Headed into Murphy's Village (irish travellers) to score some MAG chicks

Discussion in 'The Mainboard' started by FatDrunkandStupid, Jun 11, 2012.

  1. FatDrunkandStupid

    FatDrunkandStupid Active Member

    That's like comparing dot head Indians and drunk Indians. Not even close.
  2. TC

    TC You pick the Publix and I'll finish the job Donor

    No like literally about those gypsies. My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding

    (don't ask me why I've watched it)
  3. FatDrunkandStupid

    FatDrunkandStupid Active Member

    Exactly. The Murphy's Village Gypsies have mad mag compared to those "other gypsies."
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  4. BigMattWW04

    BigMattWW04 Fah Q TMB OG

    This is undeniably true.
  5. leroi

    leroi Well-Known Member Donor

    glad i'm not the only one around here who knows about gypsies.

    some people think i'm just fucking with them when i talk about gypsies. or as they're called where i'm from, "Turks."
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  6. goose

    goose Hi Donor

    Are you a Balkan Brother?
  7. leroi

    leroi Well-Known Member Donor

    i reckon i'd know it if i was.. ?

    never heard that term. Heard 'Traveller', 'Irish traveller', 'Melungeon', 'Turk' and 'Lumbee'.
  8. Pac_Lion

    Pac_Lion Mr. Rubber Burnerr

    This is so interesting. There is a town in upstate NY called "Onion Town". Basically and inbred town like these gypsies that do not take kindly to outsiders. A few years ago a couple younger kids from my town drove up there to steal the towns sign and got run off the the side of the road and had rocks thrown out them. A NY state trooper now parks at the entrance to the town and has to legally warn all outsiders before they enter to beware.
  9. Babou

    Babou ocelot Donor TMB OG

  10. i joind this forum to d'bunk the melishuss lies abowt our fathrs pain cash to blue eyed blond boys to impregnent our wemon we may only go to 6 grade but we are not stupid we are strict Catholics and kids out of wed lock is a great sin there is no way we would not notis a blue eyed baby coming out of the snach of a brown haird unibrowd weman

    I'm throwing the bullshit flag on the cash for Arian semen story posted in the archived forum from years back. How is a blonde blue eyed kid going to pass muster when his sixteen siblings look like cave babies? Plus the dad is going to be lethally pissed; not to mention all the in-laws. Or at this point do in-laws even exist? Maybe if the mom was fair haired. But what is the chance of that? Even still I don't buy it. These people are weird by our standards but that is just too weird.
  11. Jack Parkman

    Jack Parkman Well-Known Member Staff Member TMB OG

  12. Corky Bucek

    Corky Bucek Fan of: Fan of Section Staff Member Donor TMB OG

  13. Jimbob

    Jimbob Just need to execute a bit better Donor

  14. Mix

    Mix I deserve to be blown before the Jacuzzi Staff Member Donor TMB OG

    Well that was not an IP I expected that to be connected to.
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  15. Gtr

    Gtr by gawd Donor TMB OG

  16. Jack Parkman

    Jack Parkman Well-Known Member Staff Member TMB OG

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  17. w2b

    w2b thicker than a bowl of oatmeal Staff Member Donor TMB OG

  18. Clemsurf

    Clemsurf Well-Known Member

    Damn it chan don't leave us hanging.
  19. Buster Bryant

    Buster Bryant Fan of: Cubs, Chiefs, Hawkeyes, Lakers Donor

  20. oldberg

    oldberg However, there are chill Donor

    chan pls
  21. UncleItchyBalls

    UncleItchyBalls Fan of: The Tide, PDL and Processing kickers

  22. BearlyHere

    BearlyHere Is this thing on? Donor

  23. Zap Branigan

    Zap Branigan I suffer from a very sexy learning disability. Donor

    my guess is it came from the only ip in murphys village
  24. Thurman Thomas

    Thurman Thomas Active Member TMB OG

    Do those gypsies even pay taxes on their house?
    I Used Zillow to get addresses expecting to see all the homeowners with the same last name. Every address off of Heatherwood came back as an error. Go to the subdivision south, where normal people live and I can find everything.

