Indian (India) guys and interracial relationships

Discussion in 'The Mainboard' started by jgamibi, Nov 27, 2010.


Which of the following couples have you seen or heard of before?

Indian guy - White girl 2 vote(s) 50.0%
Indian guy - Black girl 0 vote(s) 0.0%
Indian guy - Latina 0 vote(s) 0.0%
Indian guy - Asian girl (non-Indian Asian) 1 vote(s) 25.0%
Indian guy - Other (Middle Eastern, Native American etc.) 1 vote(s) 25.0%
  1. Gotch Yarbrough Canada eh?

    You're allowed to say fuck on here man.

    Although I'm not sure how Buddha would feel about it.
  2. Buff_Ruffnek POPE of RAPEZY

  3. jgamibi New Member

    I am Christian =O
  4. The Sports Duck can you watch your tv on a slingbox in france?

  5. ColeTrickle tmb scares me to death

  6. jgamibi New Member

    Funny thing, I actually struggle with Indian girls. One looked at me and shook her head when I was eating beef.

    I don't struggle with White girls or Latinas, but with Black girls, I REALLY STRUGGLE.
  7. Gotch Yarbrough Canada eh?

    Even worse.
  8. jgamibi New Member

    what is so odd about that?
  9. rivaaah New Member

    Fuck you, you dot head piece of shit
  10. jgamibi New Member

    rivaah sound so Indian but to be on the safe side

    fuck you you inbred trailer trash sibling fuckin redneck!
  11. ColeTrickle tmb scares me to death

  12. ACEDGOD i make predictions

  13. Jayrish New Member

    this fuckin' guy
  14. MarcVericasLip New Member

    Does indian poon taste like curry
  15. swiggs white skill player

    Indians are all over here with the Mayo Clinic, and I've never seen an Indian with another race in what looks like a relationship.
  16. jgamibi New Member

    so this is how its like being in a hicktown o.o
  17. Mo New Member

    tell your people to stop smelling like shit, it suck for the rest of us. thanks.
  18. rv12 Cowabunga

    Was with an indian chick one time. Won't do it again due to the smell.
  19. BC Inabinet

    User the Black Guy

  20. jgamibi New Member

    FOB Indians must really make life tough for people
  21. Mo New Member

    I sat in front of an Indian family on a plane one time and it was pretty tough.
  22. jgamibi New Member

    FOB = Fresh Off the Boat

    I do find them to be the ones people have the most issues with, the smell is VERY evident. Now the more assimilated and Americanized ones don't have that issue but from the looks of it I see I am the only one.
  23. Mo New Member

    I feel bad for the boat.
  24. MarcVericasLip New Member

    Its like smelling your own shit, everyone likes their own brand. You're oblivious to the fact that you smell like complete dog shit to everyone else. It has nothing to do with becoming americanized, the curry has stained your genes. You cant wash that shit off
  25. ats New Member

    This, fucker should've been sunk if it had this guy on it.

    Sorry Jamglibiiiiii, didn't know you were so sensitive about your wimmens and no it's not just the fob people. I hate fucked college co-eds and then made them do my calc homework, while of course denying I knew them in public :smug:. I mean shit they had some big ol titties, but good god that fucking smell is hard to overcome. If I ever do it again, I better be congested as shit. One last tip, since you are obviously the dumptime of your race, Indian girls pretty much let you do whatever you want and they're nice about it. I mean just a real friendly lot. It makes me sad they won't bathe properly.
  26. jgamibi New Member

    So genes make you smell bad, we know you didn't go to UVA.

    As for smells, we all smell different and I am sure you were sniffing your top lip all along, would do the world some justice if you quit breathing anything in at all

    as for Indian women being easy and smelly, you didn't deny them because of the "smell", you just use that as an excuse because you are too big of a wuss to ask a woman out because you know she will turn your stinky trailer trash ass down
  27. ColeTrickle tmb scares me to death

    I'm about to eat a delicious cheeseburger with a side of brisket and a glass of milk.

    Big fan of cows.
  28. kona town so randle no can handle

    I have an Indian roommate. Only dates white girls.
  29. jgamibi New Member

    I don't really give a shit if you want to do that, if you wanna put on more weight (I am sure you probably are a fatass) then go for it, not my concern.
  30. jgamibi New Member

    speaking of Indian smell

    IT REALLY IS THAT FOOD, OMG THAT FOOD REALLY MAKES YOU GAS UP, ate Indian food one time and I will not eat it again at a restaurant
  31. jgamibi New Member

    So no Black, Latin, or Asian? EXCLUSIVELY White?
  32. ColeTrickle tmb scares me to death

  33. jgamibi New Member

    already dating one and already with one
  34. Capstone 88 Going hard in the paint

    This Indian is jumping to a lot of conclusions in here. Rather racist as well.
  35. jgamibi New Member


    you don't have the right to call anyone a racist after the shit you said on page 1, plus I am just playing the game
  36. kona town so randle no can handle

    Exclusive as the VIP mang
  37. Capstone 88 Going hard in the paint

    That wasn't racism. That was a God's honest truth. Like gravity.
  38. 00:06:00 I suggest you get REAL good at sucking cock.

    No Amjad, it aint the fucking food. It's genetic. You people smell like shit regardless what you eat, or your personel hygiene habits.
  39. Buff_Ruffnek POPE of RAPEZY

    :laugh: :golfclap:
  40. Tylers Kids Guest

    seems like the right time and place for a little benny lava:
  41. Legend -

    they smell bad
  42. TheChatch Big Paws On A Puppy.

    I have no idea where the smell comes from, but it's there with the indians....pakis too. Fucking awful. I've gotten my dick sucked by an indian girl, but that was years ago. dot head bitches just aren't in my wheelhouse.
  43. jgamibi New Member

    go back to fucking your sister cletus, you don't know basic biology

    Smell has nothing to do with genetics, it is almost exclusively hygiene and diet. The more spices you put in your diet the more you will smell, the more meat you eat the less you will fart but the more it will have a strong smell, the more veggies/fruits you eat the more you will fart but the smell won't be as strong.

    It is almost always diet and hygiene and you fuckin inbreds should be the last one to tell anyone they smell like shit, check out the smell of your own trailer before you spout that nonsense.

    What you eat ALMOST ALWAYS determines how you smell like, this is dumbed down anatomy because due to generations of inbreeding you can't understand this shit if you read it from a fuckin book.
  44. jgamibi New Member

    where do you live? Like any state or city in particular?
  45. jgamibi New Member

    You dumb hillbillies bring religion into everything, no wonder you fucktards live in states that rank dead bottom in education lol!
  46. The Sports Duck can you watch your tv on a slingbox in france?

    biology is for the birds

    scientific fact that ALL indians smell like dogshit.
  47. TheChatch Big Paws On A Puppy.

    I live on the West Coast.
  48. Tylers Kids Guest

    seems to me like OP enjoys going from board to board discussing his latina fetish and this time it isnt going as planned
  49. jgamibi New Member

    that is another study, scientific facts are proven over and over again and have no exceptions, they are not pulled out of a person's ass, especially a person who has the same IQ as a chow cow
  50. jgamibi New Member

    when once have I discussed my fetish for Latinas? All I have done is defended Indian people from a bunch of dumb inbred hillbillies, although you guys are a bunch of hicks, I do admit you know how to listen to directions and throw in a vote =/

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