Official Michigan thread (Gold medal ice dancers and sweet-shooting Canucks)

Discussion in 'The Mainboard' started by VictorHobson, Jun 10, 2011.

  1. Celemo Meatball's Dad

    My bad...does he normally wear his UM gear when he plays or was tonight a special occasion?
  2. CBH New Member

    His first professional game ever. Was just signed today to be a backup because Columbus's starter was hurt, so he probably didn't have any other helmet to wear. He didn't actually play in the game either was just the backup and sitting on the bench
  3. pez Poon Pooning

    He was on the team until they lost in the playoffs and just got called up to Columbus today. First game was in Ohio against Detroit. Don't know if he played or not
  4. Celemo Meatball's Dad

    The fact that he wore his UM shit while suiting up for C-bus makes me like him even more
  5. buckwild BUMP

    Columbus's goalie supposedly took a puck to the head this morning. It sounded like Columbus scrambled to find someone within a quick drive to be a back-up for the game tonight. He did not play.
  6. ~ taylor ~ И ам нот фриендс витх Пелицан.

    Yeah, I'm sure Hunwick had no chance to get new helmet made between finishing his Michigan career on Friday and getting called up today. And wearing the winged helmet probably got the Blue Jackets a decent amount of pub.
  7. Gustavo Fring I do this.

    He didn't get called up. He literally was called out of bed and signed this morning since the Blue Jackets needed an emergency goalie. In all likelihood this is the only time he'll ever spend in the NHL.
  8. ~ taylor ~ И ам нот фриендс витх Пелицан.

    Probably. And that helmet means there will be pictures of it.
  9. buckwild BUMP

    I wonder how much money he made to come and sit the bench one game as an emergency goalie. Obviously, he would have done it for free...but, I'm sure his wallet liked it too.
  10. Gustavo Fring I do this.

    He wasn't paid as far as I know.
  11. buckwild BUMP

    Huh. I would have thought that being on an active game roster would require some minimum compensation.
  12. ~ taylor ~ И ам нот фриендс витх Пелицан.

    I'm not positive, but I'm assuming the NHLPA makes sure there is some payment involved. Unless they are the worst union ever he got 1/82nd of the NHL minimum. I would hope they insisted on some salary.
  13. Gustavo Fring I do this.

    That's what I thought, but this makes it sound like he didn't get anything.

    Michael Florek@michaelflorek
    There it is. @zhelfand confirms it is an amateur tryout contract. That's a fancy term for one-day contract. Hunwick won't make a salary
  14. Gustavo Fring I do this.

    From Capgeek:

    In emergency conditions, NHL teams can sign an amateur player to an amateur tryout contract that is valid for one day. Under the agreement, the player shall receive no salary, bonus (of any kind) or any other form of compensation. He does not count against the cap.
  15. buckwild BUMP

    Yeesh. Well, hopefully they could at least reimburse him for his gas. That's some gypsy shit. Doubt he gives a single fuck tho.
  16. Blu Tang Clan It must be 'Take a Worm for a Walk' week

    Does he get meal money?
  17. DeToxRox Victim of the Rooney Rule

    Hunwick will likely never sniff any level of professional hockey in the NHL. Maybe the ECHL but it's unlikely. He will go overseas and make six figures somewhere though.
  18. Blu Tang Clan It must be 'Take a Worm for a Walk' week

    Ontario Reign goalie Shaun Hunwick baby.
  19. pez Poon Pooning

    Probably just shitty chili
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  20. BTH New Member

    That's Cincy; not the Bus bro.
  21. pez Poon Pooning

    Gold jacket, green jacket ?
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  22. Celemo Meatball's Dad

    you guys are forgetting we are talking about Columbus, OH...I'm pretty sure they still use chickens and pie as currency
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  23. buckwild BUMP

    (Skyline is complete shit)...but, he's not that wrong...

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  24. pez Poon Pooning

    That is a tasty tradition

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    you're a tasty tradition
  25. BTH New Member

    Safe promotion.

