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Discussion in 'The Mainboard' started by brahmanknight, May 31, 2009.

  1. hensleya New Member

  2. hensleya New Member

  3. hensleya New Member

    Dope new track from CYNE

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  4. TC I play the game wit #LOVE

    How sick was this song back in the day? RZA, Eminem, KRS One, Tech N9ne, Chino XL, Xzibit....that's a fucking murderer's row
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  5. 87cock09 New Member

  6. hensleya New Member

    I listened to the Tame One 8 min freestyle today for the first time in a little bit, and was reminded of this line...

    "made me a self admitted statistic... dig it... daily hallucinations made me a mental patient on medication sedated due to acting violent on ocassion"

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  7. ma3polo Blah!!

    LOVE this Marvin Gaye sample.

  8. TC I play the game wit #LOVE

    I recently kopped Kendrick Lamar, A$AP Rocky, Elmatic and the Raekwon Shaolin vs. Wu-Tang. All pretty solid so far but haven't really had a chance to dig in and listen with headphones or anything yet
  9. dathalfnukkahd dat nukka high definition

    what is kendrick lamar's new album called?
  10. ma3polo Blah!!

    Any new artist using G-Funk beats? Better yet, any new G-funk artist? Those were some of the best beats.
  11. TC I play the game wit #LOVE

    Section 80 is the one I got; idk if it's still considered new or not
  12. ma3polo Blah!!

    Kendrick Lamar's awesome. I respect that dude.
  13. cal BOATS

    a lof of you have been listening to kendrick for a while you just don't know it

    dude has been ghostwriting for a lotta cats
  14. MtOread chopped and scrooged

  15. UM_Spoon []_[]

  16. TC I play the game wit #LOVE

    I wonder if Danny Brown ever did much freestyle battling. There's a ton of fucking layups you can hit there
    Show Spoiler
    like between his teeth
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  17. 87cock09 New Member

  18. cal BOATS

    nas on some ghostface flow type shit

  19. mc415 Hella 415

    dope shit right there!
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  20. TC I play the game wit #LOVE

    Chino XL fucking kills it on this song. Is his old stuff worth downloading? I've never really listened to him. All I ever knew about him was 2Pac calls him out in Hit Em Up :idk:
  21. cal BOATS

    chino has sick punches but that's about it

    no real structure or relatability in any of his songs
  22. TC I play the game wit #LOVE

    Yeah that's what I was noticing

    You wack like Will Smith, your rhyme style is pansy
    I fuckin murder you young style like Jon Benet Ramsey
    Now who the master to beg, your demo get passed on the reg
    You shouldn't have been signed if you had a white cast on your leg
  23. TC I play the game wit #LOVE

    New rock song I like. Intro would make a sick hip hop beat imo
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  24. GatorHorn New Member

    Kendrick kills the end of that shit.
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  25. Rasheed Wallace Ball Don't Lie

    What are the best sites to check daily for new songs that come out? I used to have two sites that I checked religiously every day but I don't remember them.
  26. cal BOATS

    new slum village mixtape

  27. gatorfromiowa only UF commits have committable offers

    2dopeboyz, hiphopdx, rapradar, defsounds
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  28. Rasheed Wallace Ball Don't Lie

    Thanks..@HawkeyeOutEast is the worst
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  29. dathalfnukkahd dat nukka high definition

    also check out hiphopgame.com
  30. hensleya New Member

  31. hensleya New Member

  32. hensleya New Member

  33. hensleya New Member

    Very nice EP

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  34. cal BOATS

    caught this kid at a showcase recently and he made a very good impression

  35. cal BOATS

  36. mc415 Hella 415

    hey cal......is Fashawn on tour with Nickatina right now?
  37. Thizzelle Washington Sharp like Shannon, Rich like Gannon

  38. 87cock09 New Member

    That shit is nice. I've seen a lot of Soul Khan battles, but I never checked out his music, gonna download this tape. Speaking of Grindtime battlers, anyone into Illmac's music? Of course the SandPeople stuff is good, but he has put out a couple of nice solo tapes in the last year or so.h

  39. cal BOATS

    i've known khan just from run ins around the way and he's definitely more than a battle rapper

    brown bag all stars are dope

    yup get my money tour or some shit like that
  40. ncrebel Administrator

  41. cal BOATS

    hired a new driver a couple months back

    kid likes the music i play around the shop so i told him he could have my paid dues passes since i was going to the Angels game

    he sends me a text this morning thanking me for the great time and how he was so pumped cuz he got to meet ofwgkta and how awesome they are

    should i fire him?
  42. mc415 Hella 415

    cal......definitely needs at least reprimand and final warning
  43. cal BOATS

    prolly do some sort of funny write up or something
  44. cal BOATS

  45. hensleya New Member

  46. Clutch thanks

  47. Something about T3 and various other cats (illa j included) calling themselves SV makes me very conflicted.

    But it is sounding pretty good.
  48. great album
  49. cal BOATS

    I can't stand it either
  50. mc415 Hella 415

    Brings me back so many memories of 1996, love that album

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