Nick Moody going to rock a Bane inspired facemask for the East-West game

Discussion in 'The Mainboard' started by Kirk Fogg, Jan 17, 2013.

  1. Kirk Fogg

    Kirk Fogg "Tell them what they've won Olmec!"

  2. Bruce Wayne

    Bruce Wayne Billionaire Playboy

  3. Irush

    Irush New Member

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  4. Whammy Out Of Business

    Whammy Out Of Business Avid indoorsman, 4-3 defense enthusiast

  5. undrtow

    undrtow learn to swim

    How the fuck did Nick Moody get invited to an "all-star" game?
  6. BMR

    BMR I'm like Jessie in this bitch, I'm so excited.

    oh hello
  7. Nole96SC

    Nole96SC Old Member

    If I were the owner of the company that made that I wouldnt want my name on it. Looks like something a 12 year old made out of the modeling clay he didnt eat.
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  8. OZ

    OZ Training to be tiging. SEC SEC

  9. BrickTamland

    BrickTamland Head like a St. Bernard

    If I was the owner of this company, I wouldn't let the failed LBer experiment that was 2012 Nick Moody wear this.
  10. Dayneface

    Dayneface I drink wine like a proper royal cunt.

    Looks like it was made out of playdough.
  11. duvalbill

    duvalbill Salt life

    coincidentally, that's what his brain is made of too.
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  12. Dayneface

    Dayneface I drink wine like a proper royal cunt.

    I know nothing about him, but here is a like for you good sir.
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  13. skattles

    skattles I never left you. Ok I left you.

    honestly didn't care who he was until he put on the mask
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  14. Jimbob

    Jimbob Play don't care who makes it

    Should have let Bjorn wear it.

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  15. duvalbill

    duvalbill Salt life

    he was a mediocre safety who changed positions to LB this year. His highlights are all big hits, but he is a liability in coverage and basically teo'd at LB all year. Any gm that drafts him should be fired.

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