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Discussion in 'The Mainboard' started by Emjay, Jun 12, 2011.

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  1. lsufball19 New Member

    cannot compare him to Durant as he will never be half the shooter durant is. he's tall and similar build but davis will never take on a role similar to durant, so it's pointless comparing the two. i also think people are getting so over ambitious with this kid. there have been plenty of guys dominate and show potential out of this world and never live up to that potential. davis will probably be a great player but i don't think it's unfair or incorrect in saying he needs to get bigger if he's gonna be a big man in the nba. if he adds 20-30 pounds and improve his jump shot, then yes he will be an all world player, but those are all ifs and yet to be determined.
  2. AHebrewToo Albino Hebrew Extraordinaire

    Who the fuck is Javelle McGee?
  3. kn88 hhhii birrrd

  4. ToPoor I'm trapped inside two vending machines

    JaVale's twin sister.
  5. NWestGator peacefully coexisting amongst owls

    Camby also played 20 MPG as a Freshman to Davis' 32. Adjust minutes they had very similar stats aside from FG%, but lets keep in mind Davis also is on a team with as Calapari said today has "6 1st round picks" where as Camby was playing with a bunch of honkeys at UMASS -- there's a lot of factors at play here.

    Regardless doesn't make your previous statement about production and potential any less unfounded. Camby was extremely productive in college on both ends and was expected to be an offensive weapon on the block in the NBA. As we often see, that aspect didn't translate. I know it's easy to get caught up in the moment, but just remember Camby was just as hyped 15 years ago. Davis is a great prospect but lets pump the breaks here a bit.
  6. NWestGator peacefully coexisting amongst owls

    Lets all take a break from this debate and enjoy this epic compliation of highlights of future NBA superstar/sex symbol Luke Babbitt ...

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  7. AHebrewToo Albino Hebrew Extraordinaire

    Albino Sam Perkins?
  8. mpl92 netflix on your couch

    Lost so hard at the chalupa. I wish there was a love button.
  9. TAS Being fat. Eatin crawfish. Everything crazy.

    All you've said is....
    But you have no clue how big he will end up (and neither does anyone else). So to say he has "no chance" is preposterous
  10. samarrand loyal heat fan since The Decision.

    My prediction:
    He will never be a dominant player in the NBA. He will make a couple all star games but he won't live up to all the hype you are showering him with.
  11. C'est Bon Cocaine & Caviar--Enjoy the finer things in life

    after watching this, i have picked him up in my fantasy league to carry me all the way to the championship past batwing
  12. ToPoor I'm trapped inside two vending machines

    He makes multiple all-star games but is never dominant? We apparently have different definitions of dominant. Don't need to be the GOAT to be dominant.
  13. jwpearl I shall fetch a rug

    Davis >>>>>>>>>>>>> Kobe

    And I don't think there's any question about it
  14. samarrand loyal heat fan since The Decision.

    In prior posts with other posters, Davis was being compared to Tim Duncan. So yeah, I don't think Davis will EVER come close to dominating the way Duncan did in his prime.
  15. ToPoor I'm trapped inside two vending machines

    Only a child-abandoning retard would disagree.
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  16. Don Vincenzo Leave the gun. Take the cannoli.

  17. samarrand loyal heat fan since The Decision.

    After reading a dead beat dad reference and seeing a shit tier bball poster rickyrubio4life, my day is complete :laugh:
  18. jwpearl I shall fetch a rug

    "I don't think he'll be the best power forward of all time"

    way to go out on a limb there
  19. TAS Being fat. Eatin crawfish. Everything crazy.

    Ok :idk:
  20. samarrand loyal heat fan since The Decision.

    Do you get a pass for being a mod? You are one of the shittiest posters itt.
  21. NWestGator peacefully coexisting amongst owls

    Chris Singleton’s $10,000 Mega Millions splurge: ‘Either that or blow it in the club’

    By Dan Devine | Ball Don't Lie – 3 hours ago

    [IMG]Washington Wizards rookie Chris Singleton smiles. (Getty Images)
    Like many Americans, Washington Wizards rookie Chris Singleton wanted to win last week's Mega Millions lottery jackpot, a mammoth windfall estimated at a record $500 million. I mean, according to his Twitter account, he really wanted to win. Like, "willing to drop $10,000 on tickets to improve his chances" wanted to win.
    [IMG]Chris Singleton uses a very relatable hashtag. (Screenshot via @C_SING31)
    Singleton told his followers late Sunday that he did win some money. Like all but (reportedly) three other Americans, though, he was unsuccessful in his quest for the Mega Millions jackpot, despite his sizable outlay. While the Florida State product is likely disappointed at coming up short in the drawing, he surely remains "dedicated to making more money," a dogged pursuit of "that Bill Gates bread" that Wizards fans hope inspires Singleton to great on-court production in the years ahead.
    For his part, the 22-year-old forward doesn't regret shelling out $10,000 for a chance at a half-billion. If he hadn't, Singleton said, he would have just spent the money somewhere else, according to Michael Lee of the Washington Post:

    He added that he felt he made a wise investment, even though he didn't win. "[It was either] that or blow it in the club," Singleton said.
    Tell me about it. Ten stacks can disappear real quick on Lapdance Tuesday.

