How do I watch ESPN3 when my cable company doesn't provide it?

Discussion in 'The Mainboard' started by Handcuffed, Apr 28, 2012.

  1. Handcuffed

    Handcuffed 'Fan of' section goes here

    Spring game tomorrow afternoon. Don't get ESPN3.

    Is there a reliable stream of it somewhere? Anyone want to hook me up with their login?
  2. GoodForAnother

    GoodForAnother text below is a typo and should say Stiff Member Staff Member

    naw man you're fucked
  3. BlazingRebel

    BlazingRebel Dog Crew Founder Migraine Connoisseur

    What time does the game start? If I am home I will do my best to find you a stream. :beerchug:
  4. UA412

    UA412 New Member

    Find someone on the board that will let you borrow their info and remote login.

    That or find a stream on firstrowsports.
  5. hogfan

    hogfan My beard is better than your beard

    Yeah this is the only way. You will need to not only log into their espn account but also what ever their cable account is. espn got smart and started making your use both.
  6. bic

    bic ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    I can stream it.

    Password = demaynebord (put a password so hopefully no one finds the stream and shuts it down)

    Streaming the OSU-Duke game right now to test. I stream at right around 2mbps so if it's choppy for you (aka your internet sucks) I can lower it.
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  7. Handcuffed

    Handcuffed 'Fan of' section goes here

    i hereby vow to like every one of your posts for the next month

    i know there are quite a few other duck fans that are in the same situation as me
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  8. bic

    bic ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Just hook them up with the link/password and I will make sure to start the stream before 2PM ET tomorrow. That's what I saw your spring game's start time as so correct me if I'm wrong.
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  9. bic

    bic ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Switched it over to the Rose Bowl for your entertainment as I go do something else.
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  10. Handcuffed

    Handcuffed 'Fan of' section goes here

    quality is just fine. it's a bit choppy but i'll be watching it on a slightly better desktop pc tomorrow rather than my portable laptop.

    i shall be back online at 2 PM EST... :smug:
  11. bic

    bic ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Yeah, if you were watching on a laptop probably with wifi it can be tough to maintain 2mbps unless you're right on top of your router. I can mess with it some more tomorrow during a commercial or something if it stays choppy though.
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  12. SeattlesFanciest

    SeattlesFanciest Fellow 9/11 Conspiracist

    I got Time Warner so I can use 3. Handcuffed what provider you have?
  13. Handcuffed

    Handcuffed 'Fan of' section goes here

    password doesn't seem to be working for me this a.m.
  14. tandin

    tandin snapchats and tattoos

    I signed up for a email address and it worked.
  15. Chewie

    Chewie Gggggaaaaaaarrrrr

    I have CenturyLink/Qwest and ESPN doesn't have it so in the same boat.
  16. Handcuffed

    Handcuffed 'Fan of' section goes here

  17. bic

    bic ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Handcuffed, the password just worked for me when I tried it. :idk:
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  18. Chewie

    Chewie Gggggaaaaaaarrrrr

    Worked for me too

    By the way bic, thanks for doing this. You da man!
  19. Dayneface

    Dayneface I drink wine like a proper royal cunt.

    Scumbag Handcuffed

    Say you'll like every bic post for a month.

    Don't like any of his posts ITT after saying it.
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  20. bic

    bic ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    No problem, I figure since Urban Meyer is "committed to copying Oregon" according to SF I better get another glimpse of what our offense will look like this fall. :awesomeface:
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  21. SNARF

    SNARF Snarf, snarf.

    Password won't work for me either
  22. Chewie

    Chewie Gggggaaaaaaarrrrr

    Keep trying it SNARF, wasn't working for me at first either.
  23. Handcuffed

    Handcuffed 'Fan of' section goes here

    bic where you at?

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