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Discussion in 'The Mainboard' started by brolift, May 6, 2015.

  1. brolift

    brolift its a knife Donor

    Gather round friends. Lets pat ourselves on the back for designing and building a better world.
  2. brolift

    brolift its a knife Donor

  3. RockHardEnis39

    RockHardEnis39 PM Jimmy The Saint for pics of his mom and sister Donor

    This is the domestic engineering thread, right?
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  4. brolift

    brolift its a knife Donor

    No that in the war room
  5. * J Y *

    * J Y * Sterlin Gilbert reattached my head Staff Member Donor TMB OG

    yes hello i like trains
  6. PAHokieinRVA

    PAHokieinRVA Well-Known Member Donor

    Hello at the show. Got my biggest project just beginning construction now.
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  7. brolift

    brolift its a knife Donor

    How much is TIC?

    What discipline r u
  8. A Congressman

    A Congressman Well-Known Member Donor

    Generally speaking of course they are made of steel, right?
  9. brolift

    brolift its a knife Donor

    Yesterday we had a technician show up without the appropriate cable to complete a quick relay reprogramming.
    Luckily there was a spare in the trash can.
  10. theriner69er

    theriner69er Well-Known Member

    checking in
  11. PAHokieinRVA

    PAHokieinRVA Well-Known Member Donor

    Structural engineer. This project is one story of concrete and 2 more story's of wood on top of that about 92,000 sqft. There are two 4ft diameter pipes running underground at a diagonal through the site. Huge pain in the ass project.
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  12. Name P. Redacted

    Name P. Redacted I'm a five star man Donor

    Yesterday my staff assistant insisted that she was the person who should be on the phone with IT and she would program my new desk phone.

    This consisted of navigating through the phone's menus and setting up static IPs and network info.

    My fucking face when that is literally my job and she thinks she is better qualified to do it.

    Then she started touching shit in my cube in between phone reboots.
  13. brolift

    brolift its a knife Donor

    MFW people actually replied

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  14. kennypowers

    kennypowers Billy Shakespeare wrote a whole bunch of sonnets Donor TMB OG

    Hi my name is Kenny Powers and I perform awesome finite element simulations and create god tier scripts.
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  15. dahldennsull

    dahldennsull Living in the best state Donor

    hello at the show,

    engineer by degree title... poser by actual engineering done

    Show Spoiler
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  16. PAHokieinRVA

    PAHokieinRVA Well-Known Member Donor

    Slightly jealous of anyone that doesn't have to do actual engineering. No liability.
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  17. billdozer

    billdozer Well-Known Member Donor

    Mechanical in nuclear power here.
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  18. brolift

    brolift its a knife Donor

    Only liable if you have a stamp
  19. roonskie

    roonskie EMAW LFC SKC

  20. Jax Teller

    Jax Teller Well-Known Member Donor

    Don't work for Siemens do you?
  21. billdozer

    billdozer Well-Known Member Donor

    Duke Energy
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  22. PAHokieinRVA

    PAHokieinRVA Well-Known Member Donor

    Truth and my stamp is getting worn out this year.
  23. hardcorekickball

    hardcorekickball working fire Donor

    dudeEMAW. Show us your big engineer dick
  24. brolift

    brolift its a knife Donor

  25. AIP

    AIP Spilled the Paint Donor


    will take a better picture, but sometimes I wear the hat.... team trains.

    Not toys, working scale models damn it.
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  26. goose

    goose Hi Donor

    Hi. I'm not an engineer but I work with them.
  27. Wywan Bwowna

    Wywan Bwowna Wywan Bwowna Donor

    Engineering degree but currently working in corporate real estate construction management
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  28. brolift

    brolift its a knife Donor

    Power and Controls engineer in oil and gas reporting in
  29. bigred77

    bigred77 Well-Known Member Donor

    Eng degree here, construction management by trade, but mostly all I do is just drive around in a truck and play on TMB
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  30. TYdeFan05

    TYdeFan05 Don't we make ya laugh? Aren't we fuckin' funny? Donor

    Chemical for 10 years. Will likely be moving to business by the end of the year. I've already solved everything on this side of the company.
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  31. AU3kGT

    AU3kGT Well-Known Member

    This is why I said screw engineering and switched straight to construction management. That and thermo.
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  32. Matt Foley

    Matt Foley Well-Known Member Donor

    Electrical engineer checking in.