    The mad super-geniuses behind the sadly long-dormant Wizards-focused comedy blog Wizznutzzdubbed Singleton's line to Lee arguably the greatest Wizards quote of all time, and spent much of the morning generating sweet jokes on Twitter with the delightful hashtag#EitherThatOrBlowItInTheClub. Their jokes stem from the strong grasp of some basic realities about what Singleton said — it was foolish, it was borderline insulting to the average working-stiff NBA fan for whom the freedom to spend $10,000 on anything (let alone lottery tickets or bottle service) is a foreign concept, and it ran counter to what most people would consider basic maturity or common sense.
    We can remember the kinds of things we said and did when we were 22 years old and give the rookie the benefit of the doubt, or even a pass, if we think he might have been kidding around with Lee and the other Wizards beat guys. (Lord knows those folks could use a laugh.) But even if we do, Singleton should probably have known that this is the kind of thing that basically always angers fans and gets negative attention.
    Think about recent stories like Julius Erving having to auction off his hard-earned awards and trophies, Antoine Walker having to sell his title ring and even the overstated financial woes of Allen Iverson — people always wonder how men who made millions of dollars over the course of their playing careers could "go broke." When they find out about the exorbitant line items that all too frequently led to the players' insolvency, the rage and schadenfreude flow.
    None of this is Singleton's responsibility, of course, but it's the fact of the matter. If (God forbid) Chris Singleton winds up destitute after his playing days are over, the first thing reporters, bloggers and anyone else looking to talk about his fate will find is a story that as a rookie making $1.485 million, he was actually dropping $10,000 on lottery tickets, and then also cracking jokes about dropping $10,000 at nightclubs. It wasn't the most awful thing in the history of the world or anything; it was just kind of dumb.
    In other words, this was a very Wizards thing to say, and shows that even with JaVale McGee in Denver, Nick Young in Los Angeles and Andray Blatche on the inactive list, the spirit of ridiculousness remains strong with the Wiz. You'd imagine that owner Ted Leonsis wouldn't be too thrilled to hear one of Washington's two 2011 first-round picks toss off a line like that, especially after shuffling the deck by dealing McGee and Young at the trade deadline in an attempt "to re-craft our team and refocus our culture to one that is serious and is about winning." This wouldn't seem to be a public comment in line with that serious, winning culture the owner wants.
    Then again, maybe I'm wrong. Spending $10,000 on tickets does seem like a clear sign that Singleton was serious about winning the drawing, so maybe Leonsis would be on board. Plus, as Singleton noted multiple times on Twitter, the purchase and its aftermath got national coverage on "Good Morning America" and a variety of other outlets (including, now, this one). For a boring (on the court, at least) 12-41 team among the league's five-worst in both offensive and defensive efficiency, one that's headed for its fourth straight way sub-.500 finish, any pixels are good pixels, right?
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  22. jwpearl I shall fetch a rug

    Sam, this has been said to you many times, but that is a hell of a compliment coming from you. You're so bad that anything but a negative reaction from you essentially constitutes a bad post, and for that I thank you.
  23. samarrand loyal heat fan since The Decision.

  24. mpl92 netflix on your couch

    Tuesday, April 3, 2012
    Sources: Lakers fine Andrew Bynum

    By Dave McMenamin

    EL SEGUNDO, Calif. -- Los Angeles Lakers center Andrew Bynum might not have attempted any more 3-pointers after being benched last week, but his team's disciplinary actions against him didn't end there.

    Bynum recently was fined an undisclosed amount for "numerous infractions," multiple sources confirmed to One of the stunts that warranted the fine from the team was Bynum blowing off a meeting with Lakers general manager Mitch Kupchak.


    Bynum told he was unaware of the fine before getting into his car outside the Lakers practice facility and driving away after the team's shootaround in preparation for their game against the New Jersey Nets on Tuesday.

    Bynum did tell the website, though, he will not play in Tuesday night's game after suffering a moderate sprain of his left ankle in the first quarter of a game against the Golden State Warriors on Sunday.

    The sprain did not require an MRI on Monday and X-rays on Bynum's ankle were negative, but Bynum did not participate in the Lakers' shootaround on Tuesday. Bynum used the shootaround time for treatment, which included anti-inflammatory medicine.

