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  1. Bo Ryan Head Coach of Wisconsin Men's Basketball, Bo Ryan

  2. Zap Branigan I am the man with no name.

  3. Bo Ryan Head Coach of Wisconsin Men's Basketball, Bo Ryan

    Crazy as wildebeest. Just deep throated a 12 incher for one minute.
  4. oldberg BB Guns and Runzas

    fuck john_knee... 500 tokens for deep throating a dildo? fucking douchebag
  5. Bo Ryan Head Coach of Wisconsin Men's Basketball, Bo Ryan

    first one was 700
  6. oldberg BB Guns and Runzas

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  7. Zap Branigan I am the man with no name.

    only 965 till fuck machine lololol
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  8. skattles you my gf now?

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  9. Bo Ryan Head Coach of Wisconsin Men's Basketball, Bo Ryan

  10. Bo Ryan Head Coach of Wisconsin Men's Basketball, Bo Ryan

  11. Zap Branigan I am the man with no name.

    its fuck machine time lolololol
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  12. TheChatch Big Paws On A Puppy.

    Made me :laugh:
  13. TheChatch Big Paws On A Puppy.

  14. Broteen Maintaining Integrity

    This chick is smoking. Looks like a relative of Sysy. She is Romanian.
    Show Spoiler
  15. TheChatch Big Paws On A Puppy.

    But will she spit roast a pair of 12 inch dildos with a corn cob stuffed up her butthole?
  16. Broteen Maintaining Integrity

    Here is a man who asks the important questions.
  17. TheoB New Member

  18. TheChatch Big Paws On A Puppy.

  19. TheoB New Member

  20. -Prime- New Member

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  21. TheoB New Member

    holy shit, she just got tipped 13,337. crazy people. who the hell would spend this money????
  22. -Prime- New Member

    She is not even naked.
  23. Ace Boogie top lad

    Really hope I catch this girl again sometime soon, she was hot as fuck.

    HarlieRoxx is getting naked, she isn't inserting anything into her vagina at the moment tho. Fuckin prude.

    edit- nm, she said she is doing DP in her show tonight.
  24. -Prime- New Member

    Sysy on. Oil show 3300 tokens needed
  25. Name P. Redacted What the fuck did I do?

    1 token = how much dollars/cents?
  26. 850 New Member

    Nikki C looks pretty fantastic right now

    too bad she shows nothing in public
  27. Yanks711 TMB's Hoosier

  28. Broteen Maintaining Integrity

    I only started visiting MFC last week. Sysy has been on every night. I think this is her primary source of income.

    ~4000 tokens for an oil show, plus money for privates(~$400/2 + privates per night)? She is probably making a good living in Romania.
  29. UncleItchyBalls Fan of: The Tide, PDL, and PROCESSING KICKERS

    bitch probably makes 6 figures which is like being a millionaire in romania
  30. TheChatch Big Paws On A Puppy.

    Guys I'm on mobile so screenshots of teenage eastern European girls getting triple stuffed by dildos and phallic shaped garden vegetables would be really appreciated.
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  31. Name P. Redacted What the fuck did I do?

    jesus christ these girls are making some serious dough.
  32. IanBoyd New Member

  33. Joe Withabee PS - I have sifulus : (

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  34. -Prime- New Member

    Got home just in time
  35. TheChatch Big Paws On A Puppy.

    fix your webcam you strange european whore
  36. -Prime- New Member

    She made like 1,000 tokens in 20 minutes and then went to bed without doing anything.
  37. TheChatch Big Paws On A Puppy.

    "I dunno is my computer or is my connection"

    Just bang yourself with something
  38. ARSENAL Goddamn lonely love

    She made 20 grand one day last week. Somebody tipped her 200,000 tokens
  39. TheChatch Big Paws On A Puppy.

  40. Yanks711 TMB's Hoosier

    I've seen that girl with her on there before, can't remember what name she goes by though.
  41. Kirk Fogg "Tell them what they've won Olmec!"

    Ya that's arryah - her site is offering a pic special of her and sysy's summer vacation. Hahaha
  42. TheChatch Big Paws On A Puppy.

    Over 4000 viewers in their chat.

    These two sluts draw more than Miami home games....

    Show Spoiler
    But there isn't a lot to do in Romania.

    Show Spoiler
    Yes, I know not all viewers are in Romania
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  43. TLAU ᕙ(`▽´)ᕗ

    rookie here. got on MFC for about 30 minutes last night to see what it was all about. never even found a girl doing something cool. all just chatting looking for coins. tried to watch some "shows" and got denied all around. what is a private show and what is a group show and are either viewable without opening a wallet. thanks

    some little hanna hanna chick that looked like a fuck doll from the JB thread sucked on a dildo for 20 minutes. was the only action i saw besides girls flashing a camera. meh
  44. Yanks711 TMB's Hoosier

    private shows are 1 on 1, they can view your cam and other weird shit. Group shows are kinda like private shows but with 3-4 people. Both cost something like 60-70 tokens a minute
  45. inurfason Don't condescend me, man. I fuckin' kill ya, man

    Did you go to preferences and sort by most poplular rooms?
  46. TheChatch Big Paws On A Puppy.

    Prolly the hollyhanna girl that has dildos mounted all over her living room that she triple stuffs herself with.
  47. -Prime- New Member

    One of the users on the site said there was over 100 people in group. Sysy and that other girl are making bank.
  48. Broteen Maintaining Integrity

    During the weekend, some of the girls were on for 4-10 hours, doing multiple shows. What they are asking for in tokens for a public show (most girls are doing public shows) is a good gauge of when to be on a girl's channel. They'll usually say, for example, 1800 tokens for a cum show. They'll usually update it with each tip. Depending on the girl, it could take a few hours before a cum show. They will typically leave in the title what kind of show they are doing. It may be worth dropping $20 bucks just for the lifetime chatting privileges.

    There is a preview screen when you move the mouse to the upper right hand corner of a girl's picture and link which helps to avoid going from channel to channel. Peak into the girls' rooms on the first page and see if anything good is going on. At night and on the weekends, there usually is.
  49. TheFreak55 Illegitimate Child of Corky Bucek

    How much real money is one token
  50. Broteen Maintaining Integrity

    Ten cents a token, or $19.99 for 200 tokens. The models split their tokens earned (tips) 50/50 with the site.
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