ITT: We tell secrets about famous athletes that only you would know

Discussion in 'The Mainboard' started by dwolfunc, Jul 20, 2009.

  1. dwolfunc New Member

    Michael Jordan used to cheat on his wife often in chapel hill. Takes girls to the sienna and :buttfuck: them. A girl my pops friend knows who he did there is very very attractive
  2. teel My team's OC can keep your food cold

    Rick Porcello wasn't even the best pitcher on his team his jr year of high school
  3. NYGator Hebrew's Master

    Vernon Maxwell used to get high on my stash in college. I would wake up in the morning to him smoking on top of my loft. :prawl:
  4. Herbie H New Member

    Kirk Hinrich likes to smoke blunts and blow lines in the basement of Rosie's, a bar in Sioux City IA
  5. ghost_of_sptony New Member

    joe mcknight smokes more chronic than you can imagine.
  6. Joe Carroll The artist formerly known as StinkyP1nky

  7. hamsterdam I wish I knew how to quit you.

    only dbl knows that tim tebow is really gay. don't ask him how he knows this. (clue... :bananadog:)
  8. NYGator Hebrew's Master

    Not too famous, but I danced with former Giant QB, Dave Brown at a wedding. We were at the same table, and both of our wives/girlfriends got up to dance and neither of us wanted to dance. We were sitting at the table talking and people started making fun of us, so we decided to show them. I led (no homo). :facepalm:

    The night before the lakers played the heat in Miami last season I saw andrew bynum at tootsies a strip club here in south Florida. He was with some fine ass stripper and she was taking him yo the back room. Another dancer told me Kobe was fucking two strippers in the vip. No surprise the lakers lost the next day
  10. southside Homey don't play that JACK

    Alan Branch and Mario Manningham smoke like chimneys and would nights before games all the time.

    Adrian Peterson is also a huge toker.
  11. ghost_of_sptony New Member

    pete carrol is the most powerful man in Los Angeles and its not even close
  12. hudson Oh, you know...stuff.

    LP didn't actually beat up that girl...he told her fucking twice.

    but seriously um, go nothing on athletes right now, but actor chris klein has a fake tooth.
  13. triggafigga New Member

    I use to hang out with T.O. and a few other 49ers for a few years, and let's just say T.O. wasn't lying when he busted out Jeff Garcia with the :jimhusker: thing.
  14. RMIrish Bumpin' Kanye like it just came out


    Boubacar Cissoko is dumb as balls and has failed multiple random drug tests while at Michigan. He always tried to smoke with a kid I know that went to his high school, but the kid thought he was mighty shady. Tate Forcier also likes the greens. William Campbell takes school seriously and his mom keeps him on lock for his grades.
  15. southside Homey don't play that JACK

    His wife was my 4th grade teacher IIRC
  16. southside Homey don't play that JACK

    Justin Feagin smokes a shit ton too
  17. Nole96SC Old Member

    Gaines Adams left halfway through his first practice at high school because it was to tough. He transfered to a private school with 8 man football and the rest is history.
  18. UA412 New Member

    Greg McElroy has no soul.
  19. southside Homey don't play that JACK

    yeah, he's literally retarded. most of the team smokes, and most of ncaa football players smoke in general so it's whatever
  20. 941Gator TMB's resident beach bum

    Peter Warrick payed full price for those items at Dillards.
  21. ghost_of_sptony New Member

    6 blunts a day shocking to you bitch?
  22. CreepinCane New Member

    chad Johnson, Allen Iverson like to smoke weed together with Jeezy.

    Also Pat Riley wears ed hardy, gels up his hair and tans.
  23. Trofie New Member

    Aj Pierzynski or whatever keeps 2 phones. 1 for people he knows and 1 for all the bitches he fucks in diff towns. No lie. Guys a douche but I like this :thumb:
  24. ochosissoko cradle of fuckin civilization

    Pretty much all the KU bball team :prawl: :prawl: all the time
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    His senior year in practice, Micah Kreikameyer killed a man on a kick off, but the town of West Point covered it up.
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  26. Arkadin Meatball's Best Friend

    Everyone smoke man. I'd say 90% of athletes in major NCAA sports smoke. And everyone knows it too. Why the hell do you think it's so easy to pass a team sponsored drug test? People never fail those things, they're a fuckin joke.
  27. RMIrish Bumpin' Kanye like it just came out

    Forgive me if I'm wrong but don't you know a walk-on at michigan?

    with that beard? no
  28. wes tegg esq. New Member

    T.O. wasn't the best receiver on his H.S. team. And, they ran a veer-option offense. He did grow like four inches in college, though.
  29. WolverineJack31 If you can find him, we'll kill him.

    Peyton Manning when drunk in a VIP bathroom will stare at you the entire time while pissing with his pants all the way to the floor.
  30. skeezy Fan of: Hand drawn recruit pics

    philip rivers is a tranny
  31. Arkadin Meatball's Best Friend

    I know two twins that hooked up with him and Eli in Vegas a couple of years back.

    Clemson football does pay recruits. And yes, I do know this for a fact. Yes, I know every team does it. I know all kinds of shit players get from schools while there and while being recruited.
  32. WolverineJack31 If you can find him, we'll kill him.

    Supposedly Adam Dunn has a tiny penis also.
  33. i am a bammer Ben Eblen>Jamychal Green

    I like this thread.

    Waiting for bama player rumors. :angrycorn:
  34. hudson Oh, you know...stuff.

    dude that actually happened at west...kid went to o north.
  35. EASTWOOD New Member

    The JULIO isn't governed by time or space.
  36. Arkadin Meatball's Best Friend

    One of my friends was at a party at one of his fraternity brother's houses and said John Parker Wilson was there. When he got up to leave he turned and said "This dick isn't gonna suck itsself". 2 Girls got up and left with him. I called bullshit, but him and 3 of his friends swear by it.
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  37. skeezy Fan of: Hand drawn recruit pics

    meh he sure loves OCI on the strip
  38. i am a bammer Ben Eblen>Jamychal Green

    Or the machine.

    Pretty big claim. How do you know it is a fact?

    I remember this.
  40. ochosissoko cradle of fuckin civilization

    :thumb: to you Mr. Wilson.
  41. WolverineJack31 If you can find him, we'll kill him.

    Mike Hartline has been choked out by a bouncer at a bar while other UK players just watched.
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  42. i am a bammer Ben Eblen>Jamychal Green

    It really is a fact bama bangs get you laid.
  43. Arkadin Meatball's Best Friend

    I'm friends with a lot of college football players, and have had numerous kids tell me about being offered money and receiving money. As well as being offered and receiving other benefits.
  44. tbeekman Hoosier

    Before Kellen Lewis was kicked off the team he would come over tripping balls on mushrooms the nights before games at like 5 in the morning.
  45. i am a bammer Ben Eblen>Jamychal Green

    so that one kid holding up all that cash really was some BS story about his uncle?
  46. Herbie H New Member

    I partied with Adam Venaterri's brother one time (he lives in Lincoln) he said something similar about Peyton
  47. ochosissoko cradle of fuckin civilization

    Wasn't he the QB? I thought he was pretty good when he had Hardy there
  48. Arkadin Meatball's Best Friend

    That's what everyone tells me. That specific picture, I couldn't tell you about, but everyone has told me he got paid.

    I also know that it is VERY common for smaller D-1 schools to contact back ups on other teams attempting to get them to transfer.
  49. righty RESPECT THE POUCH


    So if that's true, how do they ever lose out on recruits to other schools, particularly perennial .500 team, South Carolina?

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