    Those inbred fucks have the system down to a science.
  25. Tigers

    Tigers Admin of the Year 2011-2014 Donor TMB OG

    ip is outside Chicago
  26. Tony Ray Bans

    Tony Ray Bans Most Overlooked. Most Overbooked.

    lol "Do we steal? yes! Commit fraud? Hell yes! Act like general dregs of society and leach off of better people for every penny we can for our entire lives? Fucking right! But GOD DAMMIT WE DO NOT PAY PEOPLE TO FUCK OUR WIVES! I take issue with that, good sir!"

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  27. Cory lee

    Cory lee Member

    You need to get a life you rode thru a neighbor hood looking for trouble yelling gypsy and racist names at people would you ride thru the hood yelling Nigger at people your calling kids inbreds and saying that women sitting on there porch was planning a scam your a low life and do you really think they patrol the village looking for outsiders and for all you lying pieces of shit who always say your friend got offered $5000 to sleep with a girl yeah right why couldn't they go out and have sex for free like the rest of the world and the friend in the story always turns it down a lot of traveler girls are good looking girls and your friend won't sleep with them for 5000 yeah right its always5000 and the friend always says no do you people really believe that and you call travelers inbred if there paying strangers to get them pregnant how are they inbred why couldn't they just go to a sperm bank the author of this post is a racist piece of shit your act like your something special and your so brave there's never been a story of a outsider riding thru the village and getting hurt and right now they're is black people Mexicans and regular white people living in the village and they feel welcome and have never been threatened or bothered by anyone I bet you people don't consider yourself racist but that's exactly what you are you treat a group of people you don't understand that's different from you like the freaks and I'm gonna post this topic all over social media and expose the author for the racist you really are I would love to find where you work and contact your boss and tell them how hot treat minorities in your off time go fuck yourself
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  28. wes tegg

    wes tegg Saban is a snitch. Staff Member Donor

    Can't be real.
  29. Tony Ray Bans

    Tony Ray Bans Most Overlooked. Most Overbooked.

    Damn bro. Punctuation, please.
  30. wes tegg

    wes tegg Saban is a snitch. Staff Member Donor

    Cory lee cool it with the hard "r," too. That could get you banned around here.

    HOOSINSC Wants a good girl, but needs a bad pussy Donor

    shut up farva
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  32. bertwing

    bertwing check out the nametag grandma Staff Member Donor

  33. Fancy

    Fancy Which apartment is Staff Member Donor TMB OG

  34. Champ

    Champ Well-Known Member Donor TMB OG

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  35. Tiffin

    Tiffin Regards and Roll TIde Donor

    This happened once before.
  36. VoodooChild5

    VoodooChild5 Fan of: Notre Dame Donor

  37. Larry Sura

    Larry Sura Tuyuq. Fratzy Donor TMB OG

    Too good to be true.
  38. Larry Sura

    Larry Sura Tuyuq. Fratzy Donor TMB OG

  39. Duane Coleman

    Duane Coleman Well-Known Member Donor

    Probably not that Corey Lee.
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  40. Larry Sura

    Larry Sura Tuyuq. Fratzy Donor TMB OG

    Cory lee how far apart are your eyes?
  41. Futuresanctions

    Futuresanctions It's NCAA hammer time isn't it? Donor TMB OG

    Its just too much of a run on sentence for me to read. I went crosseyed and just couldn't finish it.
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  42. Mix

    Mix I deserve to be blown before the Jacuzzi Staff Member Donor TMB OG

    IP traces to Augusta.
  43. Larry Sura

    Larry Sura Tuyuq. Fratzy Donor TMB OG

  44. VoodooChild5

    VoodooChild5 Fan of: Notre Dame Donor

    Is Lee one of the common traveler names?
  45. Hoss Bonaventure

    Hoss Bonaventure Chickadeedeedee little birdie, let's dance Donor

    It's gypo for "eel".
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    POWESHOW Social Critic Donor

    Removed in case any job ever finds out me e-dentity
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  47. Larry Sura

    Larry Sura Tuyuq. Fratzy Donor TMB OG

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  48. Jax Teller

    Jax Teller Well-Known Member Donor

    check your privilege man, gypos don't need no punctuation.
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  49. Jax Teller

    Jax Teller Well-Known Member Donor

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  50. Larry Sura

    Larry Sura Tuyuq. Fratzy Donor TMB OG

    True. Need him to come back and clarify.
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