Official 2012 Big Ten football discussion thread (Why are you still here? It's over. Go home.)

Discussion in 'The Mainboard' started by VictorHobson, Feb 15, 2012.

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  1. JBF76

    JBF76 Buckeye football, Redskins, Redsox, Celtics.

    He is also a fucking hoss...
  2. Poe Dameron

    Poe Dameron The best fucking pilot in the galaxy

    I missed out on the fun.

    definitely team Vic!
  3. M'ark Pepperonio

    M'ark Pepperonio Free mahi mahi! Free mahi mahi! Staff Member

    I made one post on the topic. Yes, I did think it would create a bigger shitstorm than it did, but I didn't participate in the planning and wasn't active in the conversation leading up to it. Glad to see you're obsessed enough with me to single me out, though. Thanks, sweetheart.
  4. Pelican

    Pelican COOL huh

    Team Hobson.
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  5. Celemo

    Celemo 2015 ~taylor~ dukebuckeye B1G POY

  6. mugRBG

    mugRBG Fan Of: #teamoutlaw/COB, NY Knicks, Chiefs, Jags

    team you are all gay
  7. Jimmy the Saint

    Jimmy the Saint Pretty pimpin

    Really, you've never seen the Zorro pic?
  8. Jean-Ralphio

    Jean-Ralphio A real toe-tapper

    I think he's joking but i could of course be wrong.
  9. The Fuck Lion

    The Fuck Lion WOOOO!

    Didnt really have a plan then goes into details of the planning? Cant explain that.
  10. romanoff

    romanoff New Member

    I'm done responding about something I wasn't involved in
  11. The Fuck Lion

    The Fuck Lion WOOOO!

    The irony of this whole shitshow? It was a total "Sparty No!"

    is Vinegar Strokes John L Smith?
  12. Pelican

    Pelican COOL huh

    Team I have been acting like a giant faggot on here for the last three years so calling me gay isn't exactly ruining my day.
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  13. pez

    pez Poon Pooning Staff Member

    Whoa, whoa, whoa....whoa.........whoa.........this was only an act?
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  14. Pelican

    Pelican COOL huh

  15. Brocktoon

    Brocktoon New Member

    Not hiding, just been stuck on tmb mobile most of the day. No planning, bringing it up and the baiting was done by someone else.

    Later I came home from the bar , saw the pic that someone else had posted and I just thought given the context of guys bragging about sexual conquests that the photo was perfect. Especialy the guy giving the diamond cutter while holding a condom. Was meant to be funny, not some angry plot.

    Forgot what serious bizness the internet can be.
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  16. scottblue

    scottblue New Member

    Yes, clearly the guy that found and then sat on a picture of a poster from an opposing fanbase for a month was caught off guard by the seriousness of the internet.
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  17. dathalfnukkahd

    dathalfnukkahd dat nukka high definition

    lame nigga be quiet.
  18. Joe Louis

    Joe Louis no thank you turkish, i'm sweet enough

  19. Blu Tang Clan

    Blu Tang Clan Put a cork in it Zane! Staff Member

    I'm tired of discussing this. Team make Ross the Boss a Sparty board mod for two months to extract some humor from this silly tale of internet toe-stubbing.
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  20. Corch

    Corch Not great, Bob.

    If I win the mega millions tonight, I'm going to fly Victor, HalfnHalf, and jri to Columbus for the game this year so I can look them in the eye and give them a nice wink when OSU wins next year.
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  21. mugRBG

    mugRBG Fan Of: #teamoutlaw/COB, NY Knicks, Chiefs, Jags

  22. jwpearl

    jwpearl I shall fetch a rug

    See, now you're being angry again. I guess it wasn't meant to last.
  23. ats

    ats New Member

    Hey 49ers , I know you're busy with your new job and all, but let's not pretend you aren't a little bitch made faggit with Josh Helmholdt level excuses for being a stupid cunt and ringleader of a shit tier fanbase. It's pretty bad when the Ross da Boss is less of a cocksucker that you are. Fuck the whore who shat you out.
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  24. 49ers169

    49ers169 Administrator Staff Member

    Didn't know working 13 hour days for the past 2.5 months is the same as mowing the lawn as a reason not to call recruits. My apologies for that.

    As I know pearl has been posting everything that I said, I should have said no go on the pictures before it got to that point. And to that sorry for Victor for letting other guys get it out.