    Lakers coach Mike Brown had said Bynum's status would be a game-time decision.

    "I can't play," Bynum said while wearing tape around his left ankle. "Hopefully (Wednesday against the Clippers)."

    While Bynum never has been better on the court, averaging career highs in points (17.9) and rebounds (11.9) per game to go along with 2.0 blocks and the second best field goal percentage in the league (58.1 percent), he increasingly has been difficult off it since playing in his first All-Star Game in February.

    The seven-year veteran mixed his messages Saturday after scoring 17 of his 19 points after halftime in the Lakers' 88-85 win over the New Orleans Hornets.

    Bynum first said, "I need some more shots, I think," when asked about his slow start. He then changed his tune and said he got enough touches and was simply trying to rack up 10 assists so he was passing more. He finished with two assists.
  25. Upton^2 Blocked just a park away but I can't really say

    love random fan videos

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  26. TAS Being fat. Eatin crawfish. Everything crazy.

    New offensive comparison for Anthony Davis.....lamarcus aldridge

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  27. mugRBG PSU, NY Knicks, KC Chiefs

    i'm not big on college ball, i would bet his jumper isn't close. same kinda frame, hard to tell if he'll ever have the kind of offensive game aldridge does....hasn't aldrige already repped usa team?
  28. mugRBG PSU, NY Knicks, KC Chiefs

    knicks-pacers, smug
  29. duc15 Run through the tape

    doesn't have the type of jumper LMA has and LMA probably wasn't as good around the rim coming out. They are different players.
  30. Principal McVicker Not so New Member

    Does anyone have an opinion on Andre Drummonds pro prospects? I haven't seen a whole lot of him.
  31. Principal McVicker Not so New Member

    sorry for the double post
  32. TAS Being fat. Eatin crawfish. Everything crazy.

    Davis has a good stroke for a fish. How developed was LA's jumper coming out of school?
  33. duc15 Run through the tape

    LMA had a really good jumper coming out of college and it was the high point of his offensive game
  34. TAS Being fat. Eatin crawfish. Everything crazy.

    Yeah, I knew he was a beast in college, but I couldn't remember what kind of range he had
  35. Gunners Minding the gap

    He's really big and really athletic. Besides that, he needs a TON of work. Got a ton of defensive potential but offensive game is pretty pathetic.

    pharaz is a UConn fan, sure he can add something more insightful.
  36. NWestGator peacefully coexisting amongst owls

    My opinion is that I'd hate to have face the prospect of drafting him where he's going to be drafted, but I think he has a chance if he goes to the right situation to be a big time player down the road. Right now, I think he can offensive rebound and block shots at a pretty high level in the NBA, which makes him useful to a degree pretty quick, and would give me some comfort if I'm drafting him given the upside he has with his outstanding physical tools, but aside from that he's pretty far away from being a major impact player. He has no offensive moves to speak of, he is an atrociousness FT shooter, doesn't have great touch, his motor is questionable, he defers to others, doesn't establish position well -- he's just very raw. It's tough too because UCONN wasn't the best situation for him to thrive given they had a bunch of ball dominating guards, run little pick and roll, and sort of allowed him to fade into the background. It's a tough call, but someone will bite on him early.
  37. beerleagueman New Member

    remember when the Palace was rocking for a few years, BBBBillups! man how things change
  38. mugRBG PSU, NY Knicks, KC Chiefs

    knicks, son. melo, son. :smug:
  39. jwpearl I shall fetch a rug

    Evan Turner may end up being a decent NBA player after all. Weird how long his development is taking. He was supposed to be the sure thing of that draft.
  40. NWestGator peacefully coexisting amongst owls

    This shit goes hard ...

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  41. mpl92 netflix on your couch

    get gassed up to get blast up
  42. duc15 Run through the tape

    <3 Sabonis
  43. samarrand loyal heat fan since The Decision.

    I hated his retarded facial expressions, wanted to punch him so hard.
  44. mugRBG PSU, NY Knicks, KC Chiefs

  45. Nantucket Alpha Male

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  46. Yanks711 TMB's Hoosier

    DJ is the man. :pipelayer:
  47. Yanks711 TMB's Hoosier

    o rly?
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  48. mugRBG PSU, NY Knicks, KC Chiefs

    :bang: congrats. that was truly a heartbreaking loss. knicks up 17, 15 to start the 4th....lose their composure and indiana goes to the line 22 times in the 4th alone. :killme: jr smith gets tossed, although i don't think there was really any malice with his toss of barbosa to the floor.
  49. mpl92 netflix on your couch

    Call me Mayhem the mothafuckin Psychic. :smug:
  50. Yanks711 TMB's Hoosier

    Getting outscored 40-17 in the 4th will do that to you.
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