say someone had 70mg vyvanse, and say that person was going to sell a few

Discussion in 'The Mainboard' started by ths, Feb 8, 2011.

  1. ths

    ths so far gone Staff Member

    what would be a good price for individual capsules? 6/ea? more?

    this is purely hypothetical and drugs and the illegal sell of drugs is bad and illegal and id never do anything like that
  2. undrtow

    undrtow learn to swim

    heard of it, never tried or had access to it. how does it differ from adderall?
  3. og543ss

    og543ss why should I even give a fuck, why should I care.

  4. ths

    ths so far gone Staff Member

  5. Seavie

    Seavie Fan of: News feeds. TMB: REAL NIGGA SHIT

    So this is why stuff like the new button took days to get fixed.
  6. Self Respect

    Self Respect New Member

    Blue and orange?

    5$ a pill....they are that strong.
  7. ColeTrickle

    ColeTrickle tmb scares me to death

    We need a NoleNBlue alert button
  8. ths

    ths so far gone Staff Member

    if the mods had access to 70mg vyvanse we would be the best website on the internet and would be poised to takeover google
  9. ths

    ths so far gone Staff Member

    5 seems really low, really really low

    and yeah, theyre blue and orange, or at least thats what ive heard

    idk what you guys are reporting, i said in the op this was purely hypothetical and the sell of illegal drugs is illegal and bad mk
  10. Houndster

    Houndster Ball don't lie Staff Member

    Did not know mitch mustain posted on the board.
  11. Rammer Jammer

    Rammer Jammer Fan Of: Bama, Braves, Packers, MSU Baseball

    that medicine works so well
  12. NinjaRXA

    NinjaRXA Gunter, who told you you could fly?

    tmb is not your personal pharmacy
  13. Siddhartha

    Siddhartha New Member

    Pills always go for less. Dont expect much.
  14. Self Respect

    Self Respect New Member

    I have a script of 15mg Amphetamine salt, have a good friend who sells his script.

    Hes got those 70mg Vyvance

    Iv seem him sell the whole bottle..which is 30 i believe...for 150$ is 5$ low???
  15. bags

    bags America Fuck Yeah

  16. IV

    IV New Member

  17. ths

    ths so far gone Staff Member

    idk man it just seems low, i feel like selling them for 10/ea is fair.
  18. laxjoe

    laxjoe My teams are bad and I do feel bad

    Whatever price that hypotherical person does decide, I heard craigslist is the best place to sell it...hypthetically speaking of course
  19. ths

    ths so far gone Staff Member

    lol yeah rite
  20. Trofie

    Trofie New Member

    I've seen them go as high as $35
  21. bogies

    bogies New Member

    dont take if not prescribed
  22. ths

    ths so far gone Staff Member

    i feel like i could get away selling them for that much around here, cause people have no idea and i wouldnt mind turning a few peeps into custys
  23. Llama

    Llama Close relative to the noble ram, just not as horny

  24. ths

    ths so far gone Staff Member

    i dont give a fuck about how much im paying for, i want the biggest margins as possible
  25. Trofie

    Trofie New Member

    You might as well do/try it . Chances are they don't know the value of it either.
  26. BobbyCoxxx

    BobbyCoxxx New Member

    Creed from the office
  27. Pawpride

    Pawpride Clemson

    Deleting this bitch
  28. ths

    ths so far gone Staff Member

    im thinking about hypothetically telling my friend to hypothetically start trying to sell for 15 hypothetical doll hairs
  29. BobbyCoxxx

    BobbyCoxxx New Member

    how many for 15?
  30. ths

    ths so far gone Staff Member

    15 doll hairs = 1 capsule
  31. BobbyCoxxx

    BobbyCoxxx New Member

    If you can get that, that's fucking awesome.
    In college towns they'll always be within a dollar of $5
    I guess I can't speak for where you are
  32. During midterms/finals you're looking at 8-10 ea... outside of those times of demand 5-7 depending on how friendly you are with hypothetical customer
  33. SeattlesFanciest

    SeattlesFanciest Jesus, Girls, and Marcus Mariota

    Wait for techno concert/theme party, find a druggie freshman, head to dorms for profit.
  34. CUAngler

    CUAngler Royale with Cheese

    Same here. You don't get that awful depression that addy gives you.
  35. BobbyCoxxx

    BobbyCoxxx New Member

    On it right now and about to get the ol depression
  36. TC

    TC I play the game wit #LOVE

    They're Vyvanse not X pills :cmonson:
  37. SeattlesFanciest

    SeattlesFanciest Jesus, Girls, and Marcus Mariota

    Fwiw, my plan was to trick idiot frosh into thinking they're mawls
  38. ths

    ths so far gone Staff Member

    hahaha, i know this. i was talking with someone else that was telling me they usually go for 25-30 where hes from ???
  39. TC

    TC I play the game wit #LOVE

    Probably the same kid that bullshits about weed prices where he's from, talks about selling hydrocodone 5s for $10 ea, etc.
  40. Trofie

    Trofie New Member

    I've honestly seen them go for some good $. From one of the main dealers around as well. Maybe its harder to snag up here :idk:
  41. ths

    ths so far gone Staff Member

    this guy was from up north as well
  42. HuskerTimOmaha

    HuskerTimOmaha New Member

    5$ is what they go for at UNL. I have 50mg Vyavanse and always have kids asking me to sell them some. I need it, or I might think about it.
  43. TC

    TC I play the game wit #LOVE

    I honestly know jack about Vyvanse, I just know that similar pills (Ritalin, Adderall) are in the $5 range and the only single pills I've heard of costing ~$30 are either ecstasy or some kind of super strength time-release pain pill like Oxycontin or Opana. Can those pills be broke in half ths or are they capsules? If they're capsules that means they're intended for single use and I would be surprised as hell if you could get more than $10.
  44. og543ss

    og543ss why should I even give a fuck, why should I care.

    just find sheep and sell it for a high number
  45. ths

    ths so far gone Staff Member

  46. Arkadin

    Arkadin The Russian Grim Reaper is here

    Around here you wouldn't get more than 6 unless someone is retarded and never had one before or is just fiendin hard
  47. BobbyCoxxx

    BobbyCoxxx New Member

    I would be out of my mind thrilled to get 10 for a single Vyvanse
  48. Trofie

    Trofie New Member

    Oxy is expensive as hell in Neb.
  49. DutchTiger

    DutchTiger New Member

    went to the doc Friday...told him that I needed adderall for the CPA Exam. Walked out with 3 months worth of scripts.

    I may go to another Doc and switch to Vvyvanse.

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