Is it true that Lil Bow Wow got raped by his bodyguard?

Discussion in 'The Mainboard' started by BigDickVerlonReed, Dec 16, 2009.

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    Santana was raped as a child. Santana>Bow Wow. Should have made this a Santana rape thread instead.
  4. mc415

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    Yup Bow wow was raped when he was younger by either his bodyguard or limo driver
  5. mc415

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    Bow wow tried to diss will smith:

    It all started off when BOW WOW referred to Will Smith as a "Bubble gum" rapper. His exact comments when he did an interview for XXL were:

    "He did his little rap thing first. But to me honestly, Will wasn't like a real rapper. He was more like a gimmick. Then he zapped into getting a TV show, and it was poppin. Then after that he was in Hollywood. So things came easy for him.With me, I'm a rapper. I ain't with the whole colorful cornball-type things. That's just not my style"

    love Will Smith's response:

    Will said, “A grown man don't answer to no child. I'm a grown ass man. I cut records before his momma let somebody cut to have him. My worst movie grossed almost twice as your best movie. Check the records and read a book young man."
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    i remember hearing this back in the day
  7. hudson

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    and then he went back to worshiping the alien jellyfish grapnook and then later played on his Ouija board with tom cruise.
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    I know I am gonna get :laugh: at for saying this and this may be :old: but have you guys heard the Soulja Boy diss of Bow Wow?

    It's actually kinda good, not the rapping part just how much he rips at him. He talks about him being raped by his bodyguard and snitching on his best friend, etc. It's called "Fuck Bow Wow" , I would link it but I cant access youtube at work.

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