Manchester City Thread: #DareToDemichelis

Discussion in 'Soccer Board' started by NittanyKnight, Oct 23, 2011.

  1. Cza_Behave Guest

    GOLTV play by play guy is embarrassingly shitty.
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  2. Cza_Behave Guest

    5 minutes injury time, this faggot goalie having cramps. Balo almost stepped on some dude's face.
  3. Cza_Behave Guest

    Joe Hart almost wins it with seconds left, header glanced wide off their keeper's fingers. Fuck.
  4. IronLung can't a bitch livin say i bought her michael kors

    wanted to kill him for his overly latino pronunciation of players names especially kolarov and kun aguero.
  5. Cza_Behave Guest

    (American accent) and on the break away it's (bad Spanish accent) ah-where-oh
  6. Cza_Behave Guest

    Why always us!?
  7. Cza_Behave Guest

    Loss today will = me only watching the derby from here on out.
  8. arnold palmtree New Member

    How will city survive losing a bandwagon fan ?
  9. Barves2125 Viewer discretion is advised

    I feel a good match coming from us tonight. A good match, indeed. Tevez on the bench too.

    Starting lineup: Hart, Kolo, Richards, Zabaleta, Clichy, Yaya, De Jong, Silva, Nasri, Aguero, Balotelli
    Bench: Pantilimon, Savic, Kolarov, Milner, Barry, Dzeko, Tevez
  10. prerecordedlive Fan of: hoofball, good hair, two-footed tackles

    Probably a good idea for Tevez to be outside the XI for a while longer.
  11. Barves2125 Viewer discretion is advised

    Warming up now...

    Mario just got a gift and had a bad shot. Should be 1-0 but hopefully he can redeem himself.
  12. Cza_Behave Guest

    Can't believe Balo missed that a few minutes ago.
  13. Barves2125 Viewer discretion is advised

    0-0 at half. Game has really kinda gone back and forth.
  14. Taques A right stylish cunt

    hate midweek matches
  15. Barves2125 Viewer discretion is advised

    We look like shit.
  16. Taques A right stylish cunt

    is there an app for iPad where I can catch these games while I'm at work
  17. Cza_Behave Guest

    Thanks you Essien!
  18. Barves2125 Viewer discretion is advised

    1-1 off a handball call and Aguero nails the penalty.
  19. Barves2125 Viewer discretion is advised

    Give and go from Nasri to Tevez and back for a goal. 2-1!!!!!!!
  20. Cza_Behave Guest

    Wow! I still hate you Carlos, but nice ball.
  21. Barves2125 Viewer discretion is advised

    And we get the win. Good stuff, good stuff.
  22. ksim14 New Member

    The 2nd was beautiful all the way around.
  23. Ace Boogie top lad

    nice comeback today, I was pulling for it
  24. Taques A right stylish cunt

    just got home

    fuck the world

    go city
  25. Taques A right stylish cunt

  26. Cza_Behave Guest

    I'm going to root for Apache in hopes we can find somewhere for him this summer that is not here. His reaction to the decision on Kun taking the pk already had me saying 'here we go again'.
  27. Cza_Behave Guest

    Hart, Zaba, Richards, Kolo, Clichy, Barry, Yaya, Silva, Nasri, Balo, Dzeko getting the start.
  28. Cza_Behave Guest

    Also, neither Aguero or Kompany on the subs list. Going to see Tevez again for 35 minutes.
  29. ochosissoko cradle of fuckin civilization

    Hey NK, why don't you post as often anymore?
  30. Cza_Behave Guest

    What a shit half. Hate saying this, but put Tevez in.
  31. Cza_Behave Guest

    Been busy with work I think.
  32. Barves2125 Viewer discretion is advised

    Well, Crouch just made it 1-0 with an absurd and lucky shot. Fuck.
  33. Taques A right stylish cunt

    crouch curse continues
  34. Clown No relation to Clown Baby

    That goal was disgusting
  35. Ace Boogie top lad

  36. Cza_Behave Guest

    Yaya with an unreal strike! Wow! 1-1 minutes after Tevez comes on for Berry.
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  37. Barves2125 Viewer discretion is advised

    Howard Webb is awful. Worst in the league IYAM.
  38. Cza_Behave Guest

    Fuck you Crouch. Oh well, still in range.
  39. Taques A right stylish cunt

  40. Derek245583 New Member

    I am sick and tired of this...completely ruins my saturdays every time I watch these guys.
  41. Cza_Behave Guest

    It's sad, but without Aguero, we can't get anything going up front.

    When you have Dzeko, Balo and Tevez and your one 1 goal comes from 40 yards out, something is wrong.
  42. Barves2125 Viewer discretion is advised

    Agree completely. And those 3 all seem to have an issue as of late. Tevez seems hesitant to take shots, which makes sense. Balotelli only seems to be able to be in form for one half each game and misses 1-2 scoring opportunities every match, and this is coming from someone who considers themselves a big fan. And Dzeko is Dzeko. The header he blew today was pretty inexcusable. That should be on target for him every time.
  43. Cza_Behave Guest

    Balo is frustrated, making good runs and not getting the ball, but if he isn't finishing well, not sure why he expects to be looked at every trip. I don't even know about Dzeko, if you're that much bigger than everyone, getting bullied off the ball and being completely ineffective on set pieces, you're just a warm body out there and with the amount we have invested in our strikers, I expect more than what we have seen this year.

    All of this and having Silva hit his worst stretch since he arrived are why we are going to finish a distant 2nd for the trophy unless Kun just goes bananas the rest of the way. Nothing going on besides league games so should be able to find a starting 11 that works and stick with it until the derby, just need to stay within 3.
  44. Barves2125 Viewer discretion is advised

    Silva's definitely been the worst aspect of it for sure.
  45. Cza_Behave Guest

    Yeah, no idea what is going on there. He looks unconfident and hesitant. Totally different squad than 4 months ago.
  46. Cza_Behave Guest

    Why the fuck did we start a new thread?

    Answer me #NittanyKnight and #ManCity!
  47. SugarShaun "Arguably the best poster on this site" -Fudd

    Thought this might be a good place to ask. Will be visiting sister in law next month and during the 2 weeks spending 3 days in Manchester and looking to get tickets to City West Brom think I'll have much trouble? Don't have enough time to order and get them before trip so was going to see if I can do will call or even try day of match or scalper but didn't know if I'd fuck myself out of a ticket if I did that. No idea what its like trying to get tickets especially for a midweek match
  48. Barves2125 Viewer discretion is advised

    Wish I could help you or point you in the right direction SugarShaun but I will be no help to you. Try NittanyKnight, as he's out resident Brit.

    Also, really want Clint Dempsey to do his thing today and lead Fulham to a victory over the fucking reds.
  49. Barves2125 Viewer discretion is advised

    Fulham can't bring much attack together the whole game, nor can United but United got a goal eventually.

    Anyway, Fulham not given a penalty in the 88th minute. United holds off for the 1-0 victory. It's getting ridiculous...
  50. clemsontyger04 The Chad Running Shit

    that was a clear penalty

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