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Discussion in 'The Mainboard' started by 34, Aug 22, 2010.

  1. FSUNole99 New Member

    I dont think ive ever seen a meme that is so consistantly hilarious as bachelor frog. I swear 95% of the ones i've seen made me feel like he's reading my mind.
  2. MK 3rds Air Power!

    Holy fuck...
  3. BayouMafia The Michael Jordan of being a son of a bitch

    agree bachelor frog takes me back. Hell I've been married 8 years and some of them are still true for me
  4. Doc Louis High Potentate


    coworker just im'd it to me...
  5. og543ss 0/10. Shitty troll. I ain't even mad. #TeamOutlaw

    holy shit I am in heaven
  6. broXcore headphone bleed make the shit sound real

  7. Fuzzy Zoeller College football > NFL

    Re: post your favorite meme thread (dumptime meme page 36-37)

  8. That absolutely SLAYED me when I first saw it
  9. Whammy New Member

  10. GBR OTM Football is stupid, anyway.

    I always date my papers the day they're due even i I get it done early :idk:
  11. Charlie Conway Touch that thang fo

    Apparently you're a gay
  12. Irush New Member

    i thought i was the only one...
  13. POWESHOW Social Critic

    I started doing the same thing in the past year. Much easier than calculating a date that would have been acceptable to start on the paper...
  14. Subtraction, how does it work?
  15. GBR OTM Football is stupid, anyway.

    Thought that was what you're supposed to do :idk:, I've never have a professor say anything to me about it. Apparently they don't care when you started.
  16. NP13 MC OG

    i always put the due date.
  17. righty RESPECT THE POUCH

    Going to start putting random dates on there and see if it gets noticed. Like 9/26/06
  18. GBR OTM Football is stupid, anyway.

    You'll probably get accused of plagiarism or academic dishonesty (at least reusing papers from previous classes here is grounds for academic dishonesty).
  19. righty RESPECT THE POUCH

    Damn, good thinking. New plan, put dates ahead of when the paper is due.
  20. Talking Head The Bag Man.


    Technologically impaired Duck
  21. Snakes I slept with Elaine last night

    You guys didn't like my Meme :crossedarms:
  22. Talking Head The Bag Man.

    Veteran Grandpa Meme



    My Favorite:



  23. Trip McNeely Guys like us....we are a dime a dozen

    Yep, done this before.
  24. Clown No relation to Clown Baby

    Veteran grandpa is awesome
  25. Whammy New Member

    One of these just opened somewhere

  26. TC I play the game wit #LOVE

    Veteran Grandpa is awesome!

    It must have opened a while back because this was posted in like the first 20 pages.
  27. POWESHOW Social Critic

    Apparently you don't get it... Why would you date a 20 page paper a day before it's due? You gotta scheme a date that makes it seem like you put a lot of work into it. This is elementary stuff my dear uscwatson
  28. Unless it's a 10+ page paper, 90% of the class does it within 3 days of the due date.
  29. TC I play the game wit #LOVE

    One I made:

  30. og543ss 0/10. Shitty troll. I ain't even mad. #TeamOutlaw

    I did that one
  31. Redav Arm Talent

    On a similar note, it's always funny when someone asks you to come over and "setup" something electronic. Get over there and it involves plugging in 3 cords.
  32. Rape Ape knucklehead flow that make you act real dumb

    I picked up a girl my freshman year by fixing her computer during the first day of move-ins. By fixing her computer I mean explaining to her the difference between a telephone cable and an ethernet cable. This sounds funny now but in fairness, my freshman year was in 2001 and that was about a year or two before cable internet became the standard so a college's T3 was in most cases a person's introduction to something other than the world of 56k.
  33. Pelican Jack Lyner's grandson

    Veteran Grandpa is awesome.

    Technologically-impaired duck has potential.
  34. * J Y * TEXAS

    He's clearly asking for a Dr. Pepper :twocents:
  35. Fusiontegra Yeah, but how do you feel about Faulkner?

  36. Calicane Waiting for moments that never come

    This one is an OG
  37. Pelican Jack Lyner's grandson

  38. psu34 trained in the art of chaos

  39. Waffle House All-Star Special

  40. Calicane Waiting for moments that never come

  41. kentucky_dawg Fan of: Georgia :\

  42. kentucky_dawg Fan of: Georgia :\

  43. Swim Cantore Global Warming is a MYTH, Pawwwlll

  44. Talking Head The Bag Man.

    :roll: :roll:
  45. psu34 trained in the art of chaos

  46. Lionel Hutz Esq. What's that? You want me to drink you?

  47. NP13 MC OG

  48. kentucky_dawg Fan of: Georgia :\

  49. Pelican Jack Lyner's grandson

    Do this all the time.

    Also do this if I take a large dump myself.
  50. Pelican Jack Lyner's grandson

    Haha, didn't know there was a word filter for d ump.

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