I calling bullshit *book 3 spoilers*

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  1. BayouMafia

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    This thread will contain spoilers for book 3 so if you open it and haven't read the entire book yet it's your ass.

    It is mentioned several times in the book that The Wall is 700 feet tall, which is the equivalent of a 50 story building. So in the Battle of Castle Black Jon and several others in the Night's Watch are on top of the wall shooting arrows down on the wildlings with pretty good affectiveness, and I think one Black Brother ends up getting killed when a wildling arrow shot from the ground hits him on top of The Wall.

    I can believe dragons, humans warging into animals, and people who can change their faces on a whim, but don't ask me to believe that a person can shoot an arrow accurately from 700 feet up with winds blowing, and definitely don't ask me to believe that someone was able to kill a man who is 700 feet (pretty much the length of 2 2/3 football flields) above him with an arrow.
  2. Good Effort! Good Game!

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    The range of the medieval weapon is unknown, with estimates from 165 to 228 m (180 to 249 yds). Modern longbows have a useful range up to 180 m (200 yd). A 667N(150 lbf) Mary Rose replica longbow was able to shoot a 53.6 g (1.9 oz) arrow 328 m (360 yd) and a 95.9 g (3.3 oz) a distance of 249.9 m (272 yd).[23] A flight arrow of a professional archer of Edward III's time would reach 400yds. It is also well known that no practice range was allowed to be less than 220yds by order of Henry VIII.[24
  3. Good Effort! Good Game!

    Good Effort! Good Game! Dallas Clark's biggest fan

    That's from Wikipedia, not my prior knowledge fwiw
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  5. Aaron Hernandez

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    Well the same force will send an arrow laterally a lot farther than it will send it horizontally.

    But anyways, they're on a fictional planet so he can adjust the force of gravity slightly if he wants to. Just judging by how far the characters can travel on the maps it seems like it's a smaller planet than earth.

    Really I just think he made it so ridiculous to show that the wildlings had super strong bow and arrows. And i dont think guys on the wall were aiming for people, they were just spraying down arrows.
  6. The Blackfish

    The Blackfish Family, Duty, Honor? Whatever

    not to mention he has already adjusted the seasons to a great degree
  7. WC

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    he did actually point out that the wildling bows were smaller and lacked the range that the NW longbows had. and then BOOM some dude got shot, plus all the scarecrow's getting popped.

    i was skeptical of that as well. not to mention how the FUCK did they make a 700 ft tall ice wall
  8. The Blackfish

    The Blackfish Family, Duty, Honor? Whatever

    Brandon the Builder built it with magic bro
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  9. three stacks

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    it is known.
  10. WC

    WC Bad Company, till the day I die.

    fucking magic. are we to be under the impression that this R'hollor is legit? the whole killing the kings thing kinda weirds me out.
  11. Houndster

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    melisandre pulled a fucking shadow assassin out of her snatch in book 2, i'm pretty sure r'hllor is legit
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  13. Aaron Hernandez

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    maybe she's just a demon from another religion that has a vag full of shadow monsters.
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  14. WC

    WC Bad Company, till the day I die.

    this is kind of what i'm leaning towards
  15. dcon79

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    Aren't they all
  16. zeberdee

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    Davos said he recognized the shadow and Stannis was said to be physically weaker afterwards. I think he "gave" it to her.
  17. Larry Sura

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    i was under the impression that he fucked her and that was what came out. i always wanted jon to fuck her and then some jon demon shadow would fuck shit up.
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  20. jaygabriel

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    You know nothing Jon Snow.
  21. BayouMafia

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    And another thing, you're telling me the most common way of getting to the Eyrie is climbing up the side of the mountain using handholds, wearing at least traveling armor if not full armor, sword, etc? I'd ride up with the turnips and give no fucks.
  22. jorge

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    Yeah the way he describes the eyrie in the book its a little intense. Better in the show. Although I don't get how the moon door in the center can have a drop all the way to the valley floor in it.
  23. UA412

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    Here's the thing. GRRM is a dumbass. He has admitted that he had no clue how tall 700 feet is and that it was a mistake.
  24. I shot an arrow into the air, where it lands I do not care
  25. Good Effort! Good Game!

    Good Effort! Good Game! Dallas Clark's biggest fan

  26. Lloyd Xmas

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    I feel bad for the guy, with the enormity of his fictional realm. Can't imagine how many notes he must have on everything to keep time lines in order.
  27. Wellen Dowd

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    would not be surprised if that dipshit kept no notes at all.
  28. Lloyd Xmas

    Lloyd Xmas Don't you go dyin' on me

    Impossible. Even the maps alone would be too ridiculous to keep straight.
  29. Babou

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    It's p bad ass though. I can't imagine seeing that in person.

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