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Discussion in 'The Mainboard' started by GC71388, Sep 15, 2010.

  1. GC71388

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    Hey guys I have a chance to buy a ticket to Bama/LSU thats in section 304 row 2. If the lower rows are anything like BDS than its a pretty shitty seat. I just wondered if any of you guys have sat in a low row in Tiger Stadium. Thanks.
  2. GC71388

    GC71388 New Member TMB OG

  3. Ty Cobb

    Ty Cobb Well-Known Member Donor

    I've sat pretty low and prefer to higher up. Anything within the first 10 rows or so will be impeded by the players, if you're behind a bench. Don't have a seating chart in front of me but TS is like any stadium in that being too low is not a good seat
  4. JacobVB11

    JacobVB11 New Member

    Here is the link for Tiger Stadium Seating:
    . If seems like your tickets will be pretty good. H
  5. bogies

    bogies New Member

    We actually give away fans very good tickets. A whole corner of the bottom bowl.
  6. BayouMafia

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    don't remember off the top of my head where sec 304 is, but if it's in the corner of the endzone it won't be as bad as if it's between the 20's because other than random stadium personnel there won't be anyone in your way. It will be hard for you to really see action on the other side of the field but the upside is that when the ball is near that endzone you have a pretty good field level view. I had similar tickets at War Memorial in Little Rock in 2002 when Decory Birmingham caught that pass about 10 feet in front of me. It was a great view. Too great, as it turns out because that image of horror is etched in my brain and will be there forever :tebow:
  7. GC71388

    GC71388 New Member TMB OG

    Yeah its on the 35yd line, but its ROW 2. I figured itd be pretty much impossible to see the action on the field and LSU doesnt have any screens except for the one on the big scoreboard
  8. GC71388

    GC71388 New Member TMB OG

    I just got a ticket in 404 row 19, which is lower bowl in the corner bama section. Should be a pretty decent seat. Thanks guys for the input
  9. Nantucket

    Nantucket Alpha Male Donor

    Don't spill your bourbon on me. I'm on row 18
  10. GC71388

    GC71388 New Member TMB OG

    Haha word ill try not to. I'm goin with a buddy of mine his ticket is 404 row 18 too. I am guessing this section is UA students cause thats who I got my ticket from.
  11. Nantucket

    Nantucket Alpha Male Donor

  12. hey lsu guys i already have my plane and shit booked for the game next week, but dont have tickets yet
    someone just offered 4 tickets in section 632 for 100 dollars a ticket
    these seats any good and that a good price? planned on scalping tix but this sounds a lot easier
  13. Marty Kaan

    Marty Kaan By any means necessary Donor

    shoudl looking at seating chart..i haz no idea
  14. bigjrock

    bigjrock Pillsbury Geauxboy Donor

    That's an upper deck, so it depends on the row. I actually like sitting at the botton of the upper deck.
  15. yeah row z, so sounds like its pretty high up
    gonna keep looking around
  16. JacobVB11

    JacobVB11 New Member


    You should check out stubhub for tickets. There seem to be some pretty good tickets left. Have a wonderful trip.
  17. thanks :beerchug:

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