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Discussion in 'TV Board' started by Tigers, Jul 23, 2010.

  1. Clubber Lang

    Clubber Lang High Potentate

    Please don't encourage them, otherwise next week they'll all be lawyers and doctors. It's the last step, they don't do any real work on the show and its just talking as it is.
  2. Sportfan

    Sportfan From Six to Dumptime

    Well spoilers sounded better for this ep than it was, until last 2min of course

    ep 12 spoilers were from the same person and on imdb as well, could be an interesting ep, but we know it won't be
  3. Moxin24

    Moxin24 I love my 4 from Vicki Staff Member

    My question is, is there a growing backlash against the show and the writers? Besides the weekly recap, are there other sites and reviewers that bash the shit out of them?
  4. Can I Spliff it

    Can I Spliff it Like the Beatles, before they went nuts in India

    Dale died as he lived; an old man with a weird look on his face and no guts
  5. snowfx2

    snowfx2 New Member

    For awhile last night Dale was trending #1 on Twitter and looked like most people liked him unfortunately. Carl was also trending but even the consensus there was that everyone hates him. I think many people just basically force themselves to like this show just because it's about zombies, and don't want to accept how bad it became.

    I'll miss Dale from the standpoint of this thread alone, the Dale face off makes me laugh hard everytime.
  6. MtOread

    MtOread chopped and scrooged

    RIP Dale. I start to support you, and 6 days later you die. I will now be taking my talents to Team Lori.

    The "T-Dawg, get a shotgun" line was my favorite part of the episode.
  7. Can I Spliff it

    Can I Spliff it Like the Beatles, before they went nuts in India

    Women really shouldn't be writing for zombie shows.
  8. Ace Boogie

    Ace Boogie Top Lad

    why couldn't that zombie have gotten a little nibble on Carl? God I fucking hate that kid.
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  9. NYGator

    NYGator Hebrew's Master

    Yes, but now we are going to have to sit through another 15 minute burial scene.
  10. Babou

    Babou ocelot

    How did Carl get in the barn the first time? He was just perched up top like Batman.
  11. Ace Boogie

    Ace Boogie Top Lad

    Another point of contention, are these zombies like edward scissor hands or some shit? They can barely walk around yet have the strength to disembowel a man with their bare hands?
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  12. MtOread

    MtOread chopped and scrooged

    I think the actor who played Dale was really hamming it up with the staring, knowing full well he was going to die soon.
  13. NYGator

    NYGator Hebrew's Master

    That was a little strange.
  14. Babou

    Babou ocelot

    Don't forget he couldn't escape from one foot being covered in mud for a while.
  15. gatorfromiowa

    gatorfromiowa only UF commits have committable offers

    Sepinwall acts like it's good every week which is just further reinforcing my belief that he's a fucking idiot.

    Altho I think whoever writes the Grantland review tears the show apart on a weekly basis.
  16. gatorfromiowa

    gatorfromiowa only UF commits have committable offers

  17. Ace Boogie

    Ace Boogie Top Lad

    I got a good laugh out of this part

    (Those of you who are already watching The Walking Dead like porn — you know, fast-forwarding the talky parts until you get to the bits where people’s hands start forcibly entering other people — could feel particularly justified in your decision last night.)
  18. Doug

    Doug Skeptical Doug-o

    I had to stop visiting another board's thread on the show because of a couple fan boys who loved every single element about every single episode, and if you posted to the contrary they'd jump on you quick. They liked that it took 6 episodes to resolve Sophia...they thought it was great writing.
  19. Babou

    Babou ocelot

    I just can't believe that during the end of the world when a group of people do nothing but sit around a farm all day, with 2 buildings (house and barn), that someone doesn't ask "Hey man, whatcha got in that locked up barn?"
  20. Petito

    Petito coys

    By the way, T-Dog had 4 lines in the sneak peek for the next episode. More lines in a sneak peek than 4 episodes combined.

    I have a feeling that T-Dog's character is about to come to the forefront.

    And for the record, I liked Dale, he and Daryl are played by the only two good actors on the show.
  21. eHo

    eHo Fan of teams that never win shit and the Seahawks.

    Like everything on this show, I liked the idea of Dale's character, I just hated the execution. And the clairvoyance.
  22. Danny Greene

    Danny Greene I lift things up and put people down.

    i swear the writers remind me when i was a kid and me and my friends would come up with a ridiculous scenario and we would all shout out ideas and yell over each other. just keep adding and adding without any continuity whatsoever.

    but id appreciate if someone could explain
    a zombie with super strength that can eviscerate a man but cant find the strength to escape mud while a lil brat is throwing rocks at him.

    randall's sudden need to tell Daryl (THE GUY THATS BEATING THE SHIT OUT OF HIM) that his group has rapists among them.

    how the shit is cowboy carl able to wander around without anyone knowing? dont they have a buddy system or some shit?
  23. Moxin24

    Moxin24 I love my 4 from Vicki Staff Member

    Did anyone else get a little chubbed when he was talking about having their way with some fine young post apocalyptic teenage ass? In front of an audience no less.
  24. slogan119

    slogan119 Her?

    Was I the only one hoping that the zombie would get the gun and become an armed zombie, tearing through everyone on the farm, eating them, and then praying that we could start following another group (basically starting over)?

    Or at least that the zombie could get the gun and start using it. Just throw me a little bone for watching over the past 12 episodes or so.
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  25. Can I Spliff it

    Can I Spliff it Like the Beatles, before they went nuts in India

    Apparently Talking Dead is the chief czar of rationalizing wtf happens in the show.

