INSIDE SOURCES: Nick Saban to Texas

Discussion in 'The Mainboard' started by ths, Nov 22, 2011.

  1. ths

    ths here we are, here and now Staff Member

  2. bertwing

    bertwing I'm a big dumb animal

    You have retarded friends
  3. mikeporky

    mikeporky Worst sports gambler ever

    Goddamnit Caleb just Google it.
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  4. Shock Linwood

    Shock Linwood New Member

    We will do what we see fit...and we have the money to make it happen.

    Mack Brown has underachieved at THE University of Texas. The last two yeas have not been the Texas Standard.

    As Ivan Drago once said: "If he dies...he dies".
  5. Shock Linwood

    Shock Linwood New Member

    Also, ths, your battery is getting low.
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  6. ths

    ths here we are, here and now Staff Member

    You have no idea. Only reason I'm friends with this kid on fb is for the laughs on my newsfeed.
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  7. bertwing

    bertwing I'm a big dumb animal

    Yeah I've seen you post his statuses before. I know I've got several like this as well

  8. Clown Baby

    Clown Baby Ill get to Kokomo slow then take it fast

    This rumor was obviously started by Auburn fans. With all these rumors going around Nick Saban is going to have to assure his team that he's not going anywhere. Given his track record his team will think he's a liar. Their hearts will not be in the game on Saturday and Auburn will pull off the upset
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  9. TLAU

    TLAU Dog Crew

    Bunker would play soggy biscuit on your iphone if that message was on the screen
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  10. JohnLocke

    JohnLocke Terminally Chill

    "dude just do a simple google search and it will tell you every truth in the world"
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  11. BlazingRebel

    BlazingRebel Dog Crew Founder Migraine Connoisseur

  12. Whammy Business

    Whammy Business Old Member

    "Chase Brewster" might be the gheyest name ever.
  13. ths

    ths here we are, here and now Staff Member

    Even worse when you know he goes by the nickname "punkie"
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  14. Clown Baby

    Clown Baby Ill get to Kokomo slow then take it fast

    Tlank, what on earth is soggy biscuit
  15. War Grundle

    War Grundle Nole Mercy

  16. High Cotton

    High Cotton Get off my lawn.

    Actually originated from tigerdroppings
  17. TLAU

    TLAU Dog Crew

    Just google it bro
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  18. Kirk Fogg

    Kirk Fogg "Tell them what they've won Olmec!"

    When did nick saban start letting assistants talk to the media during the season?
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  19. Clown Baby

    Clown Baby Ill get to Kokomo slow then take it fast

    Nice try but I'm not being tricked into visiting your dmb cover bands website
  20. Menelaus

    Menelaus The Red-Haired King

  21. RapesWithaSmile

    RapesWithaSmile tell em fuck em i never loved em and salutations.

    pretty sure thats slang for a recently creampied vag
  22. OHW

    OHW I certainly could have gotten into GA Southern


    those scheming Tigers
  23. Duvel

    Duvel Single Malts, Strong Pale Ales

  24. Hogview

    Hogview Fan of the Green board, Razorbacks

    A thread about this is on hawgsports :facepalm: 2 guys said he's got a 10yr/$100 million contract ready to sign. :beaver:
  25. bigjrock

    bigjrock Pillsbury Geauxboy

    The "rumor" comes from legit sources, but its all a ploy to get Saban/Sexton some extra dough.
  26. Hogview

    Hogview Fan of the Green board, Razorbacks

    Sexton needs to make up some of the Nutt money he's losing
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  27. Fuzzy Zoeller

    Fuzzy Zoeller College football > NFL

    19% battery at 6:50 am. Bold strategy, Cotton. Let's see how it works out for him.
  28. The Milkman

    The Milkman Send lawyers, guns and money, shit has hit the fan

    Pretty sure Saban's going to PSU
  29. Damion

    Damion Fan of: giving up 10+ point leads

    Sexton has mastered this tactic. He used it to get Fulmer a few raises and everybody knew he wasn't going any god damn where
  30. og543ss

    og543ss Why is it dumb to smoke crack?

    I mean duh
  31. Harrison Cougars

    Harrison Cougars New Member


    Prolly NSFW Spoiler...

    Show Spoiler
  32. Sportfan

    Sportfan From Six to Dumptime

    What I heard before the season was anything worse than 8 wins was going to force Mack into retirement
  33. I <3 bama cock

    I <3 bama cock Sharks are born swimming

    :shocker: Saban already wants to jumpship. He must have got tired from Miles beaten that ass.
  34. The Official MassNole

    The Official MassNole The only good Gator is a dead Gator

  35. nothing left to prove after two MNCs in five years
  36. jhooked

    jhooked It's the way you go na, na, na

    Starting to believe it...

    TexasSportsTexas Longhorns

    Just kopped. #NickSaban
  37. bigjrock

    bigjrock Pillsbury Geauxboy

  38. The Official MassNole

    The Official MassNole The only good Gator is a dead Gator

    That thread started yesterday around 5pm, earliest I could find discussing it. But yes that weasel Sexton is probably the real ground zero to get Saban a big ass raise for being the second best team in the division.
  39. mulletman

    mulletman New Member

    tide, bitch
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  40. Clown Baby

    Clown Baby Ill get to Kokomo slow then take it fast

    I see someone has come around. Oh and there was also a rumor I heard the other day about me being the new RoganBerry and Tide, Bitch becoming a national craze. That's right, it was Tide, Bitch
  41. mpl92

    mpl92 netflix on your couch

    He's coming to Texas and bringing Gunner Kiel with him.
  42. marcus

    marcus Sex with old ladies for money, and bear traps.

    Apparently, your friends smoke waaaaaaaaaaaaaay more weed than you.
  43. Petito

    Petito coys

    I can't possible be
  44. hamsterdam

    hamsterdam I wish I knew how to quit you.

    none of this matters because bama already beat texas on the field
  45. Legend

    Legend -

  46. AUB

    AUB Now we got bad blood, breh

    Your sources were correct, but it wasn't the university of texas...

    Show Spoiler

    DUCKMOUTH Master of tribal-lunar speak

    This is all the confirmation I need.
  48. Biff Bridges

    Biff Bridges The words, you're good with the words man

    I wish our HC was good enough to be mentioned for other jobs.


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