    Also didn't know I was a ringleader but okay as to the last comment, you are close dad was the whore.
  25. Pelican

    Pelican COOL huh

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  26. ats

    ats New Member

    It took ten minutes to come up with this? English, motherfucker, do you speak it?
  27. pez

    pez Poon Pooning Staff Member

    alright, time to move. So about those spring games and practice? Any injuries yet?
  28. Constant

    Constant Meh

    I think that in the end, this incident will only bring the Wolverine and Sparty fanbases closer together.
  29. mtsucalico85

    mtsucalico85 New Member

    Couple notes gleaned from Gopher practices:

    Gray is throwing the ball much more accurately than he was last year.
    James Gillum is the RB that Gopher coaches seem to like the most- not that fast, but physical.
    Most improved position will probably be CB, with Stoudermire healthy and Michael Carter finally not sucking.
    For what its worth, Thieren Cochran will be the most productive DE on the roster.
    No new injuries, just the ones we came into Spring football with.
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  30. mugRBG

    mugRBG Fan Of: #teamoutlaw/COB, NY Knicks, Chiefs, Jags

    michigan posters all hyped to read about the golden gopher spring practice updates..... :cerealkiller:

    some of my psu musings, rattled off;

    1. matt mcgloin sucks donkey balls, rob bolden assists matt mcgloin in donkey ball sucking technique, PJ could probably add hope but if he were to see the field, he'd prove ineligible anyway
    2. silas redd is still the best B1G RB, despite what other tmb fanbases say :shocker:
    3. OLine is sketchy
    4. DLine isn't all that sketchy
    5. LBs will be LBs
    6. corners will be good if healthy, amos (played as tr fr), morris - incoming kids/curtis drake
    7. safeties will suck regardless, they've been recruited by previous staff and are essentially; a) rejects as far as the position should be played, b) walk-ons, c) both
    sorry if any of these terms were too technical
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  31. Corch

    Corch Not great, Bob.

    Silas Redd is way better than Montee Ball and Leveon Bell.
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  32. FactsRule

    FactsRule Mmm ... Coconuts

    The make up sex is going to be so hot.
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  33. M'ark Pepperonio

    M'ark Pepperonio Free mahi mahi! Free mahi mahi! Staff Member

    :laugh: :facepalm: Oh well. Find a date for the prom yet?
  34. fetumpsh

    fetumpsh New Member

    Really? We blame things on our jobs now? I thought we were men. Either be a mod, or fuck your dad for 13 hours/day, but don't try to do and both.
  35. Corch

    Corch Not great, Bob.

    Good thing football season is right around the corner then we'll really have something to talk about.

  36. Gunners

    Gunners Nicking a living

    Damn, ats is an angry little fucker.
  37. ats

    ats New Member

    It's 12:30 and 49ers is still a bitch
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  38. DeToxRox

    DeToxRox Flummoxed Staff Member

    I heard a rumor that the MSU team board may have a new mod. Can't confirm it though.
  39. ats

    ats New Member

    Congrats to Sparty's new overlord
  40. fetumpsh

    fetumpsh New Member

    The hero they deserve, I'm sure.
  41. Blu Tang Clan

    Blu Tang Clan Put a cork in it Zane! Staff Member

  42. og543ss

    og543ss Why do I care? Why should I give a fuck

    my god white knighting off the charts right now

    seriously who gives a shit it was a picture grow the fuck up
  43. scottblue

    scottblue New Member

    What are you talking about ?? Shut the fuck up.
  44. Jean-Ralphio

    Jean-Ralphio A real toe-tapper

    Should use the thread title to congratulate ross as he rightfully claims his title.
  45. Vinegar Strokes

    Vinegar Strokes New Member

    Victor can stop crying now. But at least when he brags about banging MSU hotties, we all know he is full of shit. Unless he considers hotties, girls his size.

    Sorry that your schtick was revealed for not even 2 minutes
  46. Jean-Ralphio

    Jean-Ralphio A real toe-tapper

    just shut the fuck up already.


    This is your new moderator speaking, thanks for the honorable mention Vic.


    How do I ban? There's just one fucker I'd like to oust and that's it, I'm not gonna go on a power trip.
  49. Jean-Ralphio

    Jean-Ralphio A real toe-tapper

    remember they all wish you were dead. power trip is the right move.
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  50. Poe Dameron

    Poe Dameron The best fucking pilot in the galaxy


    Show Spoiler
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