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Discussion in 'The Mainboard' started by The Fuck Jion, Nov 27, 2012.

  1. Pelican

    Pelican COOL huh Staff Member

    Kinda figured. We are hearing the same on Wilson.
  2. Pelican

    Pelican COOL huh Staff Member

    So I just heard Timmons will be announcing for Florida tomorrow.
  3. Jack Parkman

    Jack Parkman New Member Staff Member

  4. Aaron Hernandez

    Aaron Hernandez Addministr8er

    yay! thanks for the info pelican.
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  5. Pelican

    Pelican COOL huh Staff Member

    Sarcasm noted. And the OSU boards are mostly saying UK....though our most well connected Florida guy is saying his UK people ARE hearing Timmons to UF.

    I have no clue. Just assumed UF would take Clark which would push Timmons to UK.

    But maybe UF can somehow take both :idk:
  6. Pelican

    Pelican COOL huh Staff Member

    And I know you guys are discussing this elsewhere but I have nowhere else to talk about it with your fanbase :awesomeface:
  7. NWestGator

    NWestGator peacefully coexisting amongst owls

    No way we take both :twocents:
  8. kmac1231

    kmac1231 New Member

    Is it Wednesday yet?
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  9. SLH

    SLH Single Moms & Barefoot Merlot

    How does an OSU fan know more about our secret board than I? :tebow:
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  10. Jigga

    Jigga Noah Brindise Staff Member

    Because no one likes you.

    No, wait, no one likes me.

    I always get that confused
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  11. Pelican

    Pelican COOL huh Staff Member

    Hehe nevermind.
  12. 941Gator

    941Gator TMB's resident beach bum Staff Member

  13. Pelican

    Pelican COOL huh Staff Member

    Hello again friends and lovers.

    I hope this Tuesday is treating you well, and I hope things are going swimmingly over on your super-secret team board.

    Our Scout "insider" who has pretty good connections in Florida is now calling Clark to OSU.

    I remain a very skeptical pelican, though.

    Show Spoiler
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  14. Jigga

    Jigga Noah Brindise Staff Member

    Clark to OSU
  15. Boo MFer!

    Boo MFer! Creator of the 'Official Dads of TMB' thread.

    We gettin' nobody.
  16. Pelican

    Pelican COOL huh Staff Member

    I don't like the Trey Johnson to UF rumors....but I have no idea if you guys could even take another LB :idk:
  17. D. Silver

    D. Silver New Member

    We are switching to the 2-6-3 D.
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  18. Pelican

    Pelican COOL huh Staff Member

    Then I am officially worried.
  19. MJH

    MJH New Member

    Derek Tyson the main UF guy for ESPN said there'd be two surprises tomorrow. :idk:
  20. KJROD20

    KJROD20 the ends will justify the means.

    so far, so good, yes?
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  21. kmac1231

    kmac1231 New Member

    Very happy with our class. Boom did a great job.
  22. stg3

    stg3 New Member

    Aside from D Robinson, I think you guys missed out on a home run threat. Something much needed in your offense. Great class though.
  23. JGator1

    JGator1 I'm the Michael Jordan of the industry

    Thanks bro. How was the dinner shift tonight?
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  24. stg3

    stg3 New Member

    I made hamburger helper, was lazy. Got to show some houses tomorrow.
  25. PolkChops

    PolkChops Long Member

    Thanks faggit.
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  26. inurfason

    inurfason New Member

    We've got Debose one of the 10 fastest players in the country.
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  27. TTgator91

    TTgator91 New Member

    Choppa Dan.
  28. -Prime-

    -Prime- New Member

    Why did you take Jay-Nog? :embarrassed:. Should of took that faggot Keith Bryant.
  29. stg3

    stg3 New Member

    Yeah, that's worked so far.
  30. PolkChops

    PolkChops Long Member

    Hope he'll turn out as good as superstar, Kelvin Benjamin, faggit.
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  31. stg3

    stg3 New Member

    He just has to make 37 more receptions for 500 yards to be as good.
  32. D. Silver

    D. Silver New Member


    Go get me some fiesta lime chicken beyotch.
  33. PolkChops

    PolkChops Long Member

    Good point faggit.
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  34. stg3

    stg3 New Member

  35. PolkChops

    PolkChops Long Member

    You're welcome Kenon

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  36. stg3

    stg3 New Member

    Awwwh, the gang
  37. inurfason

    inurfason New Member

    He is going to breakout this year, the new Deonte Thompson.

    What are your thoughts on UF and FSU for 2013.

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