    Recently switched from industrial consulting to commercial MEP work. The work is much less challenging, but also much faster paced so I don't tmb as much anymore :/

    Working towards project management and less design work.
  33. NDfanPSUgrad

    NDfanPSUgrad Well-Known Member

    Interesting. What software do you use?

    Industrial Engineer by degree with a PE license checking in.
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  34. brolift

    brolift its a knife Donor

    Did MEP for a year. Hated my fuckin life.
  35. Hoss Bonaventure

    Hoss Bonaventure Chickadeedeedee little birdie, let's dance Donor

    Didn't know we had this many Indians and Asians on the board. BOOM!
  36. brolift

    brolift its a knife Donor

  37. Hoss Bonaventure

    Hoss Bonaventure Chickadeedeedee little birdie, let's dance Donor

    That looks like our engineering department on casual Friday. There's only one white person and he's an old dude that has a pocket protector and wears diebetic shoes.
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  38. roonskie

    roonskie EMAW LFC SKC

    Yeah my entire department is affluent white people from the Midwest. We're all 30 or under.
  39. kennypowers

    kennypowers Billy Shakespeare wrote a whole bunch of sonnets Donor TMB OG

    We develop it in house. Well we develop a few in house, but the one I use primarily is a structural solver probably most similar to LS Dyna in terms of commercial software except much more scalable. Our problems range in the 10-30 million element range whereas Dyna couldn't handle that. Our other software is a CFD solver that I know nothing about.
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  40. Hoss Bonaventure

    Hoss Bonaventure Chickadeedeedee little birdie, let's dance Donor

    I think the actual engineering division shipped the weird ones to our office. Their main office is in Tulsa and they have another one down the road from us. Pretty sure they house the oddballs here. They're like an office wide joke when it comes to food. If a vendor brings food for us and one of them sees it they alert the others (telepathically I assume) and the others come and attack it like hyenas. We had an Oil & Gas division pot luck for thanksgiving. They aren't in our division but I guess sniffed it out and ravaged it. They were double plating. Almost all of them. Everyone brought enough food for oil & gas employees buy they raped it so bad that they ran out of food before a vast majority of the employees who brought food didn't get any of it. I need to just make a shitty work story thread because I'm surrounded by so many weirdos.
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  41. NDfanPSUgrad

    NDfanPSUgrad Well-Known Member

    I work mostly with Discrete Event Simulation. I haven't used any of the software you mentioned. The applications though sound very interesting from what I just looked up.
  42. og543ss

    og543ss ready to party? by party I mean smoke cigarettes Donor TMB OG

    EE here. Nice to see some colleagues on the board.
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  43. Tiggity

    Tiggity Watery Grave Donor

    Another EE checking in.
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  44. AggieVillain

    AggieVillain I feel awesome right now. Top of the world! - Dump Donor

    Mechanical here. Actually in the airport about to head to Houston for a site visit for this abortion of a project.

    These Military projects got me feeling some type of way though.
  45. Duane Coleman

    Duane Coleman Well-Known Member Donor

    Last edited: Feb 23, 2016
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  46. infected donkey

    infected donkey Arkansas Razorbacks Donor

    Civil by degree but working in nuclear power. Taking my PE next spring when my schedule gets less hectic.
  47. jkun

    jkun UGA, Falcons, Braves, Tennis Donor

    systems engineer in IT...does that count?
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  48. jplaYa


    We are the same.

    Lots in nuclear power here.
  49. Biggunz

    Biggunz Well-Known Member TMB OG

  50. Marty Kaan

    Marty Kaan By any means necessary Donor

    I am a "Software Engineer" does that count?
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