff Member

    Yeah merge it with the other GOT thread.

    And well done on adding the board.
  14. Manny

    Manny I love lamp.

    Oh god yes. Today is a great day.
  15. NCHusker88

    NCHusker88 Come with me if you don't want to get paint on you

    okay so I'm like 100 pages into the first book and I'm having trouble staying interested because it's pretty much the exact same as the show. Would I be making a huge mistake if I just skipped it and started reading book 2?
  16. Larry Sura

    Larry Sura Tuyuq. Fratzy

    is this nigga serious?
  17. NCHusker88

    NCHusker88 Come with me if you don't want to get paint on you

    so that's a yes then?
  18. The Blackfish

    The Blackfish Family, Duty, Honor? Whatever

    can't be
  19. NYGator

    NYGator Hebrew's Master

    Yes. This is not a spoiler, but a suggestion on how the books should be read, that I wish was given to me prior to reading. Now that I am done with all 4 books and have read some of the theories out there, the show is just skimming the surface of many of the details of what I think this show/books is really about. I would definitely suggest reading the books and making a list of questions about some of the mysteries out there and reading the books with the idea that everything is not always what it seems and questioning every detail that Martin presents to you. Perspective is very important, and it is something that is so hard to capture on the show, but so easy to do in the book since the chapters are written in each characters point of view.

    Also keep in mind that Martin is very detail oriented and after reading the theories that are out there and seeing how people pieced things together from clues given throughout, you soon realize that he doesn't waste his time telling details that aren't meant to be important. Everything is interconnected and there definitely appears to be an end game, so I would suggest reading and reading more carefully than you ordinarily would. Besides, I have trouble seeing how anyone who enjoyed the show would not enjoy reading the books. I also gave up after the first 100 pages or so and came back to it a year later and was glad that I did. I am considering reading them again, because now I realize how much I actually missed.
  20. The Blackfish

    The Blackfish Family, Duty, Honor? Whatever

    Excellent and I agree 100% and would strongly advise rereading them. I'm rereading them again after 6 years and its even better the second time because I pick up on so many things I didn't notice the first time.
  21. NCHusker88

    NCHusker88 Come with me if you don't want to get paint on you

    okay I'm sold. I'll just keep trucking through. I'm just impatient and want to know what happens next
  22. Swt

    Swt New Member

    I wish I would have had the show to give me an outline. In that first book it was hard for me to keep up with everything like you need to in this series, where every detail of every dream is important.
  23. zeberdee

    zeberdee you can't pause toast

    fuck you Cawgs or Gie for that thread you started about book 2. I don't know if you did it on purpose or what, but have some common sense. I figured you weren't trolling and just being an inconsiderate asshole, but preferred to give it the benefit of the doubt until I knew for sure.
  24. Babou

    Babou ocelot

    Are the Mormants related to the Targaryens?

    Noticed in the final scene Jorah says "blood of my blood". Maybe he was referring to Dany and the dragons?

    If this is something we find out later, nevermind.
  25. The Blackfish

    The Blackfish Family, Duty, Honor? Whatever

    The khals have 3 blood riders who are like their personal guard and are closer to them than brothers and they refer to each other as "blood of my blood"

    so basically Jorah was saying that she is still his khaleesi and he will be one of her blood riders or whatever
  26. Babou

    Babou ocelot

  27. bmw8591

    bmw8591 New Member

    I'm a little over half way through the third book, and I can't believe this shit. It feels like every page is just :ohholyfuck:
  28. NYGator

    NYGator Hebrew's Master

    Last half of the third book is insane.
  29. The headless corpse of * J Y *

    The headless corpse of * J Y * Shawn Watson made me blow my head off Staff Member


    I clicked on the clash of kings pinned thread and Im only 1/3 way through the fucking book :facepalm:
  30. The Blackfish

    The Blackfish Family, Duty, Honor? Whatever

    well... that was dumb
  31. FrankReynolds

    FrankReynolds Nelson/Mahon/Gaia/Dowrey/Beh 4lyf

    i just watched ep 9... the ending just no words :shocked: :shocked: :shocked: :shocked: :shocked:
  32. Cronk

