Holy shit are Alabama fans ugly

Discussion in 'The Mainboard' started by Bruce Wayne, Jan 5, 2013.

  1. Bruce Wayne Billionaire Playboy

    The only ugly people here in South Beach are bama fans, and holy shit are they ugly

  2. Bruce Wayne Billionaire Playboy

  3. Swim Cantore Global Warming is a MYTH, Pawwwlll

  4. Mo New Member

    I would honestly be very surprised if all of the ugly people in south beach root for Alabama
  5. Moxin24 Ukrane is game to you?

    I've been on Notre Dame's campus. Those are the ugliest bitches in captivity.
  6. Bruce Wayne Billionaire Playboy

    I haven't seen an ND fan under 65 here yet. Of course that's because the out of town fans haven't arrived yet
  7. Siddhartha New Member

    South Beach is so awful. Growing up, I had always heard how great, tropical, and wealthy it is was. I was lied to.
  8. Snakes I slept with Elaine last night

    You haven't seen ugly til you've visited Happy Valley.
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  9. Waters Muddy Reading's for rich people.

    I can substantiate this claim. When they came down for the Champs bowl last year vs. FSU. Woof!
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  10. Pac_Lion Outlaw

    This is just false
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  11. Snakes I slept with Elaine last night

    :idk: I spent a weekend there a few weeks ago and the girls were hideous. Like, it was appalling.

    I'm not doubting that the OP saw a bunch of ugly :airquote:Bama fans:airquote:, but Bama's female students are hotter than most.
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  12. Clown Baby Cowabunga, motherfuckers

    Bama sorority girls >>> anything notre dame has to offer
  13. Icculus is a Bammer marco esquandolas took my job

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  14. Shadow Mice with matches...

    I hear its so bad there that some grown men have been known to choose to molest young boys rather than the sorority sisters.
  15. Siddhartha New Member

    Arguing the attractiveness of people between Alabama and a Catholic school.

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  16. Moxin24 Ukrane is game to you?

    Surprisingly enough, Catholic University in D.C. has some mighty fine tail running around campus.

    The D.C. hierarchy goes: George Washington > Catholic > G'Town > every other small bullshit college that is probably not accredited > American > Howard
  17. The Banks TMB's Alaskan

    Notre Dame is one of the ugliest schools in America for girls. Alabama is your average southern school for em
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  18. ndamem2000 Wow. Such Fan. So dedicate. Much cheer.

    What do you call a hot girl in Ann Arbor?

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    a visitor :awesomeface:
  19. Moxin24 Ukrane is game to you?

    As a percentage Michigan is awful, but its such a large campus that you still have some decent options.
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  20. arnold palmtree New Member

    One of the hottest hr managers I've ever met was a nd ROTC graduate.

    She was smokin.
  21. Shocker A free born man of the USA

    The girls in Happy Valley turned Sandusky gay is what I heard.
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  22. Sam Elliott Job title: Assistant Bouncer at the Double Deuce

    I don't know man, some top notch talent from what I've seen

  23. devine hi, i am user devine

    I'm confused the title sounds like a question (with no question mark) but the op sounds like a statement. Can't have it both ways which is it?
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  24. Moxin24 Ukrane is game to you?

    Of course he can, its just like Denard's rushing statistics.
  25. devine hi, i am user devine

    F u
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  26. Siddhartha New Member

    Everyone knows the real sluts go to CC's.
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  27. ndamem2000 Wow. Such Fan. So dedicate. Much cheer.

    thats because they are poor....much like alabama fans
  28. Babou ocelot

  29. Auburn fans at their best, making fun of a Alabama fans for being ugly.:pdl:
  30. Owsley My friends call me Bear.

    I'm going to assume you have visited both campuses to make such an assertion.
  31. ACEDGOD i make predictions

  32. Corch Try not. Do. Or do not. There is no try.

    Proof that they're not vistors?
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  33. Pokes In a relationship with Melanie S.

    What do you expect after years and years of inbreeding and cousin fucking OP?
  34. The Banks TMB's Alaskan

    yes have been to both
  35. Owsley My friends call me Bear.

  36. timo96 abortions.

    I realize no one is going to care about my humble opinion about the relative hotness hierarchy of DC's universities any more than they care about the opinion of a racist, religious zealot gym teacher, but it goes: GW > GT > Howard > AU > UDC > Gallaudet > Corcoran > Catholic.
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  37. Moxin24 Ukrane is game to you?


    Howard chicks are black therefore ugly. Catholic girls are much hotter than most of the other colleges. I'm willing to allow some debate between GTown and CUA but that's it.

    And I'm not a gym teacher.
  38. kn88 hhhii birrrd

    I go to Howard. We have lots of fine bitches :crossedarms:
  39. The Banks TMB's Alaskan

    I may be from Alaska but I'm well traveled. Campuses I've been to off the top of my head:
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    Washington State
    Eastern Washington
    Arizona State
    Colorado State
    Utah State
    Weber State
    Notre Dame
    Miami (OH)
  40. Swim Cantore Global Warming is a MYTH, Pawwwlll

    you stay cute

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  41. Moxin24 Ukrane is game to you?

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  42. Bruce Wayne Billionaire Playboy

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  43. Corky Bucek Formerly known as TheFreak55

    :roll: at you saying this. I should have expected this.
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  44. Clown Baby Cowabunga, motherfuckers

    Good job, swimmy. Your post of one girl with a big ass proved that Auburn has tons of hotties. Just like Auburn's one MNC proves that Auburn football is relevant
  45. Dayneface I drink wine like a proper royal cunt.

    Bama girls 25 & under :gfa:

    Bama girls 25-35 :warn:

    Bama girls 35+ :donotwant:
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  46. Corky Bucek Formerly known as TheFreak55

  47. kn88 hhhii birrrd

    Fine black bitches. One lap around campus and boom, you're eating ice cream on the porch like Hank Grotowski
  48. UncleItchyBalls Fan of: The Tide, PDL, and PROCESSING KICKERS

  49. Corky Bucek Formerly known as TheFreak55


    But I do appreciate you talking shit to swimfan
  50. Siddhartha New Member

    Lets be real, It doesnt make a difference if there are attractive girls on ANY campus for the vast majority of this site.
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