High School Pornstar

Discussion in 'The Mainboard' started by Percyus: Son of Zeus, May 16, 2010.

  1. Percyus: Son of Zeus

    Percyus: Son of Zeus Chompzy Lord Staff Member

  2. CaneKnight

    CaneKnight Dabo Swinney = God

    Yes Summer Verona government name Cristina Medina. Also her father likes to give her Brazilian Waxes

  3. Saul Shabazz

    Saul Shabazz Just a tired old man

    fuck are the pics?
  4. IrishLAX2

    IrishLAX2 Dude's car got a little dinged up

    One chick I graduated with does hardcore punk'ish porn. She's gross.
  5. 34

    34 hug it out

    something is wrong with the OP
  6. Willy The Actor

    Willy The Actor Whatever you do, do it with your nuts

  7. dukebuckeye

    dukebuckeye Fan of: Ohio State, Browns, Tribe, & Cavs

    you posted the pics wrong OP.
  8. bertwing

    bertwing check out the nametag grandma Staff Member

  9. RUseaweed

    RUseaweed Rutgers

    crazy virus going around blocking pics, i'm sure the op will repost them so everyone other than himself can see.

    EDIT: and there we go
  10. Reggie Washington

    Reggie Washington Did daddy get his num nums??

    Mustve clicked the wrong html button
  11. Iron Mickey

    Iron Mickey face your fears, then cum on them

    how about no bear
  12. Percyus: Son of Zeus

    Percyus: Son of Zeus Chompzy Lord Staff Member

    my bad on not having the links ready from the start, i forgot what they called themselves, had to ask someone
  13. CaneKnight

    CaneKnight Dabo Swinney = God

    I never said she was a attractive you guys asked for pictures
  14. goose

    goose Hi

    This chick was in my french class my junior year, she stopped showing up one day. Then rumors came out about 2 weeks later.

    Was pretty much the talk of the school and one our baseball coaches(was this crazy old dude in his 60s who would drive next to the bus whipping out his gun waving it at us) called his grandson during the middle of a game to tell him to google her name.

  15. gohorns3333

    gohorns3333 New Member

    Meggan Mallone...She is the one of the Vivid Video Girls...Barely knew her in HS...she was a year younger...had a long term bf from what I heard and never cheated on him then they broke up and all of the sudden she's doing porn...pretty weird...Lamar High School Houston, Texas

  16. Iron Mickey

    Iron Mickey face your fears, then cum on them

    Nah, you done well, kiddo.

    Now we're talking.
  17. Karl Hungus

    Karl Hungus Fan of lingonberry pancakes, autobahn, deine kable

    I'm not 100% but I know Kasey did, and I'm pretty sure Dana did too... i apologize in advance for their looks.

    Kasey Kox


    Dana Dearmond

  18. duc15

    duc15 ppprrrrrrr

    Devi Emmerson
  19. Mix

    Mix Internet Hundredaire Staff Member

    dana dearmond is from orlando?
  20. Saul Shabazz

    Saul Shabazz Just a tired old man

    did it go by "Dan" back then?
  21. Percyus: Son of Zeus

    Percyus: Son of Zeus Chompzy Lord Staff Member

  22. the fuck is going on between its tits and its mouth?
  23. hudson

    hudson Oh, you know...stuff.

    there was some buxum indian/persian whatever chick that some sec fan went to school with. I can't remember her name or even have pics of her anymore but she was pretty tasty.
  24. Karl Hungus

    Karl Hungus Fan of lingonberry pancakes, autobahn, deine kable

    not originally but it even says on her wikipedia that she worked as a street dancer at disney. come to think of it i remember looking her up after i found out in a yearbook and sure enough it was her. hard to believe she was fuglier then.
  25. Sincerely Orenthal

    Sincerely Orenthal New Member

    This girl went to high school with me and was a year younger. She was pretty much a social outcast and then she posed for playboy when she got to college. Email went around through most of my friends and we were amazed that Playboy really can make anyone look good(Y'all may not find the pics attractive but she is completely busted in real life).

    St. Johns in Houston for high school and then she went to Rice for college and posed her freshman year.


  26. dallasdawg

    dallasdawg does the tin man have a sheet metal cock? Staff Member

    haha what's this girl's name? my buddy goes to Rice
  27. Clown Baby

    Clown Baby Ill get to Kokomo slow then take it fast

    that girl is busted
  28. lsufball19

    lsufball19 New Member

    she has some HUGE teeth but based solely on the pictures posted, i wouldn't kick her out of bed for eating crackers or anything
  29. toddzo

    toddzo Aggies, Noles


    couple years younger than me
  30. lsufball19

    lsufball19 New Member

    damn, i've actually seen this chick before and she is a smokeshow imo
  31. toddzo

    toddzo Aggies, Noles

    she was pretty hot but i think shes shopped heavily
  32. dukebuckeye

    dukebuckeye Fan of: Ohio State, Browns, Tribe, & Cavs

  33. Roark47

    Roark47 Guest

    not high school, but a few years ago the UF school newspaper did a story about a girl who was doing porn while in college.

    The girl's name is Janet Wentworth, but she goes by Leannella for porn. Worst fake tits ever.


  34. Percyus: Son of Zeus

    Percyus: Son of Zeus Chompzy Lord Staff Member

    no fucking way...i just saw that chick on MFC lmao...she's hot as fuck, what HS?
    sorry for leaving out the link...http://www.myfreecams.com/#MissLC
  35. Hayden Fry

    Hayden Fry ANF- America Needs Farmers

    Horrible. absolutely horrible.
  36. toddzo

    toddzo Aggies, Noles

    Memorial HS in Houston
  37. sw

    sw .

    met Sasha Grey before porn
  38. phunkybuck

    phunkybuck Your pennies have been in my ass

    that chick and her dad were on the Stern show a few years back. very fucking creepy
  39. txbaseball22

    txbaseball22 New Member

    Holly Dora, I think her name was, shes from Gadsden,Al. She posed for Playboy and they photoshopped her some tits cuz she literally has none. She used to hang out at my apt all the time about 6 years ago, get drunk and strip, and well pretty much fuck everyone there. Complete Slut and fun to party with.
  40. DDotGA

    DDotGA Leonard likes this post.

    made out with this chick who is now in playboy


    i don't like the picture and thought she looked better when she was younger than she is in some of these pictures.....name is samantha skie but goes by samantha dunn for playboy
  41. Jake Scott

    Jake Scott The AJC is out to get us...

  42. 3NolesFan3

    3NolesFan3 You're probably a cunt

    We had a guy end up doing spreads for gay magazines that was a year older. Surprised the shit out of everyone. Guy was Mr. Testosterone. I think he won Mr Gay 2007 or something like that.

    Never did gay porn just did photo shoots for mens magazines I think. Dude is married with kids now I think and probably made a fuckload of money.

    It was hilarious seeing the reactions from some of the people we went to high school with, especially one of the football coaches.
  43. gfu18

    gfu18 New Member

    from sacramento i assume?
  44. buffbagwell

    buffbagwell New Member

    destiny davis

    monica chairez - my first blowjob
  45. CaneKnight

    CaneKnight Dabo Swinney = God

  46. Rabid

    Rabid Fan of: DQ Treats

    Not quite porn nor my school but these three grew up in a small town that neighbors my hometown. They went to the University of Minnesota for their freshman year and then Playboy discovered them and they dropped out and moved to LA.

  47. blotter

    blotter Knew Member

  48. buffbagwell

    buffbagwell New Member

    oooo i loved them
  49. BB3

    BB3 You are Michael ...Bolton?

    that my friend is a platysma.
  50. kona town

    kona town New Member

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