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Discussion in 'Soccer Board' started by ChileanNole, Aug 29, 2011.

  1. ChileanNole New Member

    Also know as the Cristiano Ronaldo appreciation thread.

    Good win yesterday.
  2. cas Jabooty Football

  3. ChileanNole New Member

    Hudson was going nuts over Ozil yesterday. Called him the most underrated player in the world. "With his big beautiful eyes"

    He is so good because of how he can move around the other players. He is the key to Madrid this year.

    Also really like Coentrao over Khedira.
  4. cas Jabooty Football

    widely acclaimed best 10 in the world if he was south american or god forbid english
  5. cas Jabooty Football

    coentrao over khedira?
  6. soulfly New Member

    Better than Messi :loldog:
  7. LunchBox sigh

  8. Lambert New Member

    Yeah not sure what to think on this one.
  9. ChileanNole New Member

    Messi is not at true 10 like say Riquelme.
  10. ChileanNole New Member

    Meant it as the strategy of starting Coentrao in the mid as an attacking wing (like Spurs did with Bale) as having Khedira pairing Alonso. I thought that Khedira was not a great attacker and he was out of position a lot. Coentrao is fast so he covers more and is also a better attacker IMO. Only problem I see is that if Coentrao gets too forward too much (like ChileanNole on Real Mainboard) and leaves the back exposed.
  11. cas Jabooty Football

    messi isnt a 10 bud

    look at what happens to argentina when they try to force him there
  12. cas Jabooty Football

    yeah khedira is a very streaky attacker and for me limited. but he's a great destroyer and dedicated cdm, and in that role has above average attacking movement and pace

    i want him to be subbed with kroos situationally for the 6 alongside schweini if germany doesnt move to the 4-2-4-(0) alignment
  13. slogan119 Her?

    Zaragoza was overmatched yesterday. Going to be a fun year to follow Real, looking like a good 2nd year for us. Mourinho's teachings have had time to be absorbed.

    The matches v. Barca will be incredible all season long.
  14. soulfly New Member

    Argentina :meh:
  15. ChileanNole New Member

    I agree w ur assesment of Khedira but Alonso provides enough defensive skills and Coentrao was originally a fullback so his defense is enough for La Liga. Coentrao is the better attacker.

    I would not be shocked to see Khedira when Real plays more attacking teams in the UCL or La Liga.
  16. ChileanNole New Member

    Works magically on FIFA
  17. soulfly New Member

    Has Khedira played against Barca yet this year?
  18. Lambert New Member

    I don't know why more attack would be necessary with Alonso, Ronaldo, Di Maria, Ozil and Benzema already out there.
  19. Lambert New Member

    Also why not just play Sahin if you want another attack minded cm?
  20. cas Jabooty Football

    i think sahin is going to be the possession-minded cm to play dutch defense, but i agree in principal
  21. slogan119 Her?

    Not that I can remember.
  22. ChileanNole New Member

    More attacking helps in La Liga because teams park the bus against Madrid. Also Xabi plays his role so well that he allows Coentrao to go forward.
  23. Lambert New Member

    Yeah I remember the games last year when 0 or 1 goals were scored so maybe it is needed for games like that. I also remember 2 years ago when Xabi was the closest thing to a DM in the game and the team looked awful in defense so there's that too.
  24. cas Jabooty Football

    who gives a shit about la liga

    real should be building its team to beat ucl teams and i think they'd need khedira against those, but its nice to have a better attacking option
  25. soulfly New Member

    Kind of funny considering Mourinho always parks the bus.
  26. ChileanNole New Member

    Did you watch the Supercup games?
  27. soulfly New Member

    Preseason brah. It's broke, so he's trying to fix it.

    But no, I know. The team strat is going to be different from last year and with Inter.
  28. soulfly New Member

  29. slogan119 Her?

    No one would give a shit about La Liga if it were watered down and didn't have Barca and Real at the top. The top players would head to England instead.
  30. soulfly New Member

    The bottom 18 stars are already heading to England
  31. ChileanNole New Member

    I think Real and Barca should break off from La Liga and along with the best teams in England and Italy start a super-league. They could still have the UCL and this. UCL would be the tournament style and the league would just be a regular league. Of course this will never happen but it would be awesome.
  32. Shocker A free born man of the USA

    Milan tried to get all you niggas to come with us but everyone said nah

    The G-14 would have been awesome.
  33. ChileanNole New Member

    Name the 14 teams for me, I dont remember. I think 16 or 20 teams would be awesome.
  34. ChileanNole New Member

    Also Shocker I need you to step up your avatar game up and help me get this board to the level it once was. I realize I am the main culprit leaving the board for so long, but I plan to be back in full force. I do work in the afternoons and I will be starting school soon but trust me I will be here.
  35. cas Jabooty Football

    milan and the rest of northern italy should embrace its true germanic heritage and leave the southern moulinans and join the new reich
  36. ChileanNole New Member

    Nah Bundesliga will be a 2nd tier league as long as their best players keep leaving.
  37. vander02 New Member

    Bundesliga >>>> Serie A right now. Has been for a couple years. Serie A quality has been lacking because Roma/Juventus/Fiorentina fell off. Udinese was great last year to watch but they lost so much...

    Really looking forward to seeing how Napoli and Dortmund do in the CL, both teams have grips of star talent, could be cool to "outsiders" challenge in the CL.
  38. cas Jabooty Football

    that was a terrible post chilean
  39. ChileanNole New Member

    I know I was trying to see if you would fall.

    Honestly the reason why I even mentioned the super league is because right now outside of England the leagues are pretty boring. Germany is actually an exception with the resurgence of Dortmund. But I am not convinced that they will keep their younger players. When Bayern, England and the big 2 in Spain call they will leave.
  40. Shocker A free born man of the USA

    By the way, what the fuck happened to my avatar?

    1. EPL
    2. Bundesliga
    3. La Liga
    4. Serie A
    5. Ligue 1

    ^That's the way it stands at the moment, IMO. Germany doesn't have more quality than Spain at the top, but at least the majority of the league isn't a fucking joke.

    I can't see Serie A ever being what it once was... The decline of Italy will just kill the league even further. With Roma's new ownership, though, I could see Serie A still having a pretty solid top 4.
  41. ChileanNole New Member

    It also depends on how we are judging the leagues. Pure talent? Parity? Week-to-week entertainment? How they perform in international competitions? The only storyline on La Liga is Barca v Real, so to me it takes away from the overall entertainment, but the talent league wise is good, just happens that the top 2 are in another world.
  42. cas Jabooty Football

    i was gonna say that post ran against your entire breadth of soccer knowledge

    i was like hm is it a troll?

    voted against it and failed in my recognition D:
  43. ChileanNole New Member

    Dominating both UCL and La Liga :smug:
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  44. soulfly New Member

  45. GRG Herbie Hancock

    u mad bro
  46. ChileanNole New Member

    quite coincidental that you changed your avatar to a hockey reference right after the first draw of the
  47. soulfly New Member

    Because hockey season is about to start up and I had a soccer avatar (not to mention still have my Barca sig) for quite a while. TMB NHL fantasy draft is coming up.

    But yeah, I'm running and hiding because Barca drew a game.
  48. ChileanNole New Member

    two games :loldog:
  49. soulfly New Member

    Nah man, we beat you more times than that last year. Or are you talking about two games that you have already failed to beat Barca in this year?
  50. ChileanNole New Member

    Nah the 2 draws you have currently back to back. After changing your avatar.

    man it feels good to be the 2nd best team in the world

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