    Blue Jackets fucking suck so 3 goals is a feat in and of itself and barely anyone goes to Nationwide. Unless the Wings are in town, then its like the Joe away from the Joe. :smug:
  26. Blu Tang Clan It must be 'Take a Worm for a Walk' week

    That's the way it is in every city it seems. Definitely is like that in SoCal when the Wings come out here.
  27. dathalfnukkahd dat nukka high definition

    Went to a playoff game in PHX a couple years ago, we were mobbing very deep.
  28. BTH New Member

    Just wanted to let the other half of the GOAT rivalry know that Gunners is now referred to as "GunnyBunny" It just serves to further emasculate him. Carry on homo's.
  29. ~ taylor ~ И ам нот фриендс витх Пелицан.

    Good to know, thanks.
  30. Blu Tang Clan It must be 'Take a Worm for a Walk' week

    I'm all for this.
  31. Constant Meh

    Are you all planning to put "bunny" as part of your name? Because that would be way more awesome than that stupid "CUM" stuff.
  32. Celemo Meatball's Dad

    especially since the "Happy Easter, Go Bucks!!" email
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  33. buckwild BUMP

    COLUMBUS, OHIO – The Columbus Blue Jackets have signed goaltender Shawn Hunwick to a one-year contract through the conclusion of the 2011-12 season, club Executive Vice President of Hockey Operations and General Manager Scott Howson announced today. Hunwick signed an amateur tryout contract yesterday and served as the backup to Allen York in last night’s game against the Detroit Red Wings.
    Hunwick, 24, just completed his senior season at the University of Michigan, where he posted a 24-12-3 record with a 2.00 goals-against average, .925 save percentage and five shutouts. He ranked second in the nation in wins, third (tied) in shutouts, fifth in save percentage and seventh in goals-against average and was named to the All-CCHA Second Team. He is a finalist for the Hobey Baker Award.
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  34. Constant Meh

    That's really nice for Hunwick. I never would have thought he would sniff the pros. I guess there's about two weeks left in the 11-12 season...maybe he can get into a game in the ECHL or something.
  35. Blu Tang Clan It must be 'Take a Worm for a Walk' week

    Making money playing professional hockey. Nicely done Shawn.
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  36. pez Poon Pooning

  37. Celemo Meatball's Dad

    kinda like the #s staying on the helmets...not that it really matters
  38. pez Poon Pooning

  39. Blu Tang Clan It must be 'Take a Worm for a Walk' week

    Ah yes, the 2003 Outback. Was in New Orleans feeling awful that morning.
  40. Celemo Meatball's Dad

    the last Perry TD against OSU is how I envision Ty Issac
  41. scottblue New Member

    lol at the 2:14 mark a guy comes off the sidelines to get in on a Denard/Schofield flying chest bump and is totally denied.. He just kind of jumped in the air awkwardly.. :laugh::laugh:

  42. Wicket Fan: ND, PSV, Pool FC, Cricket, Urquel, Dog Crew

    what is up with taco charlton, he isnt listed at 247 anymore
  43. Blu Tang Clan It must be 'Take a Worm for a Walk' week

    Probably a glitch I guess. His profile doesn't exist for some reason. He's pretty solid though if that's what you are asking - was wearing a Michigan hat at the LA Nike thing on Sunday and talking up the Wolverines. Pretty weird that his profile is missing though.
  44. Wicket Fan: ND, PSV, Pool FC, Cricket, Urquel, Dog Crew

    fair enough, thnx
  45. pez Poon Pooning

    There is no Taco. Are you Taco? I'm not Taco.
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  46. Blu Tang Clan It must be 'Take a Worm for a Walk' week

    You're a lousy fucking softball player pez.
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  47. ~ taylor ~ И ам нот фриендс витх Пелицан.

    Does the Navy still hang people from yardarms?
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  48. Blu Tang Clan It must be 'Take a Worm for a Walk' week

    Sherby doesn't think the Navy hangs people from yardarms anymore.
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  49. Celemo Meatball's Dad

    thank you for that nice sequence
  50. Blu Tang Clan It must be 'Take a Worm for a Walk' week

    I hate building my own furniture. Just bought a desk from IKEA today and am dreading building it.

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