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Discussion in 'Soccer Board' started by ChileanNole, Aug 29, 2011.

  1. ChileanNole New Member

    Now I know how it feels to be like Cristiano Ronaldo. People just hating the fact that the team is dominating. I think it is because of how handsome and articulated I am.
  2. soulfly New Member

    At least you realize you're second best :smug:
  3. ChileanNole New Member

    for now. Season is young and so far we are first in la liga and our group in UCL. But cant take away from what you guys have done. Did you read my spain thread? I got jumped on, I thought my host bro would be there to help me out but you never came...
  4. Stephen William Stephen Willam

    i really like this sentence said by CR7
  5. soulfly New Member

    And so far we're 1-0-1 against los blancos :smug:
  6. soulfly New Member

    Guess I better get my Barca avatar back out.
  7. Lambert New Member


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  9. soulfly New Member

  10. ChileanNole New Member

    Dont start Ronaldo, lose game. Coincidence? I think not!
  11. soulfly New Member

    "Psychologically losing is tougher than tying but drawing two straight matches is worse.


  12. Gunners Minding the gap

    this is the type of bs that just gives Barca the title. Team just sleepwalking. I think I can hustle more than Ozil has this game. Callejon was garbage, Benzema doing nothing, and Ronaldo being selfish and playing like shit. Can't even string 2 passes together.
  13. soulfly New Member

    Madrid will score 2 late goals. Bank it.
  14. soulfly New Member

    Well, that and losing to Barca.
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  15. soulfly New Member


    Great showing the last 2 games guys.
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  16. Gunners Minding the gap

    There is a reason I made that comment with 30 minutes left. Real had no chance of scoring. Only Man U can play that ugly and scrape out a win. Best opportunity all game was a 30 yard shot from Di Maria that was right at the goalie.
  17. Lambert New Member

    Another draw for you as well so same to you fuck face.

    we're not coming off a loss and madrid hasn't scored in two games :idk:
  19. Lambert New Member

    Cool, draws are fine for you guys? Draw a few more games then.

    considering how we played the first half and how many chances valencia had, i'm perfectly fine coming out of the mestalla with a draw. however, if my team did not score in two consecutive games against teams that finished 14th and 12th, respectively, in la liga, then i would probably be concerned.
  21. Lambert New Member

    Except I'm not because there isn't much reason for it.
  22. soulfly New Member

    You've seriously mastered the art of tasting ass and trying to act cool about it.
  23. soulfly New Member

    You're not concerned? You already drew and lost to Barca and 4 games into La Liga you've already drawn and lost (and not played anyone).

    Fuck, I mean, I'm concerned with Barca having two draws 4 games into it. Know what I'm not concerned about though? Still being on top of Madrid :smug:
  24. Lambert New Member

    I dont get concerned easily. The team has what it needs. They just need to perform.
  25. ths so far gone


    ridiculous passing
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  26. cas Jabooty Football

    thats just a regular ole tuesday for ole mesut
  27. soulfly New Member

    When Madrid is on (which they've finally started to show this year) they're scary. Thankfully it's often unseen thanks to Ronaldo's tantrums and their coach posessing a cranium the size of a cavemen. Sort of explains lambert's affinity.
  28. Drew Miami, Xavier, Real Madrid, ASMFC, Nasti Nati

  29. Stephen William Stephen Willam

    Now you see real madrid Champions league 3rd away soccer jersey !
    someone said it red Real Liverpool !

  30. soulfly New Member

  31. soulfly New Member

    Where did all of the lisping bitches go?
  32. soulfly New Member

    Come out come out, wherever you are.
  33. Arkadin Meatball's Best Friend

  34. soulfly New Member

    Be gone with you sir, you won't find any Madrid fans here.
  35. soulfly New Member

    So why do you dipshits say hala? I've always wondered this, you dirty A-rabs.
  36. ChileanNole New Member

    Are you also a dirty Arab if you say ojala, alcachofa, zapatos, camisa, almohada? All Spanish words with direct Arab roots since they controlled the Iberian Peninsula for centuries....

    Anyway stay 10 pts back faggot
  37. soulfly New Member

    I prefer to use espero instead of ojala.
  38. ChileanNole New Member

    I always use ojala
  39. Shocker A free born man of the USA

    Kaka lit it up yesterday :(

    Wish we had signed him over summer now
  40. soulfly New Member

    Well yeah, I mean, you use hala

    Show Spoiler

    But no, I found it interesting because in school I was always taught ojala, so that's what I started off using in Barcelona. Every time I would say it, though, my host mom reply with espero que si. It wasn't until later on that I figured out why.
  41. GRG Herbie Hancock

    He plays much better with ozil on the field at the same time. So apparently both Messi and Maradona want Aguero to move to Real, I for one would love to have him but I'm not sure who we'd sell to make room up front.
  42. El_Pato Nunca Caminaras Solo

    I use espero and ojala. :smugdog:
  43. ChileanNole New Member

    Its kinda funny that most Spanish speaking countries are fervently Christian (Catholic mostly) and they use words like ojala which derives from oj Ala or God Willingly in Arabic. Anyway Kaka has looked much better and so has Higuain.
  44. soulfly New Member

  45. ChileanNole New Member

    Good win today. 2 goals by CR7.
  46. Gunners Minding the gap

    CR7 has more league goals than Liverpool.

    Ballon D'Or gonna be real interesting this year
  47. GRG Herbie Hancock

    waiting for the replay to pop up on espn3 i thought the match was tomorrow
  48. soulfly New Member

    Messi has twice as many goals in CL than the next highest scorer. And 2 less league goals.
  49. Gunners Minding the gap

    If Real win the CL then it's Ronaldo's.

    If Barca win the CL then of course Messi is the heavy heavy favorite but if somehow Portugal or Netherlands win the Euros then would have to assume Ronaldo and RVP would get their names in.

    RVP deserves an invite even if he's a clear #3.
  50. soulfly New Member

    I agree that if RM wins it's Ronaldo's. Anything else and I think it's Messi's.

    12 goals and 4 assists in 7 CL games is fucking absurd.

    RVP is a distant 3rd.

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