Kristen Saban pic on now

Discussion in 'The Mainboard' started by OB, Sep 17, 2010.

  1. IV New Member

    :awesomeface: :gmfb: :fratzy:
  2. H/T Ya Bish

    As said in other thread. Ragland seems like a cute girl. And this threa also explains IV porn stache :idk: still much love for him.
  3. 20/20/20/20 hoes call me mr. never wear the same thing

    Umm, yes.
  4. Talking Head The Bag Man.

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  5. ~ taylor ~ И ам нот фриендс витх Пелицан.

    That Ragland chick looks too thin to be the girl flashing her boobs.
  6. dblplay1212 New Member

    One sec.
  7. 20/20/20/20 hoes call me mr. never wear the same thing

  8. mulletman New Member

    i'm with you bro
  9. dblplay1212 New Member

    Will somebody that's handy with shop or paint cut out just the eyes in the tit pic and the Ragland pic?
  10. Talking Head The Bag Man.

    I could see it. However, as a true aubren man I will continue to say that it's Saban's daughter.

    Who the fuck names their kid Ragland by the way? :loldog:
  11. ths so far gone

    So that isn't Sabans daughter? Who the fuck is this Ragland chick, btw worst name I ever heard. Fucking awesome of deadspin to post that shit though. I'd love for our front page to be functional so we could post shit like that. That's what I want our website to be, posting naked chicks on the front page and say it's a high profile coaches daughter. Where's nikki meyer noods at
  12. dblplay1212 New Member

  13. joshuam2107 Team space

    Damn, bama fans are getting more fucked up every day..
  14. dblplay1212 New Member

    Ragland's nose is too skinny, too.

    Either way, Ragland needs to fall on the sword to save the million of innocent in Alabama. I don't want to see Mt Saban explode.
  15. Menelaus The Red-Haired King

    I'd definitely pee in Ragland's butt, terrible name or nay.
  16. IV New Member

    They should both take credit and leave those titties in a shroud of mystery
  17. mulletman New Member

    if you're from moutain brook & are a zta, you're a whore...imv of course
  18. Talking Head The Bag Man.

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  19. Harvey Updike New Member

    She is a kd I thought...
  20. IT New Member

    how would your sister know?
  21. Clown Baby Cowabunga, motherfuckers

    Your skank ass sister don't know shit
  22. 20/20/20/20 hoes call me mr. never wear the same thing

    Whether it's Saban's daughter or not, thousands of people are gonna think that it is Saban's daughter :awesomeface:
  23. mulletman New Member

    dude, tell your sister to quit callin me. i'm sick of fucking her.
  24. High Cotton Nog Enthusiast & Taco Bar Aficionado

    Not Ragland, that is Kristen Damn Saban, aight. Where is her Affliction wearing knight?
  25. dblplay1212 New Member

    Tell me how my dick tastes.
  26. mulletman New Member

    i never kissed her or licked i don't know.

    i just get blowjobs & stick it in her ass
  27. Where Eagles Dare Christ - Family - Money

    That is one ugly as sorority if the council is any indication....
  28. mulletman New Member

    stuhly that pic hurts my eyes
  29. IV New Member

    Hey you shut your whore mouth my hero's girlfriend is in that picture
  30. mulletman New Member

    i kid bateman

    you know i got nothing but <3 for you & your fam brah
  31. EdmondPanties High cost of living

    Sabans daughter should post pics of tits to prove it's not her.
  32. i am a bammer Ben Eblen>Jamychal Green

  33. Barves2125 Viewer discretion is advised

    Dude, that os definitely not Ragland Mackin. GTFO with that nonsense. It doesn't even look like her.
  34. mulletman New Member


    braves is stoned & can tell it's not
  35. Fuzzy Zoeller College football > NFL

    Is there anybody in the Alabama media with the balls to ask Saban about this?
  36. Dayneface I drink wine like a proper royal cunt.

    I wish I had more hands so I could give them titties 4 thumbs down.
  37. IV New Member

    I'm sure someone will and we will all be like :popcorn: :popcorn:
  38. High Cotton Nog Enthusiast & Taco Bar Aficionado

    Looks like she is showing off new boobies.

    Its all part of the process, aight.
  39. Menelaus The Red-Haired King

    No one will ask him this, because if they do, they will never be allowed in the media room again.

    Not to mention being stoned to death
  40. ths so far gone

    made me laugh

    dude wtf
  41. Cottonseed New Member

    I don't know. I've seen Kristen Saban before and her tits looked on the smallish side. Unless she got a boob job in two weeks I doubt it's her. Although those things looked kind of looked fake.
  42. Talking Head The Bag Man.

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  43. dblplay1212 New Member

    Only if they have a job lined up in another state.
  44. William Initiation comes to thems that wait.

    I would drink her bathwater.
  45. H/T Ya Bish

    Seems closer to kristen than ragland due to skin complexion and the nose and body size plus the nipple color is about what id expect looking at kristen but the hair seems to not match and seems too dark.
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  46. ~ taylor ~ И ам нот фриендс витх Пелицан.

    I'd have her groomed, teach her to sit and roll over, and let her sleep in the bedroom, but not on the bed. If she pooped in the house, I'd rub her nose in it.
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  47. NilesIrish Fan Of: The "Fan Of" Section

    Why has no one mentioned that Saban's daughter is, well, not very good looking :idk:
  48. Menelaus The Red-Haired King

    Please explain your username
  49. H/T Ya Bish

    Sabans daughter isnt hot but doesnt seem like shes hideous or anything.
  50. dblplay1212 New Member

    She's adopted. He was too busy being the #2GOAT coach to waste his time on reproducing.

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