    So how the zombie tore open Dale:
    Show Spoiler

    they said that since human nails get longer after people die.....ugh. Yes they literally said that was how. Somehow more disappointing than zombie super strength
  26. eHo

    eHo Fan of teams that never win shit and the Seahawks.

    Videogum recap up with this incredibly lame picture that caused me to chuckle audibly.

  27. maizenhops

    maizenhops Fan of: Michigan, Red Wings, Lions, Tigers

    Human nails don't even get longer. The skin under the nail shrinks from dehydrating making the nails look longer. Learned that on criminal minds so I take it as fact.
  28. Can I Spliff it

    Can I Spliff it Like the Beatles, before they went nuts in India

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  29. Ace Boogie

    Ace Boogie Top Lad

    They must also sharpen them to a point. The whole disemboweling was just absurd. The zombie was so fucking weak earlier in the day that even dumbass Carl managed to escape its grasp. I know that Dale isn't some weightlifting champion but he could have thrown that fucking thing off of him.
  30. White Tajh Boyd

    White Tajh Boyd National Championship Team

    The zombies get weak and decay if they don't feed. Don't know how long that one was stuck in the mud. Looked like he had fed off of that cow before attacking dale so he should have been stronger.... ?
  31. Moxin24

    Moxin24 I love my 4 from Vicki Staff Member



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  32. Sportfan

    Sportfan From Six to Dumptime

    so how many people has Carl indirectly killed so far? At least Dale and Otis, feel like I'm forgetting someone.
  33. eHo

    eHo Fan of teams that never win shit and the Seahawks.

    He is probably the reason a lot of people died in season 1, but I didn't hate him at that point so I wasn't really paying attention. I feel like I'm really missing an opportunity for some good hatred there. I'm going to have to go back and re-watch season 1.
  34. Moxin24

    Moxin24 I love my 4 from Vicki Staff Member

    Think of all the interesting characters from Season One:
    Black guy and his son
    Geriatric caregiving gang members
    Doctor who knew shit
    Daredevil Glenn

    Now we have Herschel
  35. fsugrad99

    fsugrad99 I'm the victim here

    Zombie had no muscle mass in life and none in death.....yet can bust open a rib cage.

    God, everything about this show just pisses me off. I love the post-apocalypse theme and this should be so good. I want it to be Battlestar Galactica (who wrote the book on man's response to the end of the world) but with the undead instead of robots.

    But no.

    We get a bunch of queers.

    The only thing that can save this is finding a living Mark Richt who has forsaken God.
  36. Babou

    Babou ocelot

    was looking for pictures and came across this

  37. Babou

    Babou ocelot

  38. Doug

    Doug Skeptical Doug-o

    I wonder if T-Dawg get's a full check for the episodes he doesn't have a single line and just chills in the back ground. That's a pretty good gig, I should get into acting.... based on this show it can't be that hard. I could probably be a writer also, obviously doesn't take much skill....
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  39. Moxin24

    Moxin24 I love my 4 from Vicki Staff Member

    Guarantee the motherfucker is getting paid scale.
  40. gatorfromiowa

    gatorfromiowa only UF commits have committable offers

  41. gatorfromiowa

    gatorfromiowa only UF commits have committable offers

    That’s the thing about zombies, though. You either see them coming from a mile away, or they sneak right up on you. It all depends on what makes more sense for the writers. Anyway, Dale screams and the zombie tackles him and now they are rolling in the grass and everyone is running to help him but he’s so far away and out in the darkness because he’s got morals, I think? I think that’s why. The zombie is getting closer and closer but also kind of taking its time, and then the zombie RIPS OPEN DALE’S TUMMY WITH ITS HANDS! Did you know zombies could do that? Surprise!
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  42. bic

    bic the way out is through Staff Member

    I knew. Because I've seen the original Dawn of the Dead. Obviously Dale hadn't or he would've known better.
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  43. BMR

    BMR Buddy 4 Hugs

    lol cowboy carl
  44. Sportfan

    Sportfan From Six to Dumptime

    60 year old Dale is able to fight off a zombie for like 30 seconds

    same zombie then rips his fucking guts open in 2 seconds

    makes sense
  45. Ace Boogie

    Ace Boogie Top Lad

    I just want to point out that on top of everything that makes him an awful an unredeemable human being, Carl throws like an absolute bitch.
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  46. eHo

    eHo Fan of teams that never win shit and the Seahawks.

    It would be a lot of fun to absolutely destroy a stationary zombie with rocks.
  47. Ace Boogie

    Ace Boogie Top Lad

    My thoughts exactly. I wouldn't have left until he had multiple rocks embedded in his skull.
  48. Nino Brown

    Nino Brown Captain Save-A-Hoe's killer

    This show has literally created the two most hated characters ever in Lori and Carl. Hell there was always going to be a Dale in every group, but that stupid bitch and her whacked kid keep me tuning in just to see them die a painful death. Seriously they have reached a Scott Templeton level of hate for me. Pussy ass kid all of a sudden turns into this cold blooded killer talking about Do it Dad when he ran like a bitch from the zombie in the swamp. Hell I work with kids and it doesn't bother me in the least when I say I hope he gets Sanduskied by some walker while his mother gets her spine ripped out by some walker.

    God damn this show....yet I still watch:idk:
  49. Fidelio

    Fidelio baby let me show you how to do this

    the only reason i watch this show now is to read this thread. i suppose i could stop watching the show and still read the thread. walkingdeaddebate.
  50. Boom TittyMilk

    Boom TittyMilk User Formerly known as Big R

    Clearly a rabbit hopped past the zombie while it was feasting. The fresh scent caught the zombies attention. Once the zombie dove onto the rabbit and finished it he realized dale was standing out there. Hence how dale didn't see the zombie.

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