    Cronk just living the dream...

    yeah it was, just finished it earlier this week...slogging through the first half of book 4 now but it seems anticlimactic so far compared to 3
  33. Damion

    Damion Fan of: giving up 10+ point leads

    4th book sucks compared to 3
  34. IHHH

    IHHH New Member

    I hate that stupid fucking kid Joffrey.
  35. FrankReynolds

    FrankReynolds Nelson/Mahon/Gaia/Dowrey/Beh 4lyf

    hes so bitchmade
  36. UA412

    UA412 New Member Staff Member

    Yeah batman should have let him die when he had the chance
  37. FrankReynolds

    FrankReynolds Nelson/Mahon/Gaia/Dowrey/Beh 4lyf

  38. afb

    afb Spoiler Alert: Pawnee, IN may not be on a map.

    Just watched the whole 1st season.

    Excellent. Truly genious, as I assume it's pretty much the same as the book.

    Only I may have changed was to maybe end with the beheading and then end it with the scene where the son is hitting the sword and the mom says, "We'll kill them all" and then credits. Just because that may make for better tv while it may veer from the books.
  39. The Blackfish

    The Blackfish Family, Duty, Honor? Whatever

    That would be pretty awesome, but not as awesome as dragons
  40. afb

    afb Spoiler Alert: Pawnee, IN may not be on a map.

    It would have come after the dragons.

    I just feel like the main story was the Stark family and the last scene should have been her "Kill them all" words as opposed to ending with what seemed like a side story.
  41. The Blackfish

    The Blackfish Family, Duty, Honor? Whatever

    I see what you are saying, but Dany is more than a side story. She is a Targaryen and is set upon winning the Iron Throne back, and now she has 3 Dragons just like her ancestor Aegon The Conqueror had when he conquered the 7 kingdoms. Far more significant
  42. UA412

    UA412 New Member Staff Member

    :roll: You know nothing, afallingbomb28

    not an insult btw, quote from the book
  43. OTM

    OTM Deus def vult tho.

    Also cutting off at "we kill them all" would mean they leave out his banner men declaring him King in the North, which is absolutely huge in setting up the second season.
  44. UA412

    UA412 New Member Staff Member

    Yeah trying to think of a good analogy. The Starks are Hubert Humphrey. Former Vice President, almost won the presidency[may have been after but whatever], big guy in the senate, etc. You think he's got a good shot at the 1960 presidency when it eventually arrives based on his resume.

    But then John F Kennedy arrives on the scene. And JFK has the family backing [targs] as well as what it takes to captivate a country [dragons]
  45. afb

    afb Spoiler Alert: Pawnee, IN may not be on a map.

    Well obviously I'm only basing this off of what I've watched since I haven't read anything.

    Was just posting my :twocents:
  46. ugafish

    ugafish Not a new member

    I always thought Dany was not a side story, and I havent read a thing.
  47. Aaron Hernandez

    Aaron Hernandez Addministr8er

    i agree with afb, but i got the impression that they were trying to follow the books as closely as possible. dany does seem like a side story in the first book since shes on the other side of the world and doesnt interact with any of the other POV characters.
  48. BayouMafia

    BayouMafia triple beam lyrical dream

    my biggest problem with the way they handled Dany's story arc in the show is that she wasn't naked nearly enough
  49. Houndster

    Houndster Ball don't lie Staff Member

    nothing is really a side story, it all has importance if it's being shown. but i can see what afb is saying, especially if he hasn't read any of the books.
  50. afb

    afb Spoiler Alert: Pawnee, IN may not be on a map.

    I totally see what you guys are saying in that they are equal parts and over the course of the show/books it'll make more sense as more things intertwine.

    I was just speaking from a purely HBO/tv show perspective. I just got that vibe from watching it. So when it ended with the dragons I was kind of expecting another scene but it's cool.

    Still amazing.

    Depending on what Boardwalk Empire does in S2, this may be the best drama on tv (Breaking Bad is below Boardwalk for me and maybe Treme).

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