Official Real Madrid Thread - Pre Season Champs

Discussion in 'Soccer Board' started by ChileanNole, Aug 29, 2011.

  1. Gunners Minding the gap

    Fine with me, I just want him to get a seat at the table. Big accomplishment for him to get his name next to those 2.

    If somehow he gets Golden Boot at Euros and Netherlands win then think you have to give him strong consideration.
  2. Lambert New Member

    Sadly this is true. Better question is what year will he not win it?
  3. ChileanNole New Member

    get ready for Milan in the quarters
  4. GRG Herbie Hancock

    I hope not but its whatever at this point I would obviously want apoel, marseille, or benfica but will not be surprised if we get bayern, chelsea, or milan

  6. ChileanNole New Member

    Still 8 pts fags
  7. GRG Herbie Hancock

    Iker played that free kick horribly, he shuffled the correct direction it was kicked then he stopped, maybe because he lost the kick behind the wall and when he finally dove it was way to damn late, one extra shuffle instead of stopping and he gets to the ball. It was a great free kick though.
  8. slogan119 Her?

    Key piece of the post. Even if played correctly by Iker, it was struck beautifully by Cazorla. Fucking sucks.
  9. GRG Herbie Hancock

    It just kills me when I watch the replay that he takes that pause in his shuffle.
  10. soulfly New Member

    Yeah, there's no way Iker should have stopped that.
  11. GRG Herbie Hancock

    What a fuckin joke of an official
  12. soulfly New Member

    Back to back draws eh? :gfa:
  13. ChileanNole New Member

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  14. ChileanNole New Member

    wow what a goal by CR7 and now another by Higuain
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  15. JC I'm "that" fan

    That shot was unfuckenreal
  16. ChileanNole New Member

    Holy shit just saw the replay of Benzema's goal and it was nasty too
  17. JC I'm "that" fan

    No kidding. You will be hard pressed to find two better goals in the same half as those. Very impressive.
  18. ChileanNole New Member

    1-5 at biggie
  19. soulfly New Member

  20. JC I'm "that" fan

    What's funny?
  21. soulfly New Member

    What you said.
  22. Gunners Minding the gap

    He's a cunt JC, don't mind him.
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  23. soulfly New Member

    If Mourinho manages to squander away La Liga and not win the CL he's gonna get run out of town so fucking quickly.
  24. GRG Herbie Hancock

    I don't understand his lineups at all or his substitutions
  25. Gunners Minding the gap

    I hope not, don't want him with City's money. They may actually win something.

    umm since when has madrid been on a tight budget?
  27. Gunners Minding the gap

    Yeah but I don't care if Real win things and want City to keep failing.

  29. El_Pato Nunca Caminaras Solo

    Real dominating right now, I figured Atletico would be putting up a better fight.
  30. soulfly New Member

    Uhhhhh you haven't been following the derby then.
  31. vander02 New Member

    No kidding, when was the last time Atletico even held them to a draw? This is maybe the most one sided "rivalry" in sports right now.
  32. soulfly New Member

  33. soulfly New Member

    Pepe is so hilariously awful
  34. soulfly New Member

  35. Gunners Minding the gap

    Sick goal but the showing off the thigh is quite gay.
  36. soulfly New Member

    I thought it was a dirt goal at first too but the replays made it seem like the goalie misplayed it.
  37. soulfly New Member

    What the fuck is his little cat paws celebration?
  38. soulfly New Member

    Can't get the Messi chip

    Show Spoiler
    because he's a gay
  39. El_Pato Nunca Caminaras Solo

    Uhhh because Real hasn't been playing that well recently.
  40. GRG Herbie Hancock

    Glad for the win but we are still struggling a little, hopefully getting some guys back healthy and players back off of suspension will give the squad what it needs down the stretch.
  41. soulfly New Member

    Athletico hasn't beaten Real Madrid since '99.
  42. Lambert New Member

    Pretty good game today.
  43. snowfx2 Mora

    Hell of a pass by Ozil on the Ronaldo goal
  44. JC I'm "that" fan

    Fuck yeah
  45. slogan119 Her?

    Yes, and hell of a shot by Ronaldo. Great goal, great win.

    Now on to Wednesday!
  46. Gunners Minding the gap

    Gonna watch later. Well done.
  47. vander02 New Member

    2nd half was a great watch, Ozil ball was amazing for the winner. Barca look pretty human these days, might be a bit jaded after all the games/trophies won the last few years. Real, and Chelsea on Wednesday, looked much more up for the game. Deserved win for Madrid.
  48. soulfly New Member

    Chelsea looked much more up for the game? Agree to disagree there.

    Abdial and Pique being out isn't making things any easier.
  49. Lambert New Member

  50. soulfly New Member

    And I said....what wrong